Ben Luján Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Ben Luján net worth is $274,000, according to our estimate. This is based on the assets mentioned in his financial disclosure [1]. He is a notable American Politician serving as the Junior Senator from New Mexico

The New Mexico Junior Senator gained his wealth from real estate, bank deposits, credit unions, and an employee pension. Each of these contributes to the Sen. Lujan net worth estimate given above.

Senator Ben Ray Lujan Net‌ ‌Worth: Assets

AssetsMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Real Estate$100,001$250,000
Bank Deposits$2,002$30,000
Credit Union$1,001$15,000
Employee Pension$50,001$100,000

Senator Ben Ray Lujan Net‌ ‌Worth: Income Sources

US Senator Ben Ray Lujan earns income from many different sources. He earns $174,000 per year as the Junior Senator from New Mexico.

Senator Ben Ray Lujan also earns money from real estate, bank deposits, credit unions, and an employee pension plan.

Senator Lujan is the current Junior Senator from New Mexico.  Credit: KRWG

Income Source 1: U.S. Senate Salary

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan was elected to the United States Senate in 2020. The Junior US Senator receives the default Senate salary of $174,000 [2].

Income Source 2: Earnings from Assets

Senator Ben Ray Lujan also earns income from his various assets. He owns real estate worth between $100,000 and $250,000. The Senator also has bank deposits worth between $2,000 and $30,000. He has a Congressional Federal Credit Union valued between $1,000 and $15,000. Lastly, Senator Lujan has an employee pension valued between $50,000 and $100,000.

The New Mexico Senator has not disclosed his earnings from these assets. This makes it difficult to estimate his earnings from these sources accurately.

Senator Lujan worked as a blackjack dealer after completing high school.  Credit: Twitter

Senator Ben Lujan Bio/Early Life

Ben Ray Lujan was born on June 7th, 1972, in Nambé Pueblo, New Mexico, USA. His parents are Ben Luján, Sr., and Carmen Ray. His father became involved with politics in the 1970s and was elected to the local County Commission. The Senior Lujan joined the New Mexico House of Representatives in 1975 and served as Speaker of the House as well as Majority Whip [3].

As a teenager, Ben Lujan studied at Pojoaque Valley High School. Following his graduation, Lujan began working as a blackjack dealer at a casino in Lake Tahoe as well as a Mexico Tribal Casino [4]. Ben then studied at the University of New Mexico before pursuing higher education at New Mexico Highlands University. Lujan graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration at the latter institute [5].

Senator Lujan is involved with environmental regulation.  Credit: NBC News

Political Career

Ben Ray Lujan began his political career after being elected to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission in 2004. His district was PRC district 3, covering central, north-central, and northeastern New Mexico. 

Ben Ray Lujan then worked as the PRC chairman for three consecutive years between 2005 and 2008. As chairman, he helped improve the New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard. 

Luján joined regulators in Washington, Oregon, and California in signing the Joint Action Framework on Climate Change. This framework aimed to implement regional actions to combat global warming [6].

Luján then ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008. He eyed the seat in New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district held by Tom Udall. Udall stepped down from his seat to pursue a United States Senate seat later in the year.

Lujan Ben Ray managed to win the Democratic primary before defeating Republican Dan East in the general election with 57% of the vote. He was notably re-elected in 2010 after defeating Republican nominee Thomas E. Mullins.

Ben Ray Lujan was re-elected in 2012 after beating Republican nominee Jefferson Byrd. He defeated Byrd a second time to win re-election in 2014. Lujan was also re-elected to the U.S. House in 2016 after beating Republican nominee Michael H. Romero.

As a House member, he delivered a speech on the House floor calling for the addition of a public option in the House health care bill. In 2009, Lujan sent the Obama administration a letter urging them to avoid sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Lujan announced he would be running for the United States Senate in 2019. He aimed to succeed Senator Tom Udall, who was retiring in 2020. Lujan managed to win the Democratic primary. He later beat Republican nominee Mark Ronchetti by securing 51.7% of the vote in the general election.

Senator Lujan was investigated by the Ethics Committee in 2017.  Credit: The Hill

Senator Ben Lujan Accomplishments

Senator Lujan has accomplished many things during his political career. He is active in environmental regulation and currently chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Green Economy and Renewable Energy Task Force [7]. Lujan has also received a high rating from Environment America for his work.

Sen. Lujan was also chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee between 2015 and 2019.

Senator Ben Lujan Controversies

Senator Lujan’s political career has remained largely free from controversy. In 2017, he faced scrutiny from the Ethics Committee for using images of himself on the House floor while fundraising [8].

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Ben Ray Lujan Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameBen Ray Lujan
Net Worth$274,000
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from New Mexico,Real Estate, Bank Deposits, Credit Union, Employee Pension
Date of BirthJune 7th, 1972
Place of BirthNambé Pueblo, New Mexico, USA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Senator Ben Ray Luján

Who is Ray Lujan’s father?

Senator Lujan’s father is Ray Lujan Sr.

How old is Ben Lujan?

Ben Ray Lujan was born on June 7th, 1972. He is currently 49 years old.

Where was Ben Ray Lujan born?

Senator Lujan was born in Nambé Pueblo, New Mexico, USA.


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