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Aaron Kyro Net‌ ‌Worth Overview

Aaron Kyro has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2021.

We have scoured the web for you to find out Aaron Kyro’s net worth and earnings. 

Aaron Kyro is a sponsored skateboarder, trainer, and entrepreneur. He was born in Red Lodge, Montana but lives in San Francisco, California. He is the founder of Braille Skateboarding. [1]

How Much Money Does Aaron Kyro Make?

Aaron Kyro earns an estimated to be over $550,000 per year.

The above is a conservative estimate based on YouTube ad revenues. His YouTube channel ‘Braille Skateboarding’ receives about 10.7 million views per month.[2] YouTubers on average earn between $2000 and $4000 per 1 million video views.[3] 

So, Aaron Kyro’s estimated yearly earnings from his YouTube channel is between $258,320 and $516,640.

Aaron also makes income through sales of merchandise on the Braille Skateboarding website. His other income sources include sponsorships and skateboard coaching. 

Credit: Instagram

How Does Aaron Kyro Make Money?

Aaron Kyro earns through different sources. He leverages his online popularity and expert skateboarding skills to make money. His sources of income include YouTube channels, website sales, and online courses. He also makes money as a skateboard trainer.  These income sources contribute to his wealth. 

Aaron standing on a transparent glass skateboard.  Credit: Scientology.tv

Income Source 1: YouTube Channel Braille Skateboarding

Aaron Kyro created YouTube Channel Braille Skateboarding in 2005. 

Kyro’s YouTube channel has over 5.6 million subscribers. He has uploaded over 4500 videos on the channel. The videos teach skateboarding skills to beginner and amaetuer skaters. By 2017, his online skateboarding channel received one billion views.

The skateboarding tutorials feature beginner skating tips. The videos also show creative skating tricks. Moreover, Kyro also performs dangerous stunts in his skating videos. 

In 2014, Kyro launched another YouTube channel, Braille Army. The channel has over half a million subscribers and 95.8 million cumulative views. Both his YouTube channels comprise the main source of his income. 

Aaron Kyro performing inside an indoor skating arena. Credit: Instagram

Income Source 2: Braille Skate University

In 2017, Kyro started his own online school, Braille Skate University.[4] 

The online courses cover different skating tricks. Students can also take courses on video editing, confidence building, and other topics. 

Students initially enrolled through the Braille Skate University website platform. The course is now also available in the forms of Apple and Google apps on mobile platforms. 

Braille Skate University website.  Credit: BrailleSkateUniversity.com

Income Source 3: Sponsors

Aaron Kyro also earns money through sponsorships. He started mailing ‘sponsor me’ videos to companies when he was 18 years old. The response was not positive at the start. 

After his Braille Skateboarding videos became popular, companies started to sponsor him. 

In 2014, ReVive Skateboards started sponsoring him. The company is owned by another popular YouTuber, Andy Schrock. 

Today Kyro does not rely much on sponsorships. He gets most of his income from other sources. 

Aaron Kyro – YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Main Braille Skateboarding5.6 million1,000,000,000+$43,040

Aaron Kyro’s Early Life and Career

Aaron Kyro was born on 10 September 1983. His passion for skateboarding started when he was 6 years old. He was inspired by watching other skateboarders. 

In 2002, Kyro persuaded the city council to build a skatepark for the residents for $25,000. He self-taught himself how to skate like a pro. At the time, free skateboarding videos were not available freely. He says, ‘I blindly felt my way through the process.

Initially, Kyro says that he was not confident that he could make money as a pro skater. So, he enrolled in a University in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. His plan was to graduate in filmmaking. But his heart was with skating and he dropped out after a year to try make a career as a pro skater.

The initial few years were frustrating since he got sponsors but was later rejected. His turning point in life came when he decided to move to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Kyro found many good skating spots and opportunities in the city. He got a local sponsor to provide him with skateboarding equipment. He perfected the art of skateboarding mastering many new tricks and stunts. 

In 2005, Kyro created a YouTube channel by the name of Aaron Kyro. 

His first video was him doing some skateboarding tricks as a teenager.[4] His videos went viral after getting noticed by an online skateboard magazine.[5] 

Initially, he named the channel Aaron Kyro. But he renamed it Braille Skateboarding in 2007.[7] 

His YouTube videos became popular bringing him fame and money. His video channel had attracted millions of subscribers and billions of online views. He created another skateboarding channel – Braille Army – in 2014. 

In 2017, Kyro started offering online skateboarding classes through his website, Braille Skate University. He has also created Apple and Google apps to offer online skateboarding courses. 

Aaron Kyro’s most popular YouTube skateboarding video is: Kickflipping a Glass Skateboard With Glass Wheels (Braille Skateboarding)

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Aaron Kyro Biography

Legal Name/Birth NameAaron Kyro
Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthYoutube, online courses, merchandise
Date of Birth10 September 1983 (38 years old)
Place of BirthRed Lodge, Montana
Height173 cm (5 ft, 8 in) 
Weight70 kg
Marital StatusMarried  
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Aaron Kyro

Q1. How did Aaron Kyro get famous?

Aaron Kyro became famous due to his creative skateboarding videos on Youtube. 

Q2. How Much is Aaron Kyro Net Worth?

Online sources estimate Kyro’s net worth is between $2 and $3 million.

Q3. How old is Aaron Kyro?

He is currently 38 years old.

Q4. Is Aaron Kyro married?

Yes, he is married. His wife Danille Kyro met him in a Scientology class. They married in 2010.

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