Chriselle Lim Net Worth And Income Sources

Chriselle Lim Net Worth Overview

Chriselle Lim Net Worth is estimated at of $3 million.

We have reviewed the net worth estimation from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation. 

Chriselle Lim is a Korean-American beauty blogger, stylist, and influencer. She is best known for creating the incredibly popular fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog The Chriselle Factor [1]. She has worked with many luxury brands and has been featured in top beauty and fashion publications.

Chriselle Lim Net Worth

How Much Money Does Chriselle Lim Make?

Chriselle Lim earns an estimated $11,000 per year.

This figure is likely much lower than the blogger’s actual earnings, as they haven’t disclosed their income from each source.

Chriselle Lim Net Worth: Chriselle Lim is famous for her blog The Chriselle Factor. Credit: Twitter

How Does Chriselle Lim Make Money?

Chriselle Lim makes money from a variety of sources. She earns money from featuring beauty products on her blog [1]. She may also earn money as a social media influencer [2]. She also likely earns income from her Youtube channel. 

Income Source 1: Brand Sponsorships/Partnerships

Chriselle Lim is famous for creating and running her blog The Chriselle Factor in 2011. This blog receives between 50,000 and 100,000 visits per month [3]. Chriselle doesn’t run any ads on the blog. However, she does feature beauty products from brands such as Caudalie, La Prairie and Malin + Goetz on the blog [4]. 

These product features are likely paid sponsorships as her blog also contains a “Sponsorship Inquiries” section [5]. The fashion and beauty star has not disclosed her earnings from each sponsor, so it is difficult to estimate her earnings from this income source.

Chriselle Lim Net Worth: Chriselle Lim earns money from sponsorships. Credit:

Income Source 2: Influencer Earnings

Chriselle Lim is also a popular social media influencer. She has over 1.4 million followers on her Instagram [2]. Her posts consist of photos of her day-to-day life, travels, and photoshoots. She also posts photos holding different skincare and beauty products [6]. 

These posts are likely paid promotions from different beauty and skincare brands. Chriselle Lim has not publicly disclosed her earnings as an influencer, so it is difficult to estimate her earnings from this income source.

Chriselle Lim Net Worth: Chriselle Lim is a popular style and beauty influencer. Credit:

Income Source 3: Youtube Channel

Chriselle Lim also runs a Youtube channel. This channel is far less popular than her other social media pages. However, she has still managed to earn 740,000 subscribers since starting her channel in January 2008 [7]. 

The channel’s videos have received over 65.8 million views. This averages to approximately 399,000 views per month. Assuming Youtube pays creators between $3 and $5 per 1000 views, Chriselle Lim could be earning between $1200 and $2000 per month through her Youtube channel.

It should be noted that Chriselle Lim also features many beauty and fashion products in her Youtube videos. Some of these may be paid product placements, so her actual earnings from Youtube may be higher than the ad revenue estimates provided above.

Chriselle Lim-YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Main Channel-Chriselle Lim740,00065,800,000$1200 to $2000

Chriselle Lim Early Life and Career

Chriselle Lim was born on April 10th, 1985 in Texas, USA. Her background is Korean-American, and she spent four years living in Seoul with her parents and sister. Chriselle worked as a wardrobe stylist before founding her immensely popular blog The Chriselle Factor

She began releasing Youtube videos on the recommendations of her friends in 2010 [8]. Her early videos were mainly fashion and beauty-style tutorials. However, these videos did not gain much traction on the platform at the time. Chriselle quickly became disillusioned with the amount of time it took to make each Youtube video, so she decided to shift her focus to other platforms.

In 2011, Chriselle launched her blog The Chriselle Factor. The stylist claims to have a professional background in fashion and beauty and aims to teach her followers about these topics in an engaging manner. This formula worked well for the young stylist, as her blog exploded in popularity. 

Today, she receives plenty of sponsorships from luxury brands thanks to The Chriselle Factor’s immense popularity.

Chriselle Lim’s most popular video on their Youtube channel is: My 7 Skin Care Secrets

Chriselle Lim Net Worth

Chriselle Lim Net Worth: Chriselle Lim is married and has two children. Credit:

Chriselle Lim Accomplishments

Chriselle Lim won Bloglovin’s 2016 Blogger of the Year Award for The Chriselle Factor [9]. She is also the American Influencer Council’s first female chairman [10].

Chriselle Lim Criticisms

Chriselle Lim was involved in minor controversy when she partnered with car manufacturer Volvo in 2015 [11]. Many of her fans criticized her for partnering with a company that didn’t fit her beauty and style niche, and stated that the partnership seemed forced.

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Chriselle Lim Autobiography

Legal Name/Birth NameChriselle Lim
Chriselle Lim Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthBlogger, Wardrobe Stylist, Beauty Expert
Date of BirthApril 10th, 1985 (36 years old)
Place of Birth Texas, USA
Nationality American
Height175 cm (5 ft, 9 in)
Weight55 kg 
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandAllen Chen
Names of ChildrenChloe Victoria Chen, Colette Cali Chen

Frequently Asked Questions About Chriselle Lim

Q1.What does Chriselle Lim work as?

Chriselle Lim is currently a blogger. She was a stylist and fashion editor for a luxury magazine before starting The Chriselle Factor blog.

Q2. How did Chriselle Lim get famous?

Chriselle Lim became famous after starting her blog The Chriselle Factor in 2011.

Q3. How old is Chriselle Lim?

Chriselle Lim was born on April 10th, 1985. This makes her 36 years old.


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