Filmmaker Zach King Net Worth and Income Sources 

Here are a look at Zach King net worth and his major sources of income.

Zach King is an American internet and Youtube personality, TikTok Star, and Youtuber. He is known for making illusion-based TikTok videos and magic Vines. He has also directed many short videos and commercials. Let’s examine his net worth and income sources.

Zach King net worth is estimated at around $4.8 million, according to reputable online sources. 

So how did this filmmaker and illusionist Youtube develop his massive fortune? Find out below.

Zach King Net Worth: $4.8m

Zach King Income Sources

Zach King earns money from four sources. One of his primary income sources is likely his Youtube channel. He also earns money from sponsors. King makes money from selling merchandise. Lastly, he has made money from directing commercials and acting in different media.

The Youtuber’s income sources are summarized below:

  • Earnings from YouTube ($53,700 to $89,500 per month)
  • Earnings from Sponsors (Income not known)
  • Merchandise Sales (Income not known)
  • Filmmaking and Acting Earnings (Income not known)
Zach King Net Worth : Zach King is known for illusion videos on  Youtube and TikTok. Credit: Youtube
Zach King is known for illusion videos on  Youtube and TikTok. Credit: Youtube

Income Source 1: YouTube

Zach King runs a popular Youtube channel called Zach King. He uploads illusion videos and short films to the channel. 

King started his now-famous channel on 14th October 2013. The account has an astonishing 13.4 million subscribers. Zach King’s videos have been viewed over 1.8 billion times. 

This averages to around 17.9 million views per month. Suppose Youtube pays Youtubers between $3 and $5 per 1000 views. The Zach King channel could be earning between $53,700 and $89,500 per month.

Youtube Account NameSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings per month
Zach King13.4 million18 billion $53,700 to $89,500

Income Source 2: Sponsorships

Zach King has been sponsored by many major companies such as Pronamel [2] and Canon [3]. This includes sponsors during his Youtube career. 

King has not disclosed his sponsorship earnings. This makes it challenging to accurately estimate how much income source contributes to his today’s net worth. 

Zach King Net Worth : Zach King is among the most popular creators on Youtube. Credit: Insider
Zach King is among the most popular creators on Youtube. Credit: Insider

Income Source 3: Merchandise Sales

Zach King sells a wide range of merchandise at his online store [4]. This includes shirts, beanies, sticker packs, card packs, and children’s magic books that come with an augmented reality app.

King has not publicly disclosed merchandise sales figures. This makes it challenging to accurately estimate how much money he earns from this income source. 

Income Source 4: Filmmaking and Acting

King has been passionate about films from an early age. He studied filmmaking professionally and directed many short films and commercials. King notably created a commercial for a Hewlett Packard commercial contest in 2009 and won [5]. The HP contest win earned him a free trip to the London Film Festival.

King has also acted in a number of films and TV series. He voiced one of the characters in the 2016 film Zootopia and voiced a character in the 2020 animated TV series Pete the Cat [6]. King also notably starred in The Amazing Race in its 28th season [7].

Zach King Net Worth : Zach King developed a passion for filmmaking at an early age. Credit: CNET
Zach King developed a passion for filmmaking at an early age. Credit: CNET

Zach King Bio/Early Life

Zach King was born on 4th April 1990 in Portland, Oregon, United States. He has Austrian, Nicaraguan, and Chinese heritage. 

King developed an interest in filmmaking from an early age. He made his first home video on a video camera when he was seven. He began purchasing video equipment in his teens and learned how to edit videos. 

King pursued higher education at Biola University and graduated with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts. He then started the website in early 2008 to provide video editing tips and tricks.

King participated in Viral Video Showdown in 2012 and then started his own Youtube channel. He started uploading creative videos, with his first being titled Jedi Kittens. The video went viral, which encouraged King to continue creating content on the platform.

King later created an account on Vine and began uploading magic tricks and illusion videos. He developed a massive following on the platform before finding similar success on

King’s popularity continues to grow. Fans love watching his creative illusions and slick video editing skills.

Zach King Accomplishments

Zach King has won a Hewlett Packard Commercial contest, a Shorty Award for the Best Vine Artist [8], and a Streamy Award for Best Visual Effects [9].

Zach King Controversies

Zach King was sued for allegedly sexually harassing and discriminating against a producer who worked under him [10].

Zach King Net Worth  : King comes up with creative video ideas frequently. Image: Youtube
King comes up with creative video ideas frequently. Image: Youtube

Zach King’s most popular video is:

Best Zach King Quotes

“Publishing everywhere is publishing nowhere.”

“Marketing is [about] telling a story that leads to an action.”

“Put yourself in front of a camera.”

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Zach King Biography

Legal NameZachary King
Net Worth4.8 million
Source of WealthYouTube, Sponsorships, Merchandise Sales, Filmmaking and Acting
Date of Birth4th April 1990
Place of BirthPortland, Oregon, USA
Height172 cm, 5ft 8 inches
Weight75 kg, 165 lbs
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerRachel King
Names of ChildrenLiam Michael King, Mason King

Frequently Asked Questions About Zach King

Why is Zach King famous?

Zach King is famous for his illusion videos that feature fantastic video editing.

What is Zach King’s net worth?

Zach King’s net worth is estimated at around $4.8 million as of 2022.

Who is Zach King married to?

Zach King married Rachel King in 2014. The couple has two children.

Zach King Net Worth  : Image: CBS; Amazing Race
Image: CBS; Amazing Race


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