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Oliver Tree Net Worth Overview

He is an American singer-hip-hop singer, songwriter, and filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California. His song “When I’m Down” went viral in 2017. He signed with Atlantic Records that same year and released his highest-charting hit to date on the label, Alien Boy. He also directs sketch comedy videos.

Oliver Tree’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Here is how he does it.

How Much Money Does Oliver Tree Make?

Oliver Tree Net Worth; Credit: GQ Australia
Credit: GQ Australia

So where does the majority of Oliver Tree’s net worth come from? The answer to that question is a combination of earnings from music sales, touring, and merchandise. He has released one album and three EPs to date, all of which have generated income.

Additionally, he has toured extensively in support of his releases, and this has also generated income. Finally, he has a line of merchandise available for purchase online, and this also generates revenue.

Income Sources 1: YouTube Channel

Based on our research, Oliver Tree has a YouTube channel with 8.5 million subscribers. He is most well-known as a hip-hop singer on YouTube. He makes around $500 per day ($18,000 a year) from advertising revenue on his YouTube channel. He also earns money through music sales and concerts. 

Using these figures to estimate Oliver Tree’s net worth is tricky since he has not revealed his income.

Oliver – YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Oliver Tree3.29M767,474,450 +$194.2K

Income Sources 2: Sponsorships

Oliver Tree has also done some sponsorship work over the years. For example, in 2017 he partnered with shoe company Supra to create a collection of shoes. While it is difficult to determine how much money he made from this sponsorship, we can assume that it was a considerable amount as sponsorships can be very lucrative. In fact, some sponsorship deals can be worth millions of dollars.

Income Source 3: Social media

Oliver’s side incomes include merchandise and other affiliate commissions. He has gained a considerable following on social media. His Instagram account has 1.8 million followers, the Twitter account has 685,000 followers and 166K followers on Spotify. 

He also earns from his music on SoundCloud and other social media platforms as well.

Oliver Tree Bio / Early Life 

Oliver Tree Net Worth : Source Insta Photo By Atlantic records
Oliver Tree Net Worth

Oliver Tree Nickell was born on June 29, 1993. He grew up in Santa Cruz, California. He began playing the guitar at age 13 and later taught himself to play the piano. In 2010, Oliver launched his solo recording career as “Tree.” In 2011, he published his musical album on his own.”I got my first 4-track when I was 15… But I never thought about singing until much later, like less than a year ago.” – Oliver Tree (in an interview with Genius). His older brother is a popular YouTuber, Jake Paul.

Oliver studied business for 2 years at San Francisco State University then he studied music technology at the California Institute of the Arts. He graduated in 2016.

Oliver is not married and does not have any kids. His love life is also a mystery; he has never discussed nor given hints about his girlfriend or exes on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Since all that information is private, we cannot speculate.

Oliver Tree Career

Oliver Tree began his musical career by uploading covers of songs to YouTube and was discovered by Jake Paul’s manager who invited him to record a cover of the song “Hanging Tree” from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 soundtrack with Lele Pons and Anwar Jibawi.

The music video has received more than 1.1 billion views to date on YouTube and topped the trending chart for two weeks straight (currently at No. 18).

Tree released his first single, “Through The Trees Music Video” in June 2016 which he wrote with Big Taste (a manager for Jason Derulo, Afrojack, and Maroon 5).

Oliver Tree Accomplishments

Oliver Tree has been featured on his brother Jake Paul’s YouTube channel and is the first artist to be signed to both Columbia Records and Hollywood Records.

“‘Seven Sundays’ is seven songs I wrote over the past year and a half… It’s an album about my journey from high school graduation to now, about figuring out who I am and finding peace with myself. My goal was to write music that would inspire people to pursue their passions and dreams.” – Oliver Tree (about his debut EP “Seven Sundays” )

It’s safe to say that Oliver has made quite a name for himself and is one of the biggest young stars in America today. We wish him all the best and hope he continues writing music videos!

Oliver Tree Criticisms

Oliver Tree Net Worth ; Source: Twitter Second music video - Hurt album cover
Source: Twitter Second music video – Hurt album cover

Oliver Tree is often criticized for his lyrics which are seen as shallow and unoriginal. Some have also accused him of copying other artists such as Taylor Swift and The Weeknd. This is 

No matter what haters say, it looks like he is on his way to the top! He is one of the most famous young artists in America today and has even been invited to perform at Coachella.

Oliver Tree Quotes

1. “If you really don’t like me, find somebody else”

2. “I changed my whole life when I learned to ignore them”

3. “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll light this place on fire”

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Oliver Tree Biography

Legal Name/Birth NameOliver Tree
Oliver Tree net worth$1 million
Date of birth29 June 1993
Place of BirthSanta Cruz
Height1.7 m
Weight75 kg
Marital StatusIn a relationship
Names of childrenN/A
Dating/GirlfriendMelanie Martinez

Oliver Tree FAQ’s

How Much is Oliver Tree Estimated Net Worth?

Oliver Tree’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

How old is Oliver Tree?

Oliver Tree is currently 24 years old.

Іѕ Oliver Tree gay?

Oliver is not gay. Oliver has never been gay nor bisexual and has no such history. 

Does Oliver Tree have a girlfriend?

Oliver Tree has never discussed nor given hints about his girlfriend or exes on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Since all that information is private, we cannot speculate.

Why did Oliver quit?

Oliver Tree quit the music world because he felt that he was becoming too famous and that it was getting in the way of his personal life.

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