Actor Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth And Income Sources


Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $1.3 million [1].

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is a popular actor and social media personality best known for his role in the After movies. The romance-based film series has done phenomenally well with a worldwide total of over $69 million and counting [2]. 

His salary reflects the earnings of the After movies but he also has a successful modeling career. 

Let’s deep dive into his income sources. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth : Hero sharing a short video. Credit: Instagram@hero_ft
Hero sharing a short video. Credit: Instagram@hero_ft

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Income Sources

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is an actor with a growing fortune that is hinged on the success of his movies. He plays Hardin Scott in the After movies, a popular film series that has earned numerous accolades and continues to earn at the box office. 

The After movies have earned over $69 million against a modest budget of $14 million. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth : After: The After Serie
After: The After Serie

Hero Fiennes Tiffin isn’t very active on YouTube or social media in general but has a growing presence on platforms like Instagram.

This provides Hero with numerous opportunities to derive a significant income, including Instagram advertising revenue, brand endorsements, and selling his own merchandise. 

It is worth pointing out that earnings on Instagram strongly depend on the audience demographic. So the earnings for an Instagram with 7.7  million followers in the United Kingdom will differ greatly from that of their counterpart in the United States. 

With that out of the way, Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s income streams can be divided into the following segments:

  • Movies 
  • Brand endorsements (undisclosed)
  • Merchandising (undisclosed)
Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth : Hero’s official Instagram account. Credit: Instagram@hero_ft
Hero’s official Instagram account. Credit: Instagram@hero_ft

Income Source 1: Movies 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin earned at least $235,000 for his role in the After movies.

The movies have earned well over $69 million at the box office. While the movies were panned by critics for their relatively simplistic plot, viewers had other things to say. For example, the 2019 movie After has a decent rating on IMDB of 5.3 based on over 43,000 votes [3]. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Acting CareerEarningsIMDB Rating
After film series as Harding Allen Scott$235,0005.3

Income Source 2: Movie Sales 

Given how popular the After film series is, we can expect Hero Fiennes Tiffin to draw a considerable portion of his income from ongoing sales. 

Examples of websites that have After-related merch include and Etsy. 

Income Source 3: Model for Brands 

Besides being a successful actor, Hero Fiennes Tiffin is a very successful model who is currently signed with Storm Management, a modeling agency. He has modeled for numerous brands including Dior, H&M, Superdry, and Dorce & Gabbana [4]. 

His income from the modeling gigs is not revealed to the public. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Net Worth
Credit: Netflix Life
Credit: Netflix Life

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Personal Life 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin was born in London to cinematographer George Tiffin and noteworthy film director Martha Fiennes. He has a younger sister named Mercy and an older brother named Titan. 

Before starting his acting career, Hero Fiennes Tiffin worked as a caterer and landscaper. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin attended various schools including Raey Primary School in Lambeth, Graveney School in Tooting, and Emanuel School in Battersea. School in his hometown and went to Broward College for further education. 

It is unclear if Hero Fiennes Tiffin is in a relationship with anyone because he hasn’t shared any details. 

Hero Fiennes Professional Career

Hero Fiennes Tiffin played the role of Spartak in his debut film Bigga Than Ben. He hit a new milestone in his career by starring as Tom Riddle (a teenage manifestation of Voldemort) in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

His career mostly stayed dormant for a while until he starred as Hardin Scott in the film After. The movie was based on the best-selling New York Times Book of the same name by author Anna Todd. He reprised this role in After We Fell and After Ever Happy

A detailed filmography for the young actor can be found on his IMDB page. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Controversy

It is alleged that he got the role for Harry Potter due to his family connections. His uncle Ralph Tiffins played the role of Voldemort and Tiffin faintly resembled his uncle, which allowed him to easily win the role. It also helped that he was talented at portraying a mature role. 

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin Biography

Legal NameHero Fiennes Tiffin
Net Worth$500,000 to $1.3 million 
Source of WealthActor and Model 
Date of Birth6 November 1997
Place of BirthLondon 
Height6 feet 1 inch 
Weight82 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Hero Fiennes Tiffin 

What is Hero Fiennes Net Worth? 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin has an estimated net worth of $500,000 to $1.3 million.

What is Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s Age?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin was born on November 6, 1997, making him 24 years old at the time of writing. 

Who is Hero Fiennes Tiffin dating?

Hero Fiennes has not revealed his dating life to the public. 

What is Hero Fiennes’s Height?

Hero is around 6 feet 1 inch tall.

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