BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth And Income Sources

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth And Income Sources Overview

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth is estimated at $1.75 million.

We have reviewed the net worth estimation from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation. 

Marcel Cunningham better known as BasicallyIDoWrk is a gaming Youtuber. He is known for his often comedic “rage” moments when playing popular video games such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5 [1]. His name is a reference to an MTV TV show and the fact that he works as a Youtuber.

Basicallyidowrk Net Worth @basicallyidowrk

How Much Money Does BasicallyIDoWrk Make?

BasicallyIDoWrk makes an estimated $36,500 per month.

We have reviewed Basicallyidowrk’s earnings from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation. Such earnings contribute towards the Youtuber’s total net worth given above.

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth: BasicallyIDoWrk is a popular gaming Youtuber. Credit:

How Does BasicallyIDoWrk Money?

BasicallyIDoWrk makes money from a variety of different sources. He earns money as a Youtuber through his Youtube channel. He also earns income selling merchandise online. In addition to this, he makes money from working on an animated series called Alpha Betas with other Youtubers.

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth: BasicallyIDoWrk has millions of subscribers on Youtube. Credit:

Income Source 1: BasicallyIDoWrk Youtube Channel

Basicallyidowrk’s primary source of income is likely his Youtube channel Basicallyidowrk. He began this channel on September 14th 2011 and now has over 4.95 million subscribers. 

His videos have received a whopping 1,122 million views, which averages to around 9.35 million views per month. Assuming Youtube pays creators $3 to $5 per 1000 views, BasicallyIDoWrk may be earning between $28,000 to $46,750 per month through his primary Youtube channel.

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth: BasicallyIDoWrk is part of the animated series Alpha Betas on Youtube. Credit:

Income Source 2: Alpha Betas Animated Series

BasicallyIDoWrk is part of a cartoon series called Alpha Betas. He voices one of the main characters in the series and is credited as one of the executive producers. The episodes are released on the Alpha Betas’ Youtube channel, which has over 134,000 subscribers [2].

The channel’s videos have received over 1,600,000 views since it was started on January 22nd 2021. This averages to around 200,000 views per month. Assuming Youtube pays creators $3 to $5 per 1000 views [3], the channel could have earned an estimated $600 to $1000 views per month. Assuming each of the four series members splits the cut evenly, BasicallyIDoWrk could be earning between $150 and $250 per month from the series

It should be noted that the series’ episodes are also uploaded onto a separate channel called VanossGaming. These episodes have received a total of 8.9 million views [4]. However, it is unclear how much BasicallyIDoWrk earns from video views on this channel.

BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth
Basicallyidowrk-YouTube ChannelsSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Main Channel-Basicallyidowk4,950,0001,122,000,000$28,000 to $46,750
Collaborative Channel w/ three other Youtubers- Alpha Betas134,0001,600,000$150 to 250

Caption: BasicallyIDoWrk runs a foundation for underprivileged youth. Credit:

Income Source 3: Merchandise

BasicallyIDoWrk also likely earns income by selling his official merchandise on his website [5]. This includes products such as posters, t-shirts, tank tops, plushies, hoodies, and hats. The prices of these items range from $10 to $50. BasicallyIDoWrk hasn’t disclosed sales figures for his online merchandise store, so it is difficult to estimate his earnings from this income source.

BasicallyIDoWrk Early Life and Career

BasicallyIDoWrk’s real name is Marcel Cunningham. He was born on May 8th 1990 in Tacoma, Washington, USA [6]. The Youtuber hasn’t shared much information about his early life. However, recalls playing lots of video games with his friends in his youth. 

Cunningham’s Youtube career started when he began uploading Youtube videos to his primary Youtube channel in 2012. His channel grew rapidly and he reached 1000 subscribers within a few weeks. This encouraged the young Youtuber to pursue a Youtube career full-time.

Today he is known for his comedic gamer “raging” moments in videos. He famously plays the character Finn from the animated TV series Adventure Time when plays the video game Garry’s Mod or Gmod in Youtube videos.

Basicallyidowrk’s most popular video on their Youtube channel is: Gmod Death Run Funny Moments – Sonic The Hedgehog!!!

BasicallyIDoWrk Accomplishments

BasicallyIDoWrk set up a foundation called TEAMWRK. The foundation’s goal is to provide youth with opportunities and resources to “elevate their game” [7].

BasicallyIDoWrk Criticisms

BasicallyIDoWrk has not been involved in any major controversies. The gaming Youtube was revealed to have been involved in a minor spat with fellow Youtuber Ohmwrecker. However, these reports have yet to be confirmed by him [8].

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BasicallyIDoWrk Biography

Legal Name/Birth NameMarcel Cunningham
BasicallyIDoWrk Net Worth$1.75 million
Source of WealthYoutube, Gaming, Merchandise Sales
Date of BirthMay 8th 1990 (31 years old)
Place of Birth Tacoma, Washington, USA
Nationality American
Height173 cm (5 ft, 8 in) 
Weight70 kg 
EthnicityMix (African American and Caucasian American)
Marital StatusDivorced in 2020
Partner/WifeSimone Olivia
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Basicallyidowrk

Q1. Is BasicallyIDoWrk married?

BasicallyIDoWrk was married to his partner Simone Olivia for many years before splitting in 2020. The pair were together for 6 years.

Q2. What is Basicallyidowrk’s real name?

Basicallyidowrk’s real name is Marcel Cunningham.

Q3. Who edits Basicallyidowrk’s videos?

BasicallyIDoWrk initially edited his own videos. However, his videos were being edited by fellow Youtuber Bigpuffer as of 2019 [9].


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