Welcome to incomepedia.com, where people learn to build income sources and grow net worth.

My name is Shane. I am in charge of the content operation on incomepedia.com. Previously, I have advised leading companies for over 10 years on how to grow their valuation and earning through build or buy strategies.

I created this site with two other partners in crime: Adrian from New York and Mark from London.

We love learning about how online celebrities build their fortune and lessons we can learn ourselves – without selling you anything.

Our Core Team Members

Mark is our digital marketing expert residing in London. With >5 years of work experience with a fast-growing Ad-Tech start-up, he brings deep insights into how people make money from platforms like Google/YouTube.

He is passionate about topics related to digital assets and real estate as an investor himself.

Adriana is our content expert. With over 10 years of work experience with managing writers and driving content. Living in New York, she is constantly exposed to all sorts of income ideas and investment opportunities.

She is familiar with stories about company, products, or ideas that claim to help you earn more.

What this site is about?

This site is dedicated to covering interesting online celebrities and online income ideas.

It focuses on interesting people who are doing interesting things in interesting ways. 

Why you can trust our content

#1. Professional Evaluation Experience

Mark is an expert in online marketing. I have a background in finance. And, Adriana is an expert with money content.

#2. Hands-on Passive Income Experience

All of the members have multiple job-replacing income sources. So, we can speak from experience while we learn about other income ideas.

#3. Our focus on research and content quality 

We work with a team of writers and experts from NY, LD, and HK to uncover interesting figures and check facts and quality.


I will be the first one to admit that we are not perfect. We might overlook a simple typo, omit a fact, miscalculate a number, or contradict ourselves.

The truth is the best sources like Forbes admit that their valuation can be way off (See Netflix > Explained Series > Billionaire Explained).

So, you will be better off if you focus more on how we run the numbers than what number is.

If those opportunities arise, I would appreciate it that you contact us and make a suggestion.  

Why I have created the site

I’m interested in entrepreneurship and money. I have created the website to share what I learn about the income, wealth, and personal development.

#1. We want to create something different

There are so many bio sites out there, why does the world need another one like mine? Well, I don’t have a clear answer for that. For one, my site is focused on the money aspect. And, I felt there are many opportunities for me to add more value especially when it comes to net worth valuation.

#2. I love reading biographies.

I love reading biographies – the old and new money: from the Gospel of Wealth (about Andrew Carnegie), The Snowball (about Warren Buffett), the AIG Story (about its founder Maurice Greenberg), Trillion Dollar Coach (Bill Campbell), What it takes (about Blackstone founder Stephen Schwarzman), King Icahn (about the activist investor Carl Icahn), The Billionaire that Wasn’t (about Duty-Free founder: Chuck Feeney) and, of course, Apple founder Steve Jobs and Telsa founder Elon Musk.

These are great people whose life will take books and movies to tell their stories. And, their stories are well told and written many times over.

But, what about the people who are on their way to becoming great?

There are so many online celebrities thanks to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. I will like to start with these groups of people because they are interesting.

And, I am excited about being able to contribute online biographies of the people that others or myself find interesting.

#3. It creates answers I couldn’t find or wasn’t happy with on the internet.

For example, what does “net worth” mean? I think people have a hard time differentiating concepts like income (cash flow) and assets (balance sheet). Aren’t they all money? Yes. but, one is actual money and the other is paper money. If you have heard the impression that someone is cash-poor but worth a lot, it’s likely that they own a lot of assets, but is running out of cash.

Thanks for reading this far.

I hope you enjoy our content.