Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth and Income Sources

Here is the Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth at a glance.

Mumbo Jumbo’s estimated net worth is about $8.25 million as per online sources.

Mumbo Jumbo is a British YouTuber with a large following on his self-titled video channel. He mostly makes tutorial based videos of Minecraft. The YouTube celebrity is also a travel enthusiast who posts videos of his trips. 

In this blog post, you will learn how much money the YouTube celebrity makes from his channel. 

Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth : Mumbo Jumbo posing with his bike. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo
Mumbo Jumbo posing with his bike. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth = $8.25M

Mumbo Jumbo Income Sources

Mumbo Jumbo earns income through different sources. His income sources related to his YouTube channel are listed below.

●      YouTube advertising revenue (~$78,500 – $1.3 million a year)

●      Online sales (~Not known)

●      Sponsorship income (~$52,360 and $78,540 per month)

Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth : Caption: Mumbo Jumbo portrait photo. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo
Caption: Mumbo Jumbo portrait photo. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo

Income Source 1: YouTube

Mumbo Jumbo’s annual income from YouTube is between $78,500 and $104,700. [1]

Mumbo Jumbo had created a gaming YouTube channel on 31st March 2012. He makes tutorial videos on the popular Minecraft video game. His videos have attracted about 2.6 billion views as of 2022.

The following table summarizes the statistics of the Mumbo Jumbo YouTube channel. It shows the net subscribers, cumulative views, and estimated net earnings of the social media influencer.

Mumbo Jumbo YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings*
Total8.26 million2.6 billion$10.4 million

*Note: YouTube pays content creators between $3 and $5 per thousand views to content creators. [2] Our estimated net earnings of Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft YouTube career are based on the assumption of earning $4 for every thousand views. [2] 

Income Source 2: Sales

Mumbo Jumbo does not have an official online store.  Instead, he sells merchandise through various online stores.

Some of the sites that sell Mumbo Jumbo’s merchandise include, Zavvi US, RedBubble, and He sells mostly branded clothing.  Income from sales on these online platforms is not known.

Income Source 3: Sponsorship Income

Mumbo Jumbo’s third source of income similar to the majority of social media influencers is sponsorship deals.

YouTubers earn an estimated $20 to $30 per thousand views of their videos. [4] Social Blade statistics show that the popular YouTuber attracts 26.18 million unique visitors each month.

So, it is estimated that Mumbo Jumbo’s sponsorship earnings from his YouTube channel are between $52,360 and $78,540 per month. This is a conservative estimate and the actual income from online sales from the YouTube channel may be higher or lower.

Mumbo Jumbo Bio/Early Life

Mumbo Jumbo (real name Oliver Brotherhood) was born in Frimley, UK. His date of birth is 1 December 1995. He has not revealed any information about his father or mother.

The YouTuber completed Intermediate from a local college in Hampshire, England. He got admission to Oxford University in Computer Science field.

Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth : Mumbo Jumbo posing with his bike. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo
Mumbo Jumbo posing with his bike. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Career

Mumbo Jumbo created a personal video channel titled MrOliBrotherhoood in 2011. But his YouTube career started when he created the Mumbo Jumbo channel in 2012. He mostly uploaded Minecraft and Call of Duty videos.

During the initial stages, his friend Tom also curated videos but later left after which Mumbo runs the channel himself.

Mumbo Jumbo is active on multiple social media channels. He has over 242K Instagram fans. In addition, the YouTube influencer has more than 350K followers on Twitter and 25K followers on Facebook.

Popular YouTube Video Series

Mumbo Jumbo created a popular series called ‘60 second Minecraft’. He also created Mumbo’s World and Last Life Season 2 which was a hit among his Minecraft game fans.

In 2013, he joined Hermitcraft and quickly became the most subscribed member.

Mumbo Jumbo created a channel called Mumbo in 2014. He mostly posts vlogs including documentaries about filmmaking on this channel. In addition, he makes product reviews, live streams, and other content on this YouTube channel. He created the HI-LO Tech series that is hugely popular among gaming fans.

Mumbo Jumbo is currently active on Mumbo Jumbo and Mumbo. He had also created two additional channels on YouTube that were later deleted. He discontinued one of his channels due to receiving copyright notices for his video tutorial. He discontinued his other channel due to a bug that prevented users from subscribing. 

Mumbo Jumbo Net Worth : Mumbo Jumbo during a video session. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo
Mumbo Jumbo during a video session. Credit: Instagram@officialmumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Accomplishments

Mumbo Jumbo created a media production company named 2 Story in 2018. He created a Wix website offering video and photography services.

Mumbo Jumbo’s most popular video on YouTube is

Mumbo Jumbo Quotes

“I know I say this all the time but I think we can all agree this is the best Redstone contraption I have ever made.”

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Mumbo Jumbo Biography

Legal NameOliver Brotherhood
Net Worth$8 Million
Source of WealthYouTube, sponsorship
Date of Birth1st December 1995
Place of BirthFrimley, UK
Height169 cm, 5 feet 10 inches
Weight149.6 pounds, 68 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A
NationalityUnited Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions About Mumbo Jumbo

What makes Mumbo Jumbo popular?

Mumbo Jumbo is popular due to his Minecraft videos. He regularly posts gaming and travel videos on his YouTube channel.

What is Mumbo Jumbo’s real name?

Mumbo Jumbo’s real name is Oliver Brotherhood. He is also known among his friends as Oli.

Who are Mumbo Jumbo’s Competitors?

Mumbo Jumbo’s competitors include other gamers who stream Minecraft videos. These include Dream, Purpled, PewDiePie, TommyInnit, and DanTDM.

Did Mumbo Jumbo go to college?

Mumbo Jumbo got admitted to Oxford University. As of 2022, he is currently pursuing a computer science degree.


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