John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth and income sources

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth Net Worth Overview

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth is estimated at $3.5 million according to online sources.

The junior United States senator manages his wealth mostly through fixed income and equity investments.[1,2] 

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth, Investment and Assets

John Boozman is an American politician who earns $174,000 as a member of the US senate.[1] There are also verifiable details regarding income from fixed income and equity investments.

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth – Publicly Traded Assets

Publicly Traded AssetsAsset ValueIncome (Interest & Capital Gains)
J-Arvest Checking$15,001-$50,000
J-Fed Credit Union, Checking$15,001-$50,000
J-Fed Credit Union, Savings$1001-$15,000
Senate Credit Union, Checking$1001-$15,000 
S-Regions Bank IRA, ash$1001-$15,000
J-Invesco Shirt MM Term$1001-$15,000
J-ABG Bond Fund$15,001-$50,000$1,001-$2,500
J-ABG Equity Fund$15,001-$50,000$1,001-$2,500
Invesco Short Term Treasury$50,001-$100,000

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth – Equity / Stocks

Equity InvestmentsAsset ValueCapital Gains Income
72 Stocks (Apple, Alphabet, etc.)$825,072-$2,725,000
MortgagesAsset Value
J-Suntrust Bank (Atlanta, GA)$250,000- $500,000
J-Arvest Bank (Rogers, AR)$100,001- $250,000
Other AssetsAsset Value
Real Estate$330,022 -$1,100,000
Whole Life InsuranceAsset ValueDividends
North Western Mutual$15,001-$50,000$1,001-$2,500

Summary of John Boozman Net Worth Figures

AssetsAsset ValueCapital Gains Income
Publicly Traded Assets$114,009-$360,000$2,002-$5,000
Equity Investments$825,072-$2,725,000
Real Estate$330,022-$1,100,000
Whole Life Insurance$15,001-$50,000$1,001-$2,500
John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth: John Boozman is a Republican politician.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Senator John Boozman Income

John Boozman is a US Senator from Arkansas. His source of income includes his salary as a US Senator and income from fixed-income investment sources.

Income Source 1: Salary as a US Senator

John Boozman has been a Senator from Arkansas since winning the US Senate elections in November 2020.

John Boozman has been earning a base annual salary of $174,000 as a US Senator since 2011. If we multiply and extrapolate, he has made:

$174,000 * 10 + 174,000 / 12 * 9 = $ 1,870,500 since taking office in January 2011.

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth: John Boozman spoke about flood damage in Arkansas in 2017.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Income Source 2: Partner in a Real Estate Firm

John Boozman has been receiving an undisclosed sum being the partner of the real estate firm Cotswalds Partners. The firm is registered in Rogers, AR. He has been a partner of the firm since 2008, according to the financial disclosure report for FY 2020.[2]

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth: John Boozman addresses a group of young Republicans.  Credit: Instagram@boozman4ar

Income Source 3: Fixed Income and Equity Investments

The financial disclosure statement shows that John Boozman earns a significant income from investment in fixed income and equity investments. The table below summarizes Boozman’s net asset value and income from publicly traded assets.

Based on our calculations from John Boozman’s disclosed financial sources for FY 2020, his net worth is between $1,716,146 and $5,635,000.

His annual earnings from publically and non-publicly traded assets are estimated to be between $3,003 and $7,500.

John Boozman’s Bio/Early Life

John Nichols Boozman was born on 10th December 1950 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His mother was Marie E. and his father was Fay Winford Boozman. Fay Boozman had served as a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force. He has an elder brother Fay Boozman (1946-2005) who was a physician and a former senator.

Boozman married Cathy Marley in 1972. The couple has three daughters. They had competed in the bull testing at the Oklahoma State University and raised cattle for the competitive show ring.

In 2014, Boozman had emergency heart surgery. A follow-up surgery was successfully performed in 2017.  

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth: John Boozman attends a Senate voting session.  Credit: Instagram@boozman4ar

John Boozman Career

Boozman had attended Northside High School in Fort Smith Arkansas. He completed his pre-optometry requirements from the University of Arkansas.

In 1977, Boozman enrolled in the Southern College of Optometry and entered private practice. He co-founded the Boozman-Hof Regional Eye Clinic that provided eye care services to residents of Northwest Arkansas.

Boozman was elected to Congress for the first time in 2002. He won the general election in 2004, 2006, and 2008.

In 2010, Boozman resigned from his post to run for the United States Senate elections. He won the Republican primary beating rival Democrat Blanchet in the Senate from Arkansas. He won the second term in 2016 and the third term in 2021.

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth: Republican Politician Senator John Boozman talking to a LA police.  Credit:

John Boozman had served as a senior Veterans’ Affairs Committee member and played a role in helping unemployed veterans get additional benefits.[3]

In addition, Boozman had authored legislation in 2003 for creating a drug-free America. He was praised for his efforts to prevent kids from accessing illegal drugs.[4]

Before he was elected a Senator, Boozman had served two terms at the Rogers Public School board of governors. The board governs one of the largest school districts in Arkansas.[5].

John Boozman Controversy

Boozman had voted against the Feinstein Amendment in 2016. The proposed bill sought to ban the sale of firearms to suspected and known terrorists. He claimed that the amendment would deprive due process. 

He had also voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that sought to prohibit discrimination of employees based on sexual identity and orientation.

Boozman was also one of the 22 senators who drafted a letter urging President Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. It is claimed that he had received about $150,000 from oil, gas, and coal companies from 2012 to 2017.[6]

John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth

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John Boozman Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameJohn Nichols Boozman
John Boozman Net‌ ‌Worth$3.5 million
Sources of WealthUS Senator from 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas Real EstateCorporate Securities and Bonds
Date of Birth10th December 1950
Place of BirthShreveport, Louisiana, US
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseCathy Marley
Names of ChildrenShannon, Lauren, and Kristen Boozman

Frequently Asked Questions About John Boozman

Where is Senator Boozman from?

Senator Boozman is from Shreveport, Louisiana.

How old is John Boozman?

Senator John Boozman was born on 10th December 1950. This makes him 71 years old in 2021.

What is the Boozman district?

John Boozman has been representing the district of Arizona since 2011.


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