Bill Hagerty Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Bill Hagerty Net Worth Overview

According to online sources, Bill Hagerty Net Worth is estimated to be about $6 million .

Bill Hagerty is the former Ambassador to Japan. He is currently serving as a senator of Tennessee.[1]

Hagerty’s worth is composed of real estate, mutual funds, and corporate securities. He also has IRA and life insurance plans that contribute to his net worth.

Bill Hagerty Net Worth: Official portrait of Sen. Bill Hagerty taken in 2021.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Investment and Assets

Sen. Hagerty has invested in corporate securities, retirement plans and mutual funds. He also owns multiple residential properties. Additionally, Hagerty is a capital partner of various business entities.

The following table summarizes Sen. Hagerty’s net worth. The figures are based on the SEC financial statement submitted in 2020 [2]


Bill Hagerty Net WorthValue
Corporate Stocks, Mutual Funds, Brokerage/Managed Accounts, and Retirement Plans, etc.$12,390,075-$29,025,000
Capital Ownership of Business Entities$1,006,007-$2,315,000
Bank Deposits$1,480,006-$3,600,000
Residential Properties$250,003-$600,000

Sen. Bill Hagerty net worth is estimated to be between $15,126,091 and $35,540,000. These figures are based on the financial statement submitted with the SEC in 2020.

Senator Bill Hagerty Income

Sen. Bill Hagerty earns income from different sources. Here we have listed the main sources of income that contribute to Hagerty’s net worth.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Bill Hagerty earns income as a senator of Tennessee. His salary in 2020 was $174,000.

Bill Hagerty Net Worth: Sen. Hagerty with Congressman Chuck Fleischmann giving an interview in 2021. Credit: Instagram@billhagertytn

Income Source 2: Investment and Retirement Plans

Sen. Bill Hagerty earns annual income from his real estate investments.  His corporate investments also generate income that contributes to the net worth.


Residential Properties$15,003-$30,000
Total$479,670 -$964,500

Sen. Bill Hagerty net worth increased by  $479,670 to $964,500 in 2020. The figure is based on the publicly disclosed financial statement.

Bill Hagerty Net Worth: Sen. Hagerty with Tennessee’s Lt. Governor Randy McNally in 2021. Credit: Instagram@billhagertytn

Bill Hagerty Bio/Early Life

Bill Hagerty was born William Francis Hagerty IV. His father was a road constructor while his mother was a teacher. He spent his early years in Gallatin, Tennessee, and Madisonville, Kentucky.

Hagerty attended Madisonville North Hopkins High School located in Kentucky. He enrolled in Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.  He completed his graduate degree in business administration and economics in 1981.

In 1984, Hagerty completed his Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbilt law school.

Hagerty married Chrissy Hagerty in 2001. The couple has 4 children. They live in Davidson County in Tennessee.

Bill Hagerty Net Worth: Sen. Bill Hagerty with his family in 2021. Credit: Instagram@billhagertytn

Bill Hagerty Career

Bill Hagerty joined Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 1985. He later co-founded a private equity investment firm Hagerty-Peterson & Company.

Hagerty was appointed economic advisor by President George H. Bush’s administration staff. He was also part of Nashville’s Steering Committee of Major League Soccer.

During President Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, Hagerty served as the Trump Victory Chair. He was selected as the director of appointments for the transition team after Trump’s victory.

Hagerty was appointed the US ambassador to Japan in 2017. He resigned from the post in 2019 to contest Senate elections in Tennessee. Trump endorsed Hagerty for the post in a tweet. Hagerty won the general election defeating Democrat Marquita Bradshaw.

In 2021, Hagerty voted against incriminating Trump in the Capitol riot. He also drew criticism from Democrats for his opposition to the Infrastructure bill. He used procedural tactics to prevent the passing of the $1 trillion economic packages.

Hagerty’s political views are similar to that of former President Donald Trump. He is described as a populist.  He resigned from RJ O’Brien & Associates board member position in protest of donating money to Black Lives Matter. He also supports the death penalty and opposes Affordable Care Act.

Bill Hagerty Accomplishments

  • Bill Hagerty is part of the Boy Scouts. He received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award in 2017.[3]
  • Successfully ran for the office of Governor of Tennessee
  • Managed and created over 1,000 jobs during his time as commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
  • Awarded “Best Boss” by the Nashville Scene in 2018

Bill Hagerty Controversy

Hagerty has criticized the funds raised by the Hagerty Campaign for the senate elections in 2019. Critics questioned the $2.5 million loan given by Pinnacle Financial Partners soon after receiving the federal Coronavirus relief package.[4]

Despite the detrimental effect of fossil fuels on the climate, Hagerty supports increased investment in fossil fuels. He also opposed energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Bill Hagerty Biography

Legal Name/Birth NameBill Hagerty
Bill Hagerty Net Worth$6 million
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from Tennessee
Date of Birth14th August 1959
Place of BirthGallatin, Tennessee
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseChrissy Hagerty
Names of ChildrenWilliam Hagerty, Stephen Hagerty, Tara Hagerty, and Christine Hagerty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bill Hagerty

Where is Bill Hagerty from?

Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) is from Gallatin, Tennessee.

Which party is Bill Hagerty?

Bill Hagerty represents the Republican party.  

Who is Bill Hagerty’s wife?

Senator Bill Hagerty’s wife is Chrissy Hagerty. The couple married in 2001. 

Chrissy Hagerty: FACES of the South; Credit: StyleBlueprint


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[2]. – Financial disclosure statement of Sen. Bill Hagerty for 2020.

[3]. – An article about the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award given to Sen. Hagerty in 2017.

[4]. – An article questioning the source of Hagerty campaign funds. 

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