Marsha Blackburn Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Marsha Blackburn Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $636,000. This estimate is based on the assets and liabilities mentioned in her financial disclosure [1].

The Tennessee Senior Senator gained her net worth through mutual funds, corporate securities, and bank deposits.

Marsha Blackburn Net Worth: Assets and Liabilities

Marsha Blackburn Net Worth: Asset
AssetMinimum ValueMaximum ValueEarnings
Mutual Funds$300,000$825,000$5,300 – $10,800
Corporate Securities$1,000$15,000$0 – $200
Bank Deposit$30,000$101,000$0 – $600
Total$331,000$941,000$5,300 – $11,600
Marsha Blackburn Net Worth: Liabilities
LiabilitiesMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Senator Marsha Blackburn is the current Senior Senator from Tennessee. Credit: Wikipedia

Senator Marsha Blackburn Income Sources

Senator Marsha Blackburn earns income from many different sources. She earns an annual salary of $174,000 as the Senior United States Senator from Tennessee [2].

Senator Marsha Blackburn also earns income from mutual funds, corporate securities, and bank deposits. Each of these contributes to the Marsha Blackburn net worth estimate given above.

Senator Marsha Blackburn was the fourth woman to be elected to Congress from Tennessee. Credit: Vox

Income Source 1: Salary as a U.S. Senator

Marsha Blackburn was elected to the United States Senate in 2018. She receives the default Senator salary of $174,000

Income Source 2: Earnings from Assets

Senator Marsha Blackburn owns assets valued at between $331,000 and $941,000. This amounts to our Marsha Blackburn net worth estimate of $636,000. These assets consist of mutual funds, corporate securities, and bank deposits. The Senior Senator earns income estimated at between $5,300 and $11,600 from these assets.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is known for holding staunchly conservative positions. Credit: Flickr

Senator Marsha Blackburn Bio/Early Life

Marsha Wedgeworth Blackburn was born on June 6th, 1952, in Laurel, Mississippi, USA. Her parents were Hilman Wedgeworth and Mary Jo. Little is known about Marsha’s early education. However, it is believed she won a beauty pageant in high school [3].

Marsha Blackburn studied at Mississippi State University after receiving a 4-H scholarship. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics [4].

Early Career

Marsha Blackburn began her career working as a sales manager with the Times Mirror Company. After leaving her sales manager job at the Times Mirror Company, she began working for the Castner Knott division of Mercantile Stores. 

Later in 1978, Marsha Blackburn was made owner of Marketing Strategies Company. She has continued running this company even after becoming a Senator [5].

Political Career

Marsha Blackburn made her way into politics by founding the Williamson County Young Republicans [6]. She then served as the chair for the Williamson County Republican Party between 1989 and 1991.

Marsha Blackburn ran for a congressional seat in 1992 but lost the election. She became a member of the Tennessee Senate in 1998 and eventually served as minority whip [7].

Marsha Blackburn ran for a congressional seat once again in 2002. She defeated three other Republicans, including Brent Taylor in the Republican primary. She then defeated Democratic nominee Tim Barron in the general election [8]. Following this, Marsha Blackburn ran for Republican conference chair. She was unsuccessful in her bid but later became a senior advisor for Mitt Romney during his presidential campaign in 2008.

Marsha Blackburn announced she would be running for the Senate in 2017. She eyed the senate seat being vacated by Bob Corker. Blackburn promoted herself as a hardline card-carrying Tennessee conservative and won the Republican primary with 84% of the vote. President Trump endorsed Marsha Blackburn just before the general election. She then managed to defeat her Democratic opponent Phil Bredesen by securing 54% of the vote [9].

Senator Marsha Blackburn has been married to Chuck Blackburn since 1974. Credit: The Tennessean

Senator Marsha Blackburn Accomplishments

Marsha Blackburn has accomplished many things as a House member and Senator. She was the fourth woman to be elected to Congress from Tennessee. She was also notably the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee.

Senator Marsha Blackburn Controversies

Senator Marsha Blackburn has received plenty of criticism for her conservative positions and actions in the House and Senate. In 2017, she accused Planned Parenthood of selling “baby body parts” during her Senate election campaign. A claim she was unable to backup [10].

Marsha Blackburn also rejected scientific evidence on climate change in a public debate with Bill Nye in 2014 [11].

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Senator Marsha Blackburn Biography

Legal Name/Birth NameMarsha Wedgeworth Blackburn
Ed Markey Net‌ ‌Wort$636,000
Sources of WealthSenior US Senator from Tennessee,Mutual Funds, Corporate Securities, Bank Deposits, owner of Marketing Strategies
Date of BirthJune 6th, 1952
Marsha Blackburn Age70 years old by June 2022
Place of BirthLaurel, Mississippi, USA
Marital StatusMarried 
Partner/SpouseCharles Blackburn (m. 1974)
Names of ChildrenMary Morgan Ketchel, Chad Blackburn

Frequently Asked Questions About Marsha Blackburn

What is Marsha Blackburn age?

Marsha Blackburn was born on June 6th, 1952. She is currently 69 years old and will turn 70 by Jun 2022. 

Who is Marsha Blackburn’s husband?

Marsha Blackburn has been married to Charles Blackburn since 1974. The couple have two children.

Where is Marsha Blackburn from?

Marsha Blackburn was born in Laurel, Mississippi, USA.


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