Mark Warner Net Worth and Income Sources

Mark Warner Net Worth Overview

Mark Warner Net Worth is about $300 million according to reliable sources online.

Mark Warner is a senior US Senator from Virginia. He is the second wealthiest senator. Mark Warner Net Worth comprises bank deposits, corporate stocks, business entities, mutual and exchange-traded funds. He also owns a trust, real estate, and accounts receivable.

Mark Warner Net Worth: US. Senator of Virginia’s official portrait in 2013.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Investment and Assets

Sen. Warner has an impressive investment portfolio.  He has invested in business entities that contribute to his net worth. Moreover, His assets also include residential properties, retirement plans, and trust funds.

The following table summarizes Sen. Warner net worth. The information is based on the SEC financial statement for 2020. [1]


Mark Warner Net WorthValue
Corporate Stocks, Business Entities, Trust and Mutual Funds$88,822,079-$406,205,000
Bank Accounts$1,311,010-$2,800,000
Account Receivable$1,500,002-$6,000,000
Real Estate$2,250,004 -$7,500,000

Sen. Mark Warner Net Worth based on the financial report he had filed with the SECin 2020 was between $93,883,095 and $422,505,000. Our calculation confirms that Warner is the second richest congress member.

Senator Mark Warner Income

Sen. Mark Warner earns income through varied sources. His main source of income is his corporate investments. He also earns income as a Virginia Senator.  The following sections describe his various income sources.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Mark Warner’s salary as the senator of Virginia was $174,000 in 2020. [2]

Mark Warner Net Worth: Sen. Warner talks about the $400 million bipartisan infrastructure law he helped pass in 2021. Credit: Instagram@senatorwarnor

Income Source 2: Investment and Retirement Plans

Sen. Mark Warner Net Worth appreciates each year by income he earns from his investment portfolio.  He earns income from corporate stocks, trust, mutual funds, bank deposits, and accounts receivable.


Corporate Stocks, Business Entities, Trust and Mutual Funds$298,121-$2,098,119
Bank Deposit$1,403-$4,500
Account Receivable$100,000-$1,000,000
Total$573,524 -$3,276,619

As per the SEC financial report of Sen. Mark Warner, his net worth increased by $573,524 to $3,276,619 in 2020.

Mark Warner Net Worth: Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) during the US Senate campaign in 2008. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Mark Warner’s Bio/Early Life

Mark Warner was born in Indianapolis Indiana. He is the son of Robert F. Warner and Marjorie Warner. He spent his early years in Illinois and Connecticut.

Warner studied at Rockville High School located in Vernon, CT. He attended George Washington University (GWU) completing his BA in political science as a valedictorian in 1977. He obtained his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Harvard Law School in 1980.

Warner married Lisa Collis in 1989. The couple has three daughters.

Mark Warner Net Worth: Sen. Mark Warner speaking during the Hospitality Roundtable event in 2020. Credit: Instagram@senwhitehouse

Mark Warner Career

Mark Warner worked for US Senator Abraham Ribicoff while studying at George Washington University. He also worked as a youth coordinator for the gubernatorial bid of Ella Grasso.

After completing his education, Warner worked part-time for House Representative Chris Dodd. Between 1980 and 1982, he worked for the Democratic Party in Atlanta, GA to raise campaign funds.

Warner founded Columbia Capital and Capital Cellular Corporation. He continued his political activities along with his business career. He managed the successful gubernatorial campaign of Douglas Wilder in 1989.

Between 1993 and 1995, Warner worked as the state Democratic Party chairman. In addition, he worked for the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board in the 1990s.

Warner contested for the 1996 United States Senate seat in Virginia. He was unsuccessful in his bid. The incumbent John Warner of the Republican Party had won the election.

In 2001, Warner contested in the gubernatorial election in Virginia. He won the election by a clear majority. His main rival was Mark Earley of the Republican Party.

Warner ran for the US senator position from Virginia in 2008. The elections were held after the retirement of late Republican John Warner. He won the elections defeating former Virginia governor Jim Gillmore.

In 2014, Warner was re-elected for the second term. He defeated Republican nominee Ed Gillespie. He won the third term in 2020 defeating Republican nominee Daniel Gade, a US Army veteran.

Mark Warner Accomplishments

Mark Warner has received various honorary degrees. He was awarded the Doctor of Laws (LL.D) degree in 2002 by the College of William and Mary. In 2003, his alma mater awarded him Doctor of Public Service (DPS).

Warner received another LL.D degree from Wake Forest University in 2006. He was honored with an Associate of Humane Letters degree in 2007 by Lord Fairfax Community College.

Eastern Virginia Medical School awarded him with his third honorary doctorate in 2007. He received his fourth doctorate from George Mason University in 2013. Virginia State University awarded him his fifth doctorate in 2018.

Mark Warner Controversy

Mark Warner was embroiled in a controversy in 2014. He was investigated for offering a federal judgeship position to the daughter of former Senator Philipp Puckett. Warner had made the offer to dissuade the senator from resigning from his post.

Republicans had filed a complaint with the ethics committee of the US Senate in 2015. They alleged that the Democratic senator had violated the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. Sen. Warner maintained his innocence by stating that he did not make any explicit job offer.

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Mark Warner Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameMark Robert Warner
Mark Warner Net Worth$300,000,000
Sources of WealthSenior US Senator from Virginia
Date of Birth15th December 1954
Place of BirthIndianapolis, Indiana
Height1.85 m (6ft)
Weight176 pounds (80 kg)
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseLisa Collis
Names of ChildrenEliza Warner, Gillian Warner, Madison Warner

Frequently Asked Questions About Mark Warner

What is Mark Warner’s net worth?

Senator Mark Warner Net Worth as of 2022 is estimated to be 300 million. He is the second wealthiest member of Congress.

How old is Mark Warner?

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) turned 68 years old in 2022.

Is Mark Warner John Warner’s son?

Mark Warner is not related to John Warner, his predecessor in the Senate.

Who is Senator Mark Warner’s wife?

Senator Mark Warner’s wife is Lisa Collis. The couple tied the knot in 2009.


[1]. – Publicly disclosed financial information of Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) in 2022.

[2]. – Salary data of Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) in 2022.

[3]. – A Washington Post article on Senator Warner’s job offer to Puckett.

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