Christian Rock Band Skillet Net Worth and Income Sources


Let’s take a look at Skillet net worth and how they generate their wealth. 

According to online estimates, Skillet’s net worth is about $17 million but the actual numbers could be much higher – to the tune of $20 million or more[1].

Skillet is a Christian rock band that produces a unique blend of heavy electric guitar, aggressive vocals, and pop hooks that resemble hard rock. Members include John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Ben Kasica, and Lori Peters. 

Music reviews such as James Christopher Monger described the band’s style as “alt-metal , hard rock, post-grunge , and soaring alternative rock” .

Christian rock band Skillet was originally formed with two members in 1996: John Cooper and Keon Steorts. Both musicians were part of separate bands but decided to form their own band as a ‘side gig’. Trey McClurkin joined the band as a drummer. 

Separately these individuals have net worth that varies:

  • John Cooper net worth: $15 million as American musician.
  • Neyla Pekarek net worth: ~$5 million as American cellist and vocalist . 
  • Jack Antonoff net worth: ~$25 million as a American songwriter. 
  • Chris Squire net worth: ~$10 million.

It didn’t take long before major Christian labels started approaching the band. 

Let’s take a look at Skillet’s net worth. 

Skillet Net Worth: John Cooper performing live. Credit: @skilletmusic
John Cooper performing live. Credit: @skilletmusic

Skillet Income Sources 

The majority of Skillet’s revenue comes from licensing their music to video games and television. They also tour around the country to packed audiences. Skillet also relies on ad revenue from YouTube to generate a sizable chunk of change. 

Below are three main sources of income for Skillet:

  • YouTube ($7K  –  $112K per month)
  • Ticketing / licensing (not known to the public)
  • Merchandising (not known to the public)

Income Source 1: YouTube

Skillet earns anywhere from $7K  –  $112K per month based on advertisement revenue from their YouTube account. 

With over 3.31 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 billion cumulative video views, it’s no wonder why Skillet has a massive earning potential from ad revenue alone. The ch

Skillet YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earning *
Skillet3.31 Million1.4B$7K  –  $112K

*This number is only an estimate. True figures may be lower or higher. 

Income Source 2: Ticketing

Skillet also makes its money from royalties, live performances, and licensing fees for their work. ranked them in the top five of the most hard-working bands of 2010 because of their relentless touring schedule.

From 2011 through 2017, the band toured the world including Avalanche Tour, Nickel Back’s Tour, Rock Star Uproar Festival, Jam Tour in the West Coast, and European Tour.

Income Source 3: Merchandise

Like most popular bands, Skillet sells their own line of merchandise via the official store. The band works in partnership with Kotis Design to sell CDs, t-shirts, gifts, accessories, and even books. The sales proceedings from merchandising is not known to the public [2]. 

Skillet Early Years 

Skillet was formed in 1996 by John Cooper and Ken Steorts. At the time, John Cooper was a vocalist for the experimental rock band Seraph but decided to form a band with Ken Steorts. It didn’t take long before they were approached by ForeFront Records, a major Christian label at the time. 

The band released its self-titled debut album “Skillet” to avid fans. They continued to release more albums and hit singles. Cooper’s wife Korey was soon enlisted to play keyboards, giving a more electronic sound to the band. 

Skillet Rise to Success 

The band achieved a major breakthrough with their new album Comatose that featured hit singles such as “Comatose”, “Whispers in the Dark”, and “Rebirthing”. Their album quickly climbed No. 4 on the US Top Christian Albums chart. 

Their song “Hero” was heavily used to publicize the first football game of the 2009 NFL season. Skillet’s hit single “Monster” was used as a theme song for the WWE’s Hell in a Cell event. By 2010, the band had achieved mainstream popularity with a cult following. 

Skillet Net Worth: Korey Cooper performing live. Credit: Instagram@skilletmusic 
Korey Cooper performing live. Credit: Instagram@skilletmusic 

Skillet Accomplishments

Skillet won the “Rock Song of the Year” award in 2008 for their song “Comatose”. In 2012, Jen Ledger won the “Rising Star” award from Drummies! Award. And in 2020, Skillet won the Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year award by GMA Dove Awards. 

Their most popular singles include “American Noise”, “Not Gonna Die”, “Hero”, and “Alien Youth”. The band has been also been recognized as the “Hardest Working Bands of 2010” because of its relentless touring schedule. 

Skillet Controversy

 John Cooper earned public backlash after comparing Cardi B’s performance of “WAP” to Adolf Hitler’s speeches. Cooper later tried to clarify that his comments were ‘taken out of context’ but media attention only continued to get worse [3].

This video is yet another popular Skillet video with 33.8M views at the time of this writing.

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Skillet Information 

Band Name Skillet
Net Worth$17 to $20
Source of WealthLive touring, licensing, YouTube ad revenue
Date of Formation1996
Place of FormationMemphis, Tennessee
FounderJohn Cooper
Total Members 4
Past Members6
RivalsBreaking Benjamin
Grammy Nominations2
Country of OriginAmerica

Frequently Asked Questions About Skillet

What is John Cooper Net Worth? 

John Cooper net worth is $16 million or more. Cooper is the only remaining original member. 

Has Christian Rock Band Skillet Ever Worn a Grammy? 

The band has been nominated for two Grammy Awards but they have yet to win any.

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