Sheldon Whitehouse Net Worth and Income Sources

Sheldon Whitehouse net worth is about $3.1 million according to reliable sources online.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Net Worth Overview

Sheldon Whitehouse is a junior US Senator from Rhode Island.[1] His net worth is composed of retirement plans, mutual funds, corporate securities, and residential property.

US. Senator of Rhode Island portrait photo in 2019. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Investment and Assets

Sen. Whitehouse has invested in different corporate stocks. He also owns exchanges traded funds that contribute to Whitehouse’s net worth. Moreover, his assets also include residential properties.

The following table summarizes the net worth of Sen. Whitehouse. The information is based on the financial information he had submitted with the SEC for 2020. [2]


Sheldon Whitehouse Net WorthValue
Corporate Stocks and Mutual Funds$3,043,092-$7,945,000
Bank Accounts$17,003-$80,000
Residential Properties$1,000,001-$5,000,000
Retirement Plans$143,031-$745,000
Total$4,203,127 -$13,770,000

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse net worth in 2020 was between $4,203,127 and $13,770,000. The information is based on the financial report he had filed with the SEC.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Income

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse earns income through different sources. His main source of income is the salary he earns as a Rhode Island Senator. Additionally, he earns dividends from his investment in corporate stocks. His other source of income includes residential properties and mutual funds.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s salary as the senator of Rhode Island was $174,000 in 2020.

Sen. Whitehouse as Chair of the International Narcotics Control committee in 2021. Credit: Instagram@senwhitehouse

Income Source 2: Investment and Retirement Plans

Income from investments contributes to Sen. Whitehouse net worth.  He earns income from his partnership business, residential properties, and corporate stocks.


Corporate Securities$91,510-$274,500
Residential Properties$5,001-$15,000

As per the financial report submitted with the SEC, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse net worth increased by  $270,511 to $463,500 in 2020.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in 2018. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Sheldon Whitehouse’s Bio/Early Life

Sheldon Whitehouse was born on 15th October 1955.  He is the son of diplomat Charles Sheldon Whitehouse. His grandfather is the famous diplomat Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse.

Whitehouse spent his early childhood in New York City, NY. He completed his high school degree from St. Paul’s School located in Concord, New Hampshire. In 1978, Reed received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University. After Sen. Whitehouse graduated from Yale University, he enrolled in the University of Virginia School of Law and completed Juris Doctor (JD) degree in 1982.

Sheldon Whitehouse wife Sandra Thornton is a marine biologist. The couple married in 1984. They have 2 children and reside in Rhode Island.

Sheldon Whitehouse with his wife Sandra during President Biden’s Inauguration in 2021. Credit: Instagram@senwhitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse Career

Sheldon Whitehouse worked as the United States Attorney between 1993 and 1998. He became the Rhode Island attorney in 1993 and served the role till 2003.

Whitehouse started his political career when he ran for the 2002 gubernatorial election. But he lost the primary to fellow Democrat Myth York.

In 2006, Whitehouse contested for the 2006 United States Senate election in Rhode Island. He defeated incumbent Republican Lincoln Chafee in the general elections. He was reelected in the 2012 US Senate elections when he defeated Republican Barry Hinckley.

Whitehouse was reelected in 2018. He had defended his position by defeating Robert Flanders of the Republican party.

Sen. Whitehouse has led bipartisan efforts to pass laws for public welfare. He has advocated for the protection against toxic chemicals in products. Whitehouse has also led efforts to reform the juvenile justice systems in the US. Moreover, he has advocated for the improvement of the education system in the country.

Sen. Whitehouse played a key role in introducing reforms to rebuild the infrastructure and create jobs. In addition, he has spearheaded efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment.

Sheldon Whitehouse Accomplishments

Due to his support for progressive values, Sheldon Whitehouse was voted as the second most liberal senator by the National Journal.[4] He opposes the death penalty in Rhode Island. Whitehouse also is a critic of the Patriot Act. He also advocates for achieving bipartisan solutions to problems.

Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI) wrote the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA). The bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2016. It is the first major federal act on addiction since 1976.

Whitehouse has written two books. These include Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy and On Virtues: Quotations and Insights to Live a Full, Honorable, and Truly American Life.

Sheldon Whitehouse Controversy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse came under scrutiny for possible insider trading in 2008. He sold some positions valued at $250,000 right after meeting the Federal Reserve Chairman and Treasury Secretary.[5] But the Whitehouse spokesperson stated that he did not direct his financial advisor to carry out the trade.

Whitehouse was also criticized for being a member of an exclusive all-white club in Newport, RI. He faced criticism for being part of such a club while advocating for racial justice.[6] Whitehouse addressed the criticism stating that he does not have a membership of the club. But his wife Sandra has chosen to remain a member of the club.

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Sheldon Whitehouse Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameSheldon Whitehouse
James Lankford Net Worth$3.1 million
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from Rhode Island
Sheldon Whitehouse PartyDemocratic 
Date of Birth20th October 1955
Place of BirthNew York City, NY
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseSandra Thornton Whitehouse
Names of ChildrenMolly Whitehouse, Alexander Whitehouse

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheldon Whitehouse

How old is Sheldon Whitehouse?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) will turn 67 years old in 2022.

Where is Senator Whitehouse from?

Sheldon Whitehouse was born in New York City, NY.

What district is Sheldon Whitehouse?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has been serving as Rhode Island’s senator since 2007.

How many congressmen does RI have?

Rhode Island has two Senators including Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed. Both RI senators belong to the Democratic party.


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