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Senator Deb Fischer Net Worth Overview

Deb Fischer net worth is about $2.8 million according to information from third-party sources [1].

Deb Fischer is an American Republican senator from Nebraska. She generates the majority of her income from stakes in publicly traded companies, real estate assets, and savings accounts. She started her political career by running for the Nebraska Legislature in 2004. Her district is the largest in the Nebraska Legislature with 12 counties. She also did a weekly radio show on seven stations. [2]

Fischer is very vocal about her support for an amendment to the US Constitution limiting senators to only two six-year terms. Fischer served only two terms in the Nebraska legislature [3]. 

Deb Fischer’s Net Worth: Investment and Assets

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Deb Fischer earns $174,000 as a United States senator [4]. Her other sources of income include savings accounts, real estate assets, and stocks in publicly traded companies. Below is a cursory review of assets belonging to the United States senator. 

AssetAsset Value
Sunny Slope Ranch$2,000,002-$6,000,001
Ohio Life Split Dollar Life Insurance$100,001-$250,000
Lincoln Liberty Split Dollar Life Insurance$100,001-$250,000
Rocky Ford Land$15,001-$50,000
Wells Fargo /Checking$1,001-$15,000
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Senator Deb Fischer Income

Feb Fischer draws a salary as a United States senator amounting to $174,000. Like most senators, the salary is not her primary source of income because Deb Fischer also owns real estate assets and various savings accounts.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Deb Fischer earns about $174,000 as a US Senator. She has been serving the post since 2013.

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Income Source 2: Investments

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Deb Fischer is a wealthy senator. 

Her annual salary does play a meaningful role in contributing to her net worth. As mentioned earlier, she owns real estate assets as well as other businesses. 

One of her real estate assets is Rocky Ford Land with a value between $15,001 $50,000. 

Honestly, this value is likely underestimated. $15-50k for Rocky Ford Land is unbelievably cheap. Senators sometimes do this to stay under the radar. 

Hence, my view is that the figure $2.8 million for Deb Fischer’s net worth is likely underestimated.   

The Early Life of Sen. Deb Fischer

Deb Fischer was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States on March 1, 1951.  Her father is Gerold Carl “Jerry” Strobel, a State Engineer and Director of the Nebraska Department of Roads under the office of Governor Key Orr. Her mother, Florence M. was an elementary school teacher with Lincoln Public Schools. 

Deb Fischer married Bruce Fischer in 1972.  The couple met at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The two have three sons that they raise on their family cattle ranch south of Valentine. Deb Fischer returned to university in 1987 to complete her Bachelor’s degree in education. 

She would not pursue her political ambitions until much later. For now, she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an educator. In 1990, Fischer was voted to the Valentine Rural High School Board of Education. Not only did she win this position but she also served on it until 2004. 

The governor appointed Fischer as the Commissioner to the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education. She served this position from 2000 to 2004.

The Political Career of Senator Deb Fischer 

Deb Fischer started her political career by running for the Nebraska Legislature. She placed second among seven candidates, having received 25.1% of the votes. This was a very close election because the front runner Kevin T. Cooksley received 2264 votes, just a few more than Deb Fischer. 

Senator Deb Fischer proved to be much more successful in the general elections because she defeated Cooksley 8178 votes compared to his 8050. This too was a close call but a successful venture for Deb Fischer.

Later in 2008, Deb Fischer would win her re-election unopposed. She wanted to run again in 2012 but was prevented due to Nebraska’s term limits. In total, Fischer served two terms in the legislature. 

During her time in the legislature, Nebraska played a major role in the state. Fischer voted for and helped pass a 2007 bill that would create a statewide smoking ban for public places and indoor workplaces. Deb Fischer was also one of 14 co-sponsors of L.B. 675 in 2009, requiring abortion clinics to display ultrasound images of fetuses one hour prior to actual abortions. 

According to the National Rights to Life Committee, this bill was stronger than other states that only required clients to be asked if they wanted to see an ultrasound image. The bill was passed with a significant 40–5 vote. 

Fischer also worked as a chairwoman for the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. She helped pass the BUILD Nebraska Act for funding the state’s various infrastructure projects. Fischer voted to proceed to the measure of disapproval for the Iran nuclear deal and proposed that the bill should go ‘back to the drawing board’. 

Ficher’s politics were mostly aligned with her Republican allies [5]. For example, Fischer voted against protecting social security from benefit cuts or privatization. Also, Fischer voted against Wyden D, Ore to waive the Budget Act. 

More recently, Fischer voted against creating an independent commission that would investigate the 2021 Capitol Attack on the United States. According to her, Fischer voted against the commission because it was unnecessary. 

Deb Fischer had her eyes set for the U.S. senate. Fischer announced her decision to run for the U.S. Senate after a seat was vacated by Ben Nelson. Back then, Deb Fischer wasn’t a strong contender, and the Republican primary campaign was expected to be between Don Stenberg and Jon Bruning.

Her campaign was criticized by environmentalists because the Fischer family cattle ranch grazed cattle on federal land that was leased for $110,000 per year less than the market rate for private land. Fischer argued that the federal lands were low quality and it would not be appropriate to compare them to private lands. 

It was a tough election but Fischer managed to win the primary election with 40% of the vote. She later faced her Democratic adversary Bob Kerray, a former Nebraska governor, and defeated him with 58% of the votes [6]. Fischer won due to her victories in the rural areas of the state. 

Fischer was re-elected to the U.S. senate in 2018 by defeating Jane Raybould. It is worth mentioning that Fischer was the third female to become part of the U.S. Senate in Nebraska’s history. Again, Fischer won because of her strong support in rural areas.

Deb Fischer taking a selfie. Credit: Instagram@senatorfischer.

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Deb Fischer Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameDebra Strobel Fischer
Net Worth$2.8 million 
Sources of WealthUS Senator from the State of Nebraska
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1951
Place of BirthLincoln, Nebraska, United States 
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseBruce Fischer
Names of ChildrenMorgan Fischer, Luke Fischer, Adam Fischer

Frequently Asked Questions About Deb Fischer

Where was Deb Fischer born?

Deb Fischer was born on March 1, 1951.

How old is Deb Fischer of Nebraska?

Deb Fischer turned 70 years old in 2021.

Who is Bruce Fischer?

Strobel married Bruce Fischer with whom she has three adult sons Adam, Luke, and Morgan.


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