Conor Maynard Net Worth And Income Sources

Conor Maynard Net Worth Estimate

Conor Maynard Net Worth is estimated at around $7 million.

We have reviewed the Conor Maynard Net Worth estimation from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation. 

Conor Maynard is a British pop singer, songwriter, actor, and Youtuber who has gained fame across the globe. Maynard signed to a major record label in 2011 and is known for winning MTV’s Brand New award after releasing his hit single Can’t Say No in 2012 [1].

We have reviewed Conor Maynard net worth and earning data from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation.

Conor Maynard Net Worth: Conor Maynard is known for their 2012 single Can’t Say No. Credit: Teen Vogue

Conor Maynard Income

Conor Maynard income is estimated at $1.2 million per year.

Conor Maynard makes money from many different sources. He earns money from his label and music sales. He also likely earns money from acting in TV series. Lastly, he likely earns money from his Youtube channel.

Income Source 1: Label Salary 

Conor Maynard signed with Warner Music Group in 2011 [2]. He likely received a signing bonus after signing his contract with the label. The artist may also be receiving an annual salary from this label. However, there is no public information on his salary or signing bonus.

Conor Maynard Net Worth: Conor Maynard has released two albums as of 2021. Credit: Spotify

Income Source 2: Music Sales

As a pop singer, Conor Maynard likely earns income from music sales. He has released two albums to date. These are 2012’s Contrast and 2016’s Covers. There is little information available about the artist’s album and single sales.

Contrast sold an estimated 17,000 copies in its first week. Assuming artists receive a 10% royalty [3] from a $15 album sale, Maynard could have earned around $25,500 in just one week.

Conor Maynard Net Worth: Conor Maynard is a renowned singer. Credit: CapitalFM

Income Source 3: Acting 

Conor Maynard is also an actor and has starred in many video shorts over the course of his career. He has starred in the 2006 TV series Dream Team as a child actor. The artist was also featured in the 2017 series Nearly Famous [4]. Conor Maynard hasn’t disclosed his salary or earnings from his acting career. 

This makes it difficult to say with certainty what his earning is from this income source.

Conor Maynard Net Worth: Conor Maynard has starred in TV Series. Credit:

Income Source 4: Youtube

Conor Maynard likely earns money from his Youtube channel, which has 12.4 million subscribers [5]. He uploads music videos, song covers, and vlogs on this channel. The young artist started the channel on May 19th 2006. His videos have received a whopping 2.4 billion views since then.

This averages to around 13.1 million views per month. Assuming Youtube pays uploaders between $3 and $5 per 1000 views, Conor Maynard could be earning between $39,300 and $65,500 per month from Youtube.

Conor Maynard-YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Main Channel-Conor Maynard12.4 million2.4 billion$39,300 to $65,500

Conor Maynard Early Life and Career

Conor Maynard was born on 21st November 1992 in Brighton, United Kingdom [6]. His family doesn’t consist of musicians. However, his parents were fond of pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. 

Conor began singing at an early age but began taking it seriously only during his teenage years. Maynard started his Youtube channel in 2006 and uploaded his first video: a cover of Lee Carr’s Breathe. He began uploading cover videos more frequently between 2009 and 2011 and signed with Warner Music Group in 2011.

In 2012, he released his single Can’t Say No. The track earned a number one spot on UK music charts upon its release. Maynard then released his debut album Contrast later in the year. The young artist is still releasing new music to this day, and remains active on his Youtube channel. 

Conor Maynard net worth thanks to his sign off videos with other players which help each’s fanbase grow while creating great content. These people include:

Conor Maynard’s most popular video on their Youtube channel is: Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber (SING OFF vs. Pixie Lott)

Conor Maynard Accomplishments

Conor Maynard has many accomplishments under his belt. He has over 13 million subscribers on his personal Youtube channel. He also won MTV’s Brand New award in 2012.

Conor Maynard Criticisms

Conor Maynard has not been involved in any major public controversies. 

In 2015, he weighed in on a minor spat between fellow artists Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris on Twitter. Maynard tweeted “Zayn needs to stop bashing people on Twitter. It’s all getting a bit awkward. Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift… At the end of the day, his comebacks are crap too.”

The artist later clarified his stance on the issue, stating it “wasn’t a diss” aimed at either artist. [7]

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Conor Maynard Autobiography

Legal Name/Birth NameConor Paul Maynard
Conor Maynard Net Worth$7 million
Source of Conor Maynard Net WorthSinger, songwriter, actor, Youtube
Date of Birth21st November, 1992 (28 years old)
Place of Birth Brighton, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Height175 cm (5 ft, 9 in)
Weight70 kg 
EthnicityWhite British
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Conor Maynard

What age is Conor Maynard?

Conor Maynard was born on 21st November 1992. This makes him 28 years old.

Are Jack and Conor Maynard twins?

Conor Maynard has a younger brother who is named Jack. Jack is two years younger than Conor. Therefore, they are not twins.

What song did Conor Maynard write for BTS?

Conor Maynard was one of the songwriters credited on BTS’s track Love Myself.

Where did Conor Maynard start?

Conor Maynard started off as a child actor in the 2006 TV Series Dream Team.


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