Guitarist and Musician Sungha Jung Net Worth and Income Sources 

Sungha Jung net worth is estimated to be approximately $4 million, according to reputable online sources. His current net worth may be higher than the above total net worth estimate due to unknown sponsorship earnings.

Sungha Jung is a South Korean guitarist known for his acoustic guitar videos on Youtube. Jung creates acoustic covers of popular songs and uploads them on his Youtube channel. He has gained a massive following over the years.

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Sungha Jung Income Sources

Sungha Jung earns income from a number of sources. His primary source of income is likely to be is his Youtube channel. He also earns money from music sales. Lastly, this guitar prodigy also earns money from sponsorships.

The guitarist’s various income sources are summarized below:

  • Earnings from YouTube account ($31,000 to $51,500 per month)
  • Music Sales (Income not known)
  • Live Shows (Income not known)
  • Sponsorships (Income not known)
Sungha Jung’s  Youtube account has over 6 million subscribers. Credit: Youtube

Income Source 1: YouTube

Sungha Jung started his Youtube channel Sungha Jung on 9th September 2006 [1]. He uploads acoustic guitar covers on the channel. Some of his uploads are also of his live performances and guitar duets. 

Jung’s channel has gained a whopping 6.86 million subscribers and a total of 1.9 billion views. This averages to approximately 10.3 million views were month. Assuming Youtube pays creators $3 to $5 per 1000 views, Sungha Jung could be earning between $31,000 and $51,500 per month from Youtube views.

Youtube Account NameSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings per month
Sungha Jung6.86 million1.9 billion$31,000 to $51,500

Income Source 2: Music Sales

Sungha Jung also sells music on CDs. He has released eight albums to date, most of which feature his acoustic covers [2]. Jung’s music sales figures are not publicly known. This makes it difficult to offer an accurate figure of his earnings from this income source.

Income Source 3: Live Shows

Sungha Jung also performs live regularly. He has toured across the USA and performed at many venues [3]. Jung has not disclosed his earnings from tours. This makes it difficult to offer an accurate estimate of his earnings from live shows.

Sungha Jung’s playing style has inspired numerous young guitarists who happen to be Sungha Jung fans. Credit: Time Out

Income Source 4: Sponsors

Sungha Jung’s guitar-playing skills have also earned him a number of sponsorships [4]. This includes sponsorships with German guitar manufacturer Lakewood, amplifier company AER, and guitar strings manufacturer Elixir Strings. His earnings from sponsorships are unknown, but they likely contribute to Sungha Jung’s net worth.

Sungha Jung Bio/Early Life

Sungha Jung was born on 2nd September 1996 in Cheongju, South Korea. Jung started learning to play the piano at an early age but became fascinated with the guitar after watching his father play the instrument. 

Jung’s father then taught him the basics of playing the guitar. However, he developed his signature finger playing style only after his father showed him videos of guitarist Kotaro Oshio.

Jung practiced for one to three hours each day and began uploading covers to Youtube. Musician Trace Bundy found a video of Jung playing his arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon and asked him to accompany him on tours through the United States and South Korea.

Jung later received guitar lessons from Japanese jazz guitarist Hata Shuji. His videos have skyrocketed in popularity over the years, making him one of the most popular South Korean Youtubers on the platform. 

Fans love watching Sungha Jung perform acoustic covers in his signature finger playing style. He has covered tracks by famous artists and groups such as Jason Mraz, One Republic, and Oasis. Jung continues to inspire young guitarists across the globe and has become an icon of the early era Youtube community.

Sungha Jung performs live regularly. Credit: Youtube

Sungha Jung Accomplishments

Sungha Jung received a sponsorship from guitar manufacturer Lakewood. The company worked with him to create Lakewood Signature Model Instruments, which are available commercially [5]. 

Sungha Jung Controversies

Sungha Jung’s career has remained free from controversies. This is unsurprising as his content focuses primarily on music and his love for guitar playing.

Sungha Jung’s most popular video is 

Best Sungha Jung Quotes

“It usually takes me two to three days to practice and videotape a new piece but sometimes up to a week for more difficult ones.”

“I love and respect all my friend and mentor fingerstyle musicians. Each and every one of them has some influence on me in a way”

“I think as long as you’re happy with what you have at the end of the day, that’s what matters.”

Jung records and releases cover albums frequently. Credit: Amazon

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Sungha Jung Biography

Legal NameSungha Jung
Net Worth$4 million
Source of WealthYouTube, Music Sales, Ticket Sales Sponsorships
Date of Birth2th September 1996
Place of BirthCheongju, South Korea
Height178 cm, 5’ ft 10 inches
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A
NationalitySouth Korean

Frequently Asked Questions About Sungha Jung

What is specialize about Sungha Jung’s guitar playing style?

Jung utilizes a unique finger playing style which allows him to create elaborate single-guitar arrangements for songs.

What is Sungha Jung Age?

Sungha Jung was born on 2th September 1996. This means he is currently 25 years old

Did Sungha Jung take formal lessons as a child?

Sungha Jung was self-taught and did not receive formal lessons as a child.


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