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Here is TheRadBrad net worth at a glance.

Bradley Lamar Colburn, aka TheRadBrad, is an American YouTuber who provides entertaining walkthroughs on various games. It’s no easy task to make it big on YouTube, especially in a highly competitive niche as video gaming, but Colburn managed to carve a name for TheRadBrad. 

Colburn opened his YouTube account back in 2006 but probably started only in 2010. He has accumulated nearly 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His subscribers grew 6X from 2.3 million when he was first reported by Business Insider in 2014.

TheRadBrad has been widely regarded as the ‘King of YouTube Walkthroughs” by FMV magazine, a  testament to his command over the genre [2]. 

His first video dates back to 7 April 2010 and serves as a commentary on Modern Warfare 2. This indicates that TheRadBrad’s entry to his YouTube career was fairly late when the niche was already saturated by thousands of YouTubers. 

However, his unique commentary style and engaging humor instantly set him apart from the crowd. 

According to online estimates, TheRadBrad net worth is likely to be about $10 million but the actual numbers could be much higher [1].

Let’s take a quick look at TheRadBrad’s net worth and how he generated his income.

Theradbrad Net Worth : Theradbrad with his partner. Credit: @theradbrad
Theradbrad with his partner. Credit: @theradbrad

TheRadBrad Income Sources 

As one of the biggest YouTubers out there, TheRadBrad has limitless earning potential. Each YouTube video and social media post gets hundreds of thousands of views. The most popular videos receive well over 10 million views, including Grand Theft Auto 5 Ending with 22 million views, and Spider-Man PS4 walkthrough with 17 million views. 

Below are three main sources of income for TheRadBrad:

  • YouTube ($8.4K – $134.4K per month) 
  • Sponsorships from YouTube videos (not disclosed to the public)
  • Merchandising (sales figures are not revealed)

Income Source 1: YouTube

TheRadBrad earns a whopping $8.4K – $134.4K per month from his YouTube videos per month. That’s $100k to $1.6 million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut. And this is just from ad revenue alone. 

TheRadBrad has 13 million subscribers and 5.6 billion cumulative views. His inbox is frequently flooded with requests from deep-pocketed businesses about ad sponsorships and offers for collaboration. 

TheRadBrad YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earning*
TheRadBrad13M5.6B$8.4K -$134.4K
This number is only an estimate. True figures may be lower or higher. 

Income Source 2: Sponsorships

Theradbrad Net Worth : TheRadBrad posing with his partner. Credit: @theradbrad
TheRadBrad posing with his partner. Credit: @theradbrad

TheRadBrad enjoys one of the highest engagement rates from his followers and his most popular videos receive millions of views from users. This is why he frequently gets approached by businesses for advertisements and collaboration opportunities. 

Some of his sponsors include video game producers and hardware companies. 

The income from sponsorships is not known to the public, but we can imagine that TheRadBrad can generate higher than average rates. 

Income Source 3: Merchandise

TheRadBrad sells his own merchandise at StoreFrontier and mostly sells t-shirts. 

TheRadBrad Early Life

Bradley Lamar Colburn was born on February 10, 1987, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University. Colburn has moved out of his hometown in Tuscaloosa to Atlanta, Georgia, where he produces his YouTube videos. 

TheRadBrad Career 

Like most YouTubers, TheRadBrad got his start in the gaming world with the popular gaming website Machinima, which creates animated videos using popular games. Colburn used to make his video game walkthroughs while still in college and worked a part-time job at Best Buy. 

After graduating, TheRadBrad decided to give YouTube a more serious thought. And his efforts have paid off because Colburn has jumped to over 13 million subscribers today and the number keeps growing. 

He was once described by Susan Wojcicki as a ‘top gaming creators’ on YouTube [3].

Theradbrad Net Worth : Theradbrad with his father. Credit: Instagram@theradbrad
Theradbrad with his father. Credit: Instagram@theradbrad

TheRadBrad Accomplishments

While TheRadBrad hasn’t received any accolades or awards for his work. he has a massive presence on YouTube with 13 million subscribers and 5.7 billion views. He also has 176k followers on Instagram. 

TheRadBrad Controversy

TheRadBrad does not have any controversies – major or minor. He is adored by his fans and doesn’t seem to have a large troll following. His videos were falsely claimed by Scale Lab via an automated system. The problem has since been resolved and he was apologized to by Scale Lab’s CEO. 

His first video dates back to 7 April 2010 and serves as a commentary on Modern Warfare 2. 

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The Rad Brad Biography

Legal NameBradley Lamar Colburn 
Net Worth$12 to $18 million 
Source of WealthYouTube, Merchandizing, Sponsorships
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1987
Place of BirthTuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
Height1.65 m
Weight73 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About TheRadBrad

How Much Money Does TheRadBrad earn? 

TheRadBrad earns anywhere from $8.4K -$134.4K per month. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million. 

How old is TheRadBrad?

TheRadBrad is 35 years old at the time of this article. 

Who is TheRadBrad Dating?

TheRadBrad has posted public pictures of himself with his partner on Instagram. However, we do not know more details about his partner[4]. 

TheRadBrad Net Worth References

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[2] – The Rad Brad’s titles

[3] – Acknowledged by Susan Wojcicki. 

[4] – The Rad Brad with his partner. 

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