Tommy Tuberville Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Tommy Tuberville Net Worth Overview

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth is estimated at $16 million, according to online sources.

The Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth mainly comes from real estate and stock investments managed by private financial advisors. [1,2]

Senator Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth, Investment and Assets

 Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth Summary

AssetsAsset ValueCapital Gains Income
Real Estate$600,001-$1,250,000$115,002-$1,050,000
Bank Deposit$915,007-$2,000,000$402-$2,000
Commodities Future$39,814-$139,000
Corporate Securities$3,318,191- $9,570,000$229,395-$1,356,520
Total Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth$4,833,199-$12,820,000$384,613-$2,547,520

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth from Real Estate

Real EstateAsset ValueIncome (Capital Gains)
Rental Property 1 (Sata Rosa Beach, FL)$500,000 -$1,000,000$15,001-$50,000
Rental Property 2 (Sata Rosa Beach, FL)$100,001-$1,000,000
Residential Property 1 (Dadeville, AL)$100,001-$250,000

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth from Bank Deposit

Bank DepositAsset ValueIncome
Hancock Whitney Bank$50,001-$100,000
Fidelity (SPAXX)$100,001-$250,000$201-$1,000
Fidelity (FDRXX)$100,001-$250,000
Southern States Bank$500,001-$1,000,000$201-$1,000
Fifth Third Bank$50,001-$100,000
LPL Financial$100,001-$250,000
McVean Trading & Investments, LLC$15,001-$50,000 

Tommy Tuberville Net Worth from Commodities/Futures

Commodities/FuturesIncome (Capital Gains)
Put- April 2020 Feeder Cattle$201-$1,000
April 2020 Cattle$15,001-$50,000
March 2020 CBT Corn$201-$1,000
May 2020 Feeder Cattle$1,001-$2,500
Call October 2020 Cattle$1,001-$2,500
August 2020 Cattle$5,001-$15,000
October 2020 Cattle$5,001-$15,000
December 2020 Cattle$5,001-$15,000
December 2020 CBT Corn$1,001-$2,500
November 2020 CBT Soybeans$201-$1,000
December 2020 Soybean Oil$201-$1,000
Call March 2021 Soybean Oil$2,501-$15,000
March 2021 CBT Corn$2,501-$15,000
May 2021 Feeder Cattle$1,001-$2,500

Tommy Tuberville Net Worth from Corporate Securities

Corporate SecuritiesAsset ValueCapital Gains Income
255 Stocks (Apple, Alphabet, etc.)$3,318,191-$9,570,000$229,395-$1,356,520
Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth: Tommy Tuberville portrait photo.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Senator Tommy Tuberville Income

Sen. Tuberville earns $174,000 as a member of the US senate.[1] He also earns $43,246.32 in pension from Retirements Systems of Alabama and $1,534.49 annually as royalties.[2]

There are also verifiable details regarding income from real estate and stock investments. He has most of his wealth made through his stint as a head coach between 1993 and 2016.

Income Source 1: Salary as a US Senator

The coach-turned-senator has been a Senator from Alabama since winning the US Senate elections in November 2020. [3]

Sen. Tuberville makes a base annual salary of $174,000 as a US Senator. If we divide, multiply and extrapolate, he has made:

$174,000 / 12 * 9 = $130,500 since taking office in January 2021.

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth
Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth: Tommy Tuberville with his son during President Biden’s inauguration in 2021.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Income Source 2: Non-Investment Income

The senator has been receiving a $43,246.32 pension from the Retirement Systems of Montgomery, Alabama. He has been receiving full retirement benefits since 2020 when he turned 66 years.

The senator’s financial disclosures statement also shows that he earned $1534.49 as royalties in 2020. The royalties were paid by Warner Brothers (WB) Studio Enterprises Inc. registered in Burbank, California. The reason for the royalties has not been disclosed.

So, total income from non-investment sources for the most recent fiscal year amounted to $44,780.81.

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth: Sen. Tuberville as the head football coach of Texas Tech University – Red Raiders in 2011.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Income Source 3: Investment Income

The financial disclosure statement shows that Sen. Tuberville earns a significant income from investment sources. His main investment income sources include real estate, bank deposits, and securities. 

