Kyrsten Sinema Net Worth And Income Sources

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth is estimated at $0.5-$1.0 million according to various sources. 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth in short comes from mainly her pension fund, assuming there are no other asset classes.

Kyrsten Sinema makes anywhere from $174,000-$200,000 annually[1]. Her main source of income is her role as a Senator in the United States Senate.

There is little information about what Kyrsten Sinema earns on the internet. Our main source regarding her income is the salary that is capped at $174,000 for all US Senators. 

There are also no verifiable details on any other assets that she has. She has stated in the past that her childhood was spent in near extreme poverty. Hence, she hasn’t accumulated much wealth. 

This makes Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth hard to estimate.

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth: Kyrsten Sinema (third from the right) with students of Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College.  Credit: Instagram @senatorsinema

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Income Sources

Kyrsten Sinema is a US Senator from Arizona. Her main source of income that has been recorded is from her salary as a US Senator. She has also made real estate deals in the past and so her personal net worth may have been bolstered as a result. 

Income Source 1: Salary as a US Senator

Kyrsten Sinema has been a Senator from Arizona since she first ran for Senate in 2013. [2]

Kyrsten Sinema makes a base salary of $174,000 in her role as a US Senator. If we multiply and extrapolate, she has made:

$174,000 x 9 = $1.566 million since she assumed office. 

However, this can’t be taken as a measure of her net worth. 

This makes Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth net worth hard to calculate. 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth: Kyrsten Sinema speaks about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  Credit: Instagram @senatorsinema

Income Source 2: Investments/Pension

Kyrsten Sinema has been devoting $15,000-$50,000 of her yearly income towards the Arizona State pension fund since 2014[3]. That’s about 8 years from 2014 to 2022.

The average rate of return for the Arizona State pension fund for the last 10 years is about 8.9%[4]

To sum, this is the set of the variables:

  • Rate of return 8.9%
  • Periods: 8 years
  • Contribution: $15k – $50k per year

Mathematically, this is similar to the geometric series.

We will use the formula for geometric series to calculate the min and max range for Senator Kyrsten Sinema net worth from pension fund. 

  • Min: [$15,000*1.089]* [(1.089^8-1)/(1.089-1)] = $179,498
  • Max = [$50,000*1.089]* [(1.089^8-1)/(1.089-1)] = $332,287

In fact, this is will the bulk of Kyrsten Sinema net worth if the senator doesn’t have other assets under her name. 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth: Kyrsten Sinema speaking with Cochise County Leaders.  Credit: Instagram @senatorsinema

Kyrsten Sinema’s Early Life and Career

Kyrsten Lea Sinema grew up in Tucson, Arizona with an older brother and a younger sister[5]. Her father was an attorney. Her childhood was spent mostly in poverty. However, her versions of her own past have been called into question. 

Kyrsten Sinema graduated as valedictorian of Walton High School[6]. She got her B.A. from Brigham Young University[7]. She then worked for 7 years at Washington Elementary School District[8]. There, she received her Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University[9]. 

Kyrsten Sinema also earned a J.D degree from Arizona State University College of Law[10]. She started her professional life by working as a criminal defense lawyer. In 2008, she completed the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government program[11]. Finally, in 2012, she earned a PhD. in justice studies from Arizona State. 

Her political career began soon after she joined the Arizona Democratic Party in 2004. Before that, she was a member of the Arizona Green Party[12]. In 2010, she was elected to the Arizona Senate. After that came the biggest step in her political career. 

In 2012, she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives[13]. In 2013, she got elected to a U.S. Senate Seat. She is now the Senior United States Senator from Arizona. This has been the greatest achievement in her political career. 

Kyrsten Sinema Accomplishments 

Kyrsten Sinema is considered one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate. She has taken varying positions during her professional life. She was the first openly bisexual woman elected to the Senate[14]. She has also championed LGBTQ rights. She has also supported abortion rights and has defended the Roe V. Wade decision[15]. 

However, Kyrsten Sinema has also voted against big government infrastructure packages. Most recently she has rejected a vote on President Joe Biden’s major infrastructure plan[16]. 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth

Kyrsten Sinema Controversies

Kyrsten Lea Sinema has been in the news recently for controversial statements she made when she rejected the Human Infrastructure plan by President Joe Biden. Other controversies have stemmed from statements she has made about her childhood that have been contradicted by her mother and stepfather[17]. 

Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth: Kyrsten Sinema speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  Credit: Instagram @senatorsinema

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Kyrsten Sinema Biography  

Legal Name/Birth NameKyrsten Lea Sinema
Kyrsten Sinema Net‌ ‌Worth$0.5-$1.0 million
Source of WealthUS Representative from 9th Congressional District of Arizona  
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1976
Place of Birth Tucson, Arizona, US
Nationality American
Height172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Weight63 kg
ReligionClaims no Religion (Raised as Mormon)
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseBlake Dain (Divorced)
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Kyrsten Sinema 

Is Kyrsten Sinema a Moderate?

She is considered a moderate Democrat. According to an analysis by, she was identified as the 47th most conservative member of the Senate in 2019[18].  

Is Kyrsten Sinema Bisexual?

Kyrsten Sinema is the first member of the US Senate to be openly bisexual [14]. 

How can I Contact Kyrsten Sinema?

You can contact Kyrsten Sinema using her website or by writing to her[19]. 





















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