Davie504 Net Worth And Income Sources

Davie504 Net Worth is estimated at $2.6 million.

We have reviewed the Davie504 Net Worth estimation from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation. 

Davie504 is an Italian musician and Youtuber. He is primarily known for playing the bass guitar in his Youtube videos and reacting to performances by other musicians [1]. Davie504 is currently one of the most popular musicians on Youtube despite not being signed to a music label.

Davie504 Income

Davie504 Net Worth is an estimated $340,000 per year. 

We have reviewed Davie504’s net worth and earnings from multiple sources and compared them with our own estimation.

Davie504 Net Worth: Davie504 is a popular Youtube bassist. Credit: Guitar World

Davie504 makes money from a variety of different sources. He makes money from his Youtube videos. He also has a Patreon where he receives donations from fans. The musician also runs a Fiverr account where he takes paid song requests. Lastly, he earns money from merchandise sales.

Income Source 1: Patreon Donations

Davie504 runs a Patreon where he provides donators with mp3 downloads, bass guitar tabs, and backing tracks [2]. He currently has over 800 patrons who donate to him monthly. Davie504’s donations range from $1 to $10. This means he could be earning between $800 and $8,000 per month from Patreon donations.

Davie504 Net Worth: Davie504 and his girlfriend both play bass. Credit: Youtube

Income Source 2: Fiverr

As a famous internet musician, Davie504 receives many song requests. He charges approximately $950 for each song request on Fiverr [3]. The bassist has not disclosed his earnings from Fiverr. Therefore, we cannot provide an accurate estimate for his earnings through this income source.

Davie504 Net Worth: Davie504 has poked fun at guitar and violin players in his videos.. Credit: Amazon

Income Source 3: Merchandise Sales

Davie504’s internet popularity helped him launch his own merchandise brand. He currently sells shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts on the website Represent.com [4]. Each of these items ranges in price from $19 to $35. 

Davie504 has not disclosed sales figures for his merchandise. Therefore, it is difficult to offer an accurate estimate of his income from this source.

Davie504 Net Worth: Davie504 takes song requests on Fiverr. Credit: Fiverr

Income Source 4: Youtube

Davie504’s main income source is likely his Youtube channel Davie504 [5]. He started this channel on May 18th 2011, and currently has over 9.8 million subscribers. The bassist uploads mainly song covers and reaction videos on this channel. 

Davie504’s videos have received over 1.52 billion views. This amounts to approximately 12.2 million views per month. Assuming Youtube pays creators $3 to $5 per 1000 views. Davie504 could be earning between $36,600 and $61,000 per month from Youtube. 

Davie504-YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Earnings per month
Main Channel-Davie5049.8 million1.52 billion$36,600 to 61,000

Davie504 Early Life and Career

Davie504’s real name is Davide Biale. He was born in Savona, Italy, on April 5th 1994. The now-famous bassist did not develop an interest in playing the instrument until high school. He recalls hearing a song by American rock band Kiss while playing the video game GTA: San Andreas [6]. Davide looked up a live version of the song and became fascinated by its bass parts. He then acquired a bass guitar and began learning to play.

Davide started his Youtube channel in May 2011 and began uploading unconventional covers of songs. Most of his Youtube videos feature him playing the bass guitar with his hands. However, some of his most popular videos show him playing the bass with different objects such as corn or candy [7].

Davie504 is presently one of the most popular musicians on Youtube. He uploads videos frequently and is still gaining subscribers at a rapid pace.

Davie504’s most popular video on their Youtube channel is: 24 STRINGS BASS SOLO

Davie504 Net Worth

Davie504 Accomplishments

Davie504 has not won any awards for his Youtube channel or for his bass playing. However, he has popularized the bass guitar on the platform and continues to inspire thousands of viewers to start playing.

The bass guitar manufacturer Chowny Bass created a signature bass guitar designed in conjunction with Davie504. It is sold as Retrovibe EVO Davie504 Signature [8].

Davie504 Criticisms

Davide frequently pokes fun at other musical instruments and the people who play them. This includes guitars, pianos, and violins. His video comment sections are often filled with responses from musicians pointing out why his opinions are wrong.

The bassist has yet to get into serious trouble for his comments. This may be because his audience understands that Davie504 is simply an exaggerated character he portrays.

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Davie504 Autobiography

Legal Name/Birth NameDavide Biale
Davie504 Net Worth$2.6 million
Source of Davie504 Net WorthYoutuber, Patreon, Fiverr, Merchandise Sales
Date of Birth5th April , 1994 (27 years old)
Place of Birth Savona, Italy
Nationality Italian
Height190 cm (6 ft, 3 in)
Weight66 kg 
EthnicityWhite Italian
Marital StatusUnmarried
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Davie504

Is Davie504 good?

Davie504 is considered a good bassist. He often covers songs that are considered too hard for novice musicians to play in his Youtube videos [9].

How old is Davie504?

Davie504 was born on April 5th 1994. This makes him 27 years old.

What race is Davie504?

Davie504 was born in Savona, Italy, and is of Italian descent.

Does Davie504 have Instagram?

Davie504 has a popular Instagram account with over 832,000 followers [10].


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