Rapper Yungeen Ace Net Worth and Income Sources

Here’s a look at Yungeen Ace net worth and his major sources of income.

Keyanta Bullard, aka Yungeen Ace, is a popular rapper and artist hails from Jacksonville, Florida and uses music as an escape from his troubled past. 

The young artist is known for hit singles like “F*ck That” and “Pain”. 

Yungeen Ace’s net worth is anywhere from $750,000 to $2 million or more [1]. 

In this article, we will explore Yungeen Ace’s early life and his income sources. 

Yungeen Ace Net Worth : Yungeen Ace with his partner Chloe Glass. Credit: Instagram@yungeenace
Yungeen Ace with his partner Chloe Glass. Credit: Instagram@yungeenace

Yungeen Ace Net Worth: $750k to $2m

Yungeen Ace Income Sources

As a popular YouTuber and musician, Yungeen Ace has several sources of income. These can be summed up as follows: 

  • YouTube monetization ($2.1K  –  $33K per month)
  • Album sales and online streaming of his musical content (sales figures are not public knowledge)
  • Merchandising (exact sales figures are not known to the public)

Income Source 1: YouTube

Yungeen Ace earns anywhere from $2,100 to $33,000 per month from his YouTube channel alone, according to an estimate by SocialBlade.  

Yungeen Ace launched his YouTube account on 15 October 2013. He mostly uploads audio tracks and official music videos, with view counts varying from just $30,000 to over 2 million. His music videos tend to get the most views, with the most popular videos reaching over 7 million views and counting.

The channel currently has 357.4 million views, giving him access to a growing income. 

Yungeen Ace Official YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings/per month
Yungeen Ace 1.17M 357.4M$2.1K  –  $33K

*Note: These figures are not exact numbers because they depend on various factors, such as audience demographics and whether the users have been using ad blockers to stop YouTube ads. 

Income Source 2: Album Sales and Audio Streaming 

Yungeen Ace is a successful musician with average music videos receiving millions of views. He also signed a record deal with Cinematic Music Group, a label synonymous with some of the biggest musicians in the world. His debut album is “Life of Betrayal 2X” but it is unclear how many copies he sold. 

He also streams his work on popular platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes [2].

Income Source 3: Merchandising 

Yungeen Ace sells his own merchandise on the official website at yungeenace.com. Popular items for sale include t-shirts and hoodies. His Instagram account has over 3.1 million followers, giving him plenty of opportunities to sell more merch and collaborate with other influencers [3].  

Yungeen Ace Music and Street Life 

Yungeen Ace real name is Keyanta Bullard and was born on February 12, 1998, in Chicago, United States. 

He is one of 12 brothers. Bullard later relocated with his family to Jacksonville, Florida at an early age. His early life was marked by a challenging childhood where his family frequently struggled with poverty and an environment plagued with street crime. 

The rapper wouldn’t let the circumstance deter him from pursuing a music career and he released several singles that would gain mainstream attention. However, he became the victim of a quadruple shooting along with several friends in Jacksonville [4]. 

Bullard survived multiple gunshot wounds, but other members of his group succumbed to their injuries. Those who died included his brother Trevon Bullard, and friends Jercoby Groover and Royale Smith, Jr. 

The rapper had to serve time under house arrest due to the legal troubles that followed. He continued to release music during this time and released his mixtape called Life of Betrayal. The rapper’s debut mixtape did fairly well. His newer songs chronicled his own journey and losses and even featured a cameo appearance by Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. 

Bullard released “Mountains” as part of his album called “Chloe”. 

Keyanta Bullard / Yungeen Ace Career

Yungeen Ace began uploading his work on public platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. His major works include “Life I’m Living” in 2018, “Can’t Speak on It” in 2019, and “Don Dada”. Although all his work did especially well, the rapper didn’t catch mainstream attention until he released “Who I Smoke”. The song flipped Vanessa Carlton’s hit single “A Thousand Miles” with pulsing trap drums and unusually violent lyrics. 

The song was so successful that the rapper is friends with Vanessa Carlton, who defended the use of her hit single.  

Following the success of his hit single, the rapper capitalized on the growing momentum and released “Life of Betrayal 2x” in the same year. 

After the death of his brother and friends, the rapper released a string of singles that echoed his struggles with depression. 

Yungeen Ace Net Worth  : Yungeen poses for a photo. Credit: Instagram@yungeenace
Yungeen poses for a photo. Credit: Instagram@yungeenace

Keyanta Bullard / Yungeen Ace Controversy 

Yungeen Ace has mostly steered clear of controversy, despite his troubled upbringing and run-ins with the law. He did catch the ire of fans who didn’t like his usage of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. 

But Carlton came to the rapper’s defense on social media by drawing attention to similar works that depicted violence by white people. This, in turn, drew controversy to Vanessa but cleared Yungeen Ace’s use of her music. 

Yungeen Ace’s work in “Who I Smoke” 

Yungeen Ace Quotes

“Talked bad behind my back like I wasn’t worth it”

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Yungeen Ace Bio

Legal NameKeyanta Tyrone Bullard
Net Worth$1 million 
Source of WealthYouTube ad revenue, album sales, merch 
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 1998
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
Weight143 lbs
ReligionNot known
Straight Marital StatusUnmarried
PartnerChloe Glass
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions Yungeen Ace

Where is Yungeen Ace from?

Yungeen Ace was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.  

Who is Yungeen Ace Dating?

Yungeen Ace’s girlfriend is long time partner Chloe Glass, a popular social media influencer. 

What is Yungeen Ace Age? 

Rapper Yungeen Ace is 24 years old at the time of writing.

What is Bullard’s Estimated Net Worth?

His net worth is about $2 million or more. 

What is the Subject Matter of Yungeen Ace’s Music? 

Yungeen Ace uses his music as a way of fighting pain due to the deaths of his brother and father. 


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[3] https://yungeenace.com – Yungeen Ace’s official website for merch sales. 

[4]https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2021/05/10/drill-rap-yungeen-ace-feud/ – Yungeen shot 8 times. 

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