Jim Risch Net‌ ‌Worth and income sources

Senator Jim Risch Net‌ ‌Worth is estimated to be around $42 million, according to the assets and liabilities mentioned in his financial disclosure [1].

The Idaho Junior Senator gained his net worth through real estate, mutual funds, and government bonds.

Senator Jim Risch Assets and Liabilities

Senator Jim Risch’s net worth is estimated at approximately $42 million. This net worth was determined by deducting his estimated liabilities from his estimated assets.

The Idaho Junior Senator’s assets [2] and liabilities [3] are summarized below.

AssetsMaximum ValueMinimum Value
Real Estate$13,700,010$63,501,000
Mutual Funds$238,027$845,000
Government Bonds$17,003$80,000
LiabilitiesMinimum ValueMaximum Value

We have provided a detailed breakdown of these assets and liabilities in the Appendix at the end.

Sen. Risch is the junior Senator for Idaho.  Credit: Wikimedia

Senator Jim Risch Income

Sen. Risch earns income from many different sources. He earns $174,000 per year as the United States Junior Senator for Idaho.

He also earns money from real estate, mutual funds, and government bonds which contribute to his estimated net worth.

Income Source 1: Salary as a US Senator

Sen. Risch began serving as the Junior Senator for Idaho in 2008. He receives the default Senator salary of $174,000 [4].

Sen. Risch is one of the richest Senators in the United States.  Credit: Idahonews.com

Income Source 2: Earnings from Assets

Sen. Risch also likely earns money from his assets. According to his 2018 financial disclosure, Sen. Risch owns real estate valued at between $13,700,010 and $63,501,000. 

The Idaho Senator also owns mutual funds valued at between $238,027 and $845,000. Lastly, Sen. Risch owns Government Bonds valued at between $17,003 and $80,000.

Senator Risch has not disclosed his earnings from his assets. This makes it difficult to offer an accurate estimate of his earnings from this income source. However, the above asset values do offer a range for his estimated net worth.

Sen. Risch fell asleep during President Trump’s impeachment trial.  Credit: Business Insider

Jim Risch Bio/Early Life

James Elroy Risch was born on May 3rd, 1943, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. His parents are Elroy Risch and and Helen Risch. Elroy Risch was a lineman who worked for Wisconsin Bell.

Jim Risch studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee between 1961 and 1963. He then transferred over to the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Risch joined the fraternity Phi Delta Theta while at the University [5]. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in 1965.

Jim Risch went on to study at the University of Idaho’s College of Law and worked on the Law Review and the College of Law Advisory Committee [6]. The young Risch graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1968.

Jim Risch entered politics at the young age of 27 in 1970. He won an election as Ada County prosecuting attorney in Boise. As an attorney, he taught criminal law at Boise State University. Jim Risch was also elected President of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association.

Risch’s election into the state’s prosecuting attorneys association would mark the beginning of a successful career in law. He quickly became a millionaire and developed a reputation as one of the most successful trial lawyers in Idaho. He became an inspirational self-made figure who found success using his own money.

Political Career

Jim Risch’s involvement with the United States Government began after he was elected to Idaho Senate in 1974. He represented Ada County at the time. In 1976, Risch became the Senate majority leader. He would eventually go on to become president pro tempore.

Risch ran for re-election in 1988 and was defeated by Democratic Boise attorney Mike Burkett. The event was notable for being one of the most expensive legislative contests in the state.

Risch ran for a Senate seat in the 1994 primary election but lost to Roger Madsen. The Republican politician returned to the Idaho Senate in 1995 after being appointed by Governor Phil Batt.

Jim Risch aimed for Idaho’s lieutenant governorship in 2001. He eyed the seat left by Butch Otter, who had stepped down after being elected to Congress. Republican Jack Riggs was appointed to this post the same year but was defeated by Risch in a Republican primary in 2002. 

Jim Risch became Idaho’s governor in 2006 after Governor Dirk Kempthorne stepped down to become the Secretary of Interior. Risch then chose Mark Ricks as his lieutenant governor.

Jim Risch ran for re-election as Lieutenant Governor in 2006 and defeated Democratic Representative Larry LaRocco in a general election. Risch began focusing on winning a position on the United States Senate in 2007.

The then-current Governor C. L. Otter was believed to favor Risch for the position. However, he denied choosing him later in the year. Risch then announced his intention to run for the Senate seat in October 2007.

Risch ran a successful campaign and defeated Democratic Congressman Larry LaRocco by securing 58% of the vote. Senator Risch ran for re-election in the United States Senate in 2014 and won with 65.4% of the vote.

