Fitness vLogger Whitney Simmons Net Worth and Income Sources

Take a quick look at Whitney Simmons net worth and a detailed look into how she generates most of her wealth. 

She is known for her highly beneficial fitness advice tailored to a younger audience who are just getting started. Simmons runs a highly successful YouTube account and also maintains popular Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

She encourages her fans to eat a healthy yet flexible diet that has room for ‘cheat meals’. Her diet and workout plan can be found on Whitney Simmons is also a Gymshark member and helps them sell custom clothes to fans [2]. Her most popular workout plans target the gluteus maximus and legs.

Whitney Simmons net worth is anywhere from $800,000 to $2 million – but these numbers are only estimates [1]. 

Let’s take a deep dive into her primary income sources. 

Whitney Simmons Net Worth : Whitney taking a selfie. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons
Whitney taking a selfie. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons

Whitney Simmons Net Worth: $800k to $2m

Whitney Simmons Income Sources

As a popular fitness vlogger, Whitney Simmons has several sources of income. These can be summed up as follows: 

  • Ad monetization from YouTube videos ($251 – $4K per month)
  • Sponsorship opportunities (figures from sponsorships are not known )
  • Merchandising (sales data are not publicly available)
Whitney Simmons Net Worth : Whitney having a moment to herself. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons
Whitney having a moment to herself. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons

Income Source 1: YouTube

Whitney Simmons earns between $251  –  $4K per month through the monetization of her YouTube channel. 

She created her YouTube channel on 16 May 2015. Her content is mostly centered around dieting, going to the gym, fashion, and style guides. 

Whitney Simmons YouTube Channel SubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings/per month
Whitney Simmons 2.08 million219.2 million$251  –  $4K

*Note: The earnings of YouTube content creators depends on their target demographics, country of origin, niche, and other factors. The numbers reported above are only estimates and real values may be much higher, lower, or even non-existent. 

Income Source 2: Sponsorship Income

Whitney Simmons has a loyal fan base that values her advice and lifestyle instructions. This puts her in a unique position to recommend and endorse brands that she feels aligns with her values. Her inbox is often flooded with requests for sponsorships and Simmons has to carefully choose the best businesses that provide quality products to viewers. 

It is clear from the numbers above that earnings from YouTube monetization are not high enough to sustain her net worth. This indicates that the bulk of her income is derived from sponsorship opportunities from deep-pocketed businesses such as Gymshark. 

Income Source 3: Merchandising 

Whitney Simmons has her own line of clothes, sweaters, t-shirts, and more. She sells her official merchandise in collaboration with Interested buyers can also find Whitney’s merch on her official Gymshark page. 

Whitney Simmons Early Life 

Whitney Simmons was born on February 27 1993 in Fresno, California, United States. She is a very private person and tries to keep tight lipped about her personal life. Not much is known about her parents. 

She has three brothers named Austin, Deacon, and Slade and a sister named Claire. 

Whitney Simmons went to Utah State University where she attained her degree. She was a competitive gymnast for 11 years and also served as a cheerleader for her highschool. She was injured in her senior year of college but never dropped her love for cheerleading. 

However, she was removed from her college cheerleading team and went through a period of depression and stopped fitness altogether. Whitney admitted about spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle where she would binge eat junk food everyday until her dad advised her to get back into fitness. 

Whitney Simmons became addicted to fitness once she saw the results and decided to share her journey with like-minded followers. According to Simmons, the time she spends at the gym serves as her mental and physical therapy. 

Whitney Simmons Net Worth : Whitney taking a selfie. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons
Whitney taking a selfie. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons

Whitney Simmons Career

Whitney’s oldest YouTube video is at least 6 years old and it is titled “5 tips to achieve your 2016 FITNESS GOALS!”. The video generated around 159,000 views (standard fare for most of her videos). Her video provided a no-nonsense approach to fitness that fans grew to admire. 

Whitney’s workout videos specifically targeted the glutes and legs – a reflection of her mostly female audience. She also shares advice related to dieting, meal prep, grocery shopping, and weight training. 

Her most popular video is “Grow and Define Your BOOTY and LEGS | FULL Workout”. The video has over 3.5 million views and shares her complete workout routine. 

Whitney Simmons Net Worth : hitney posing for a photograph. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons
hitney posing for a photograph. Credit: Instagram@whitneyysimmons

Whitney Simmons Controversy

Whitney Simmons has a controversial-free career with almost no blemishes. Like most fitness influencers, Whitney is accused of setting up unrealistic body images for women. Whitney sells fitness supplements, workout routines, and dieting plans – and fans claim that she isn’t fully transparent about results. 

Whitney Simmons’s most popular video on YouTube is 

Whitney Simmons Quotes

“It’s a Beautiful Day to be Alive” 

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Whitney Simmons Biography

Legal NameWhitney Simmons
Net Worth$800,000 to $2 million 
Source of WealthYouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, merch 
Date of Birth27 February 1993
Place of BirthFresno, California, United States 
Weight55 kg
Straight Marital StatusEngaged
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions Whitney Simmons

What is Whitney Simmons’s Net Worth? 

Whitney Simmons net worth starts at $800,000 and could be higher than $2 million. 

What does Whitney Simmons Do For a Living?

Whitney Simmons uploads fitness videos on her YouTube channel. She also sells dieting programs, full body workout plans, and merchandise. 

Who are Whitney Simmons’s partners?

The social media celebrity is engaged to Stefan.

How Made Whitney Simmons Popular?

Whitney Simmons fans sympathized with her early years of struggling with depression and her subsequent fitness journey. She eventually became a Gym Shark athlete and rose above her circumstances, inspiring millions of fans [3].

How Much Does Whitney Simmons Earn? 

Sources indicate that Whitney Simmons earns more than $10,000 per month from her partnership with Gym Shark alone. Her estimated net worth is said to be somewhere in the range of $800,000 to $2 million. 


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