Ron Johnson Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Ron Johnson Net Worth is estimated to be $39-45 million based on analysis done by Open Secrets of his financial records[1].

Senator Ron Johnson Net Worth from Investments and Assets 

According to financial records, federal tax returns, and various estimates of assets acquired throughout his life, his net worth is around $39-45 million. This combined with a significant tax break made him very wealthy. 

According to Investopedia, he is the 8th richest Senator in the United States Senate[2]. 

Real Estate Investments~$15.175 million
Stocks and Bonds~$15 million
Other Wealth (Financial Investments, familial wealth, etc.)~$15 million
Total Estimated Net Worth~$45 million

Republican Party Senator Ron Johnson Net Worth and Income

The main source of the United States Senator’s income now is his salary as a United States Senator[3]. 

Income Source 1: Salary as a United States Senator

He has been a United States Senator from Wisconsin since 2011, ever since he won the Senate Election in 2010.

He makes a base salary of $174,000 in his role as a US Senator. However, he has only been in the Senate for the past decade. Since we don’t know his expenses overtime, we don’t know how much he’s accumulated through his salary. 

This makes his estimated net worth hard to calculate through just his salary for the past decade. 

Ron Johnson Net Worth: Senator Johnson posing with a member of the SW Freedom Flyers. Credit: Instagram @senronjohnson

Income Source 2: Real Estate Investments

According to Open Secrets, Senator Johnson has accumulated nearly $15.175 million through investments in Real Estate according to his federal tax returns[1]. He has also had a significant tax break during his Senate term. 

Income Source 3: Stocks and Bonds

He has accumulated nearly $15 million through investments in securities, stocks, and bonds[1]. 

Ron Johnson Net Worth: The Senator at the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament. Credit: Instagram @senronjohnson

Income Source 4: Other Investments

Senator Johnson’s other investments have amounted to nearly $15 million as well. This includes funds appropriated to Hedge Funds such as Charles Schwab Corporation[1]. He apparently also paid very little state income taxes during his terms as Senator. 

Senator Ron Johnson’s Early Life and Political Career

Ronald Harold Johnson was born in Mankato, Minnesota. His parents were Jeanette Elizabeth[4] and Dale Robert Johnson[5]. His father was of Norwegian, and his mother of German ancestry. 

He grew up delivering newspapers, working as a caddy, baling hay on his uncle’s farm, etc. He also worked as a dishwasher at a local restaurant before going off to university. He graduated from Edina High School in 1973[6]. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1977 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting[7]. 

He married his wife Jane Johnson (‘nee Curler) in 1977[8] and moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1979. Johnson worked for his wife’s family’s plastics manufacturing company, PACUR, as an accountant and machine operator[9]. The company was then run by his brother in law.

In the mid-1980s, Johnson became the CEO of the company[10]. In 1987, the Curler family sold PACUR. Johnson however, remained the CEO. In 1997, he purchased the company and remained CEO until his Senate win[11]. He later sold his shares in the company[12]. 

Ron Johnson Net Worth: The Senator with his grandchildren. Credit: Instagram @senronjohnson

Senator Ron Johnson’s Political Career

Johnson’s first ever political race  was in 2010 when he ran for the Wisconsin Senate Seat. He defeated Democratic Incumbent Russ Feingold with 52% of the vote[13]. He ran again in 2016 and defeated Feingold again with 50.2% of the vote[14]. He had previously announced that he would only serve 2 terms. However, he announced that he would run again in 2022[15]. 


Johnson has chaired several committees [16] including:

  • Committee on Foreign Relations
  • Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation (Chair)
  • Committee on the Budget
  • Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
  • Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce and the District of Columbia
  • Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security
  • Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation


Johnson has been scrutinized for paying very little in state income taxes. This gave him a significant tax break. Due to this smaller tax payment, he lost a lot of his popularity. Johnson has been criticized for being a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump[17]. He also acquit Trump during his impeachment trials. He launched several investigations into Trump’s political opponents such as President Joe Biden[18]. 

He also claimed to have launched an investigation to prove Joe Biden’s complicitness in a scandal connected to Ukraine. His report found no evidence of wrongdoing[19]. 

Senator Johnson also pushed conspiracy theories about the 2021 US Capitol attack[20]. 

Ron Johnson Net Worth: Senator Johnson posing with former President Donald Trump at the Oval Office. Credit: Instagram @senronjohnson

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Senator Ron Johnson Biography  

Legal Name/Birth NameRonald Harold Johnson
Net Worth$39-45 million
Source of WealthSenior United States Senator from Wisconsin
Date of BirthApril 8, 1955
Place of Birth Mankato, Minnesota, US
Nationality American
Height183 cm (6 ft 0 in)
ReligionEvangelical Lutheran Synod
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseJane Johnson (‘nee Curler)
Names of ChildrenCarey Johnson, Ben Johnson, Jenna Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions About Ron Johnson 

What is Ron Johnson’s Approval Rating?

According to PBS Wisconsin, he has an approval rating of 36%. [21]. 

When Does Ron Johnson’s Term End?

His current Senate term lasts until 2022. Though he had previously said he would only serve 2 terms, he changed his mind. He has announced that he will run for a third term. 

How Old is Ron Johnson?

Ron Johnson was born on April 8, 1955. This makes him 66 years old. 

Is Ron Johnson the Oldest Senator?

No. Ron Johnson is 66 years old. The oldest Senator in the US Senate is Dianne Feinstein who is over 88 years old.  

How can I Contact Ron Johnson?

You can contact him using his official E-mail or using a contact form on his Senate Webpage [22]. 
























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