Senator Risch then ran for re-election in 2020. The Idaho Senator was unopposed in the Republican Primary held that year and went on to defeat Democratic nominee Paulette Jordan by securing 62% of the vote.

Senator Risch was very active in the United States Senate. In 2009, he was one of four Republican Senator newcomers to be elected to the 111th Congress. Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo praised Risch’s work ethic, stating his results-driven approach was a welcome change in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Senator Risch also notably abstained from voting on the creation of the independent commission to investigate the Capitol attack on  January 6th, 2021.

Sen. Risch is a notable Republican Senator.  Credit: Idahopress.com

Senator Jim Risch Accomplishments 

Senator Jim Risch accomplished many things during his time as Governor and Senator. He was among the 22 Senators who urged President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement [7]. He also supported the President when he threatened North Korea if they launched missiles at Guam.

Senator Risch joined Cory Gardner, Mitch McConnell, and Marco Rubio in introducing legislation aimed at sanctioning Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government in 2019 [8].

Senator Jim Risch Controversies

Senator Jim Risch is no stranger to controversy. In 2018 he was criticized for attempting to block a government spending bill that changed the name of the White Clouds Wilderness protected zone to that of his former Idaho political rival Cecil Andrus [9].

Sen. Risch became the center of attention in January 2020 when he fell asleep during Trump’s Senate impeachment trial [10]. The courtroom artist sketched the Idaho Senator as he napped before sharing his sketch with the public.

In 2021, Sen. Risch blocked Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt from being confirmed as a special envoy for monitoring and combating antisemitism.

Senator Jim Risch claims White House staff can mute President Joe Biden

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Jim Risch Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameJames Elroy Risch
Net Worth $42 million
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from Idaho,Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Government Bonds
Date of BirthMay 3rd, 1943
Place of BirthMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Marital StatusMarried 
Partner/SpouseVicki Risch (m. 1968)
Names of ChildrenJames Risch, Jason Risch, Jordan Risch

Frequently Asked Questions About Jim Risch

What political party is Sen. Jim Risch?

Senator Risch is a member of the Republican party.

Where is Jim Risch from?

Senator Risch was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He moved to Idaho after transferring to the University of Idaho in the 1960s.

Who is Jim Risch married to?

Senator Risch is married to Vicki Risch. The pair have been married since 1968 and have three children.

Appendix – Jim Risch Net‌ ‌Worth

Jim Risch Net Worth from Real Estate

Real EstateMinimum ValueMaximum Value
40+ Acres Land, Ada County, ID$5,000,001$25,000,000
40 +/- Acres Land, Canyon County, ID$5,000,001$25,000,000
Agricultural and Commercial Real Property$1,000,001$5,000,000
160 +/- Acres Land, Ada County, ID$1,000,001$5,000,000
Sage Meadow Ranch Inc – Farm and Ranching Co$500,001$1,000,000
Office Building Located at 407 West Jefferson Street$250,001$500,000
Commercial Real Estate$250,001$500,000
Residential Real Property$100,001$250,000
Investment Real Property P, Boise, ID$100,001$250,000
24 + Acres Land, Canyon County, ID$0$1,000

Jim Risch Net Worth from Mutual Funds

Mutual FundsMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Thrift Savings Plan – G Fund$100,001$250,000
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho FundFil$50,001$100,000
PERSI Short Term Investment Portfolio$50,001$100,000
Nationwide Fixed Fund$15,001$50,000
T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market Index Fund$2,002$30,000
Tanaka Growth Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Value Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price International Value Equity Fund File$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Financial Services Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Equity Index 500 Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Equity Income Fund$1,001$15,000
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth Fund$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Emerging Markets Bond Fund$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Dividend Growth Fund$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Communications and Technology FundFi$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Capital Opportunity Fund$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Capital Appreciation Fund$1,001$15,000
T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund$1,001$15,000
Persi Total Return Fund$1,001$15,000
Invesco Growth and Income Fund$1,001$15,000
Fidelity Asset Manager 85%$1,001$15,000
Brandes International Equity$1,001$15,000
American Funds Income Fund Of America$1,001$15,000
American Century Small-Cap Value Fund$1,001$15,000

Jim Risch Net Worth from Government Bonds

Government BondMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund$15,001$50,000
Mellon US Bond Market Index$2,002$30,000

Jim Risch Net Worth from Liabilities

LiabilityTypeMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Countrywide Home Loans – Note Transferred to BankMortgage$50,001$100,000
M&T Bank Baltimore, MDMortgage$250,001$500,000
Suntrust Mortgage Richmond, VAMortgage$100,001$250,000
Wells Fargo Boise, IDMortgage$50,001$100,000
Total $450,004$950,000



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