Our calculations based on disclosed financial sources for FY 2020 show that the net worth of the senator’s investments is between $4,833,199 and $12,820,000.

In addition, the annual earnings of the former head coach and senator from his investments are estimated to be between $384,613 and $2,547,520, according to the financial disclosures statement that he filed in FY 2020.

Tommy Tuberville’s Bio/Early Life

Thomas Hawley Tuberville grew up in Camden, Arkansas, Arizona with three children. His father was Charles R. Tuberville Jr who served in the US Army in WWII and his mother was Olive Nell [4]. He attended Harmony Grove High School. In 1976, he completed a BS in physical education from Southern Arkansas University.

Tuberville married his high school sweetheart Vicki Lynn Harris from Camden, Arkansas in 1976. But the marriage ended in divorce soon after. He married Suzanne in 1991 and they have two sons.

Senator Tuberville Career

American College Football Coach from Hermitage High School

Tommy Tuberville’s coaching stint started at Hermitage High School in Hermitage, Arkansas after graduation in 1976.[5]. He later became an assistant coach at Arkansas State University. He started work as a graduate assistant football coach at the University of Miami won the national championship three times between 1986 and 1994.[6]

In 1994, Tuberville joined Texas A&M University as a defensive coordinator. He got his first head football coach job the same year at the University of Mississippi.

Tuberville joined Auburn University, Alabama as head football coach in 1998. He guided the team to the top of the SEC rankings. He also led the team to the championship and the Division title in 2004; Tuberville won the Coach of the Year in 2004. 

Tuberville resigned as the coach in 2008 to take a break from coaching and he was paid a prorated buyout of $5.1 million.

In 2010, Tuberville joined the Texas Tech University Red Raiders as the head coach. He became a famous football coach as the only second coach in its history to lead them to a bowl game in the first season. His salary was raised to $2 million during the 2011 season.

In 2013, Tuberville joined the University of Cincinnati as head coach for a $2.2 million contract. He resigned from the position on 4th December 2016 possibly as the richest football coach. 

Tommy Tuberville Accomplishments 

The senator’s accomplishments mostly come from his coaching career – Sports Hall of Fame, Coach of the Year, AP’s SEC Coach who make it to the Junior United States Senator. 

Tommy Tuberville has won various accolades during his career as head coach. He won the SEC Coach of the Year award in 1997 and SEC Championship Game MVP. 

Moreover, he received the Associated Press College Football Coach of the Year award in 2004. He also had eight consecutive bowl appearances. 

Tuberville was also influential in banning the spectators from waving the Confederate flag during the home football games at the University of Mississippi.

Some say the Senator is in fact the most popular football coach.

Tommy Tuberville Controversy

Tommy Tuberville was involved in a controversy during a Texas Tech game in November 2012. He had slapped a graduate assistant Kevin Oliver knocking his headset and hat. He apologized for the aggressive outburst in a press conference.

In 2008, Tuberville had formed a company TS Capital Management and TS Capital Partners with a former Lehman Brothers broker John Stroud. Investors sued the founders in 2021 for defrauding them over $1.7 million. Tuberville denied the allegation but Stroud pleaded guilty receiving a 10-year sentence.

Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth

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Tommy Tuberville Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameThomas Hawley Tuberville
Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌Worth$16 million
Sources of Tommy Tuberville Net‌ ‌WorthUS Senator from 117th Congressional District of Alabama Real EstateCorporate Securities
Date of BirthSeptember 18, 1954
Place of BirthCamden, Arkansas, US
ReligionChurch of Christ
Marital StatusMarried 
Partner/SpouseMarried Vicki Lynn Harris in 1976; divorced: N/A)Suzanne Tuberville (married Suzanne in 1991)
Names of ChildrenTroy and Tucker Tuberville

Frequently Asked Questions About Tommy Tuberville

Who is Senator Tuberville?

Senator Tommy Tuberville is a retired American football coach and senator from Alabama since 2021.

Where is Tommy Tuberville from?

Tommy Tuberville is from Camden, Arkansas, United States.

Where district does Tommy Tuberville represent?

Tommy Tuberville has represented the district of Alabama since 2021.


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