YouTuber Asian Doll Net Worth and Income Sources

Here is a quick look at rapper and hip hop artist Asian Doll net worth along with a cursory look into how she generates her wealth. 

Asian Doll is a musician and hip hop artist who is currently signed to 1017 Eskimo Records. 

Asian Doll net worth is believed to start at $1 million and is likely to be much higher on account of her popularity. These numbers are based on her YouTube ad revenue[1]. 

Let’s review her main income sources. 

Asian Doll Net Worth: $1 million

Asian Doll Income Sources

Asian Doll Net Worth : Asian Brat doing a photoshoot. Credit: Instagram@realasiandabrat
Asian Brat doing a photoshoot. Credit: Instagram@realasiandabrat

Asian Doll’s quirky personality, youthful charms, and unique fashion sense propelled her to internet stardom. This allows her to diversify her income sources using various streams including, but not limited to, YouTube, album sales, sponsorships, and merchandising. 

We can sum up her income streams into three sources: 

  • Album sales (album sales figures are not public knowledge)
  • Sponsoring businesses and brands (actual income from this income stream is not known)
  • Ad monetization from YouTube videos

Income Source 1: Album Sales

Asian Doll relies on sales from her albums to generate an income. She has released several mixtapes over the years including Doll Szn in 2018 and Unfuccwitable in 2019. Her most popular singles include “Hi Bich” and “Fire Right There”. Her work has been documented on Billboard [2]

Income Source 2: Sponsoring Businesses

Asian Doll has millions of people following her social media accounts. This allows her to strike major business deals and sponsorships, including collaboration opportunities. She has been vocal about collaborating with Dream Doll, Kash Doll, and Nicki Minaj. 

Income Source 3: YouTube

Asian Doll generates about $21  –  $343 per month from her YouTube channel. 

She launched her YouTube channel on 21 September 2014 and currently has over 378,000 subscribers with over 52.2 million views for all videos. This indicates that YouTube revenue isn’t the primary source of income for Asian Doll and she depends heavily on album sales, sponsorship deals, and merchandising. 

Asian Doll YouTube Channel SubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings/per month
Asian Doll378,00052.2 million$21  –  $343

*Note: The total income that Asian Doll earns will depend on audience age, location, the types of ads that her videos generate, and other factors that may not be in her control. These numbers are only estimates. 

Asian Doll Early Years 

Her real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen. Asian Doll was born on December 7, 1996 in Dallas, Texas, United States to Michael Allen and LaKeithia Lewis. She has three other siblings. 

Asian Doll grew in Dallas in Park Row. Her early life was marked with instability and poverty, with her father being frequently in and out of prison. She got in trouble with the law at only 12 years old. 

Asian Doll went to Skyline High School but didn’t complete her education. She is currently dating Dougie B, a fellow rapper and musician [3].

Asian Doll Career

Asian Doll Net Worth : Asian Doll with fellow artists. Credit: Instagram@realasiandabrat
Asian Doll with fellow artists. Credit: Instagram@realasiandabrat

Asian Doll dropped out of college to start her career in music. She brainstormed ideas for a unique name that would be memorable and get more attention from crowds. At first, she settled with the name “Doll” before changing it ot Asian Da Bratin reference to another rapper who released the first ever platinum certified record (for a female rapper). 

Asian Doll also mentioned that the name was inspired by “Bratz Dolls” a brand of girls’ toys. 

She released her first single called “The Rise of Barbie Doll Gang Empire” in 2015. Other works include “Project Princess Vol. 1” and “Kill Bill, Vol 1.”. Her latest work is “Doll SZN Reloaded”. 

Besides running her music career, Allen is also an entrepreneur and manages her own business. The female artist signed with 1017 Records. 

Asian Doll Controversy 

Asian Doll has generated quite a bit of attention by entering into public feuds with other rappers, including “Katie Got Bandz”. However, she landed in hot water for putting together an Indian-themed party that used an Arabic song as background music. The event requires guests to wear Indian clothes and charges ticket prices of $40 to $60. 

Asian Doll maintained an unapologetic attitude and brushed away any criticism. 

One of her most popular videos is Asian Doll & King Von – Pull Up with 20M+ views

Asian Doll Quotes

“I know a thottie she would, ooh”

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Asian Doll Biography

Legal NameMisharron Jermeisha Allen
Net Worth$1 million
Source of WealthYouTube ad revenue, album sales, sponsorships
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1996
Place of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
Height5’ 6”
Straight Marital StatusSingle
PartnerDougie B
Names of ChildrenNone

Frequently Asked Questions Asian Doll

What is Asian Doll’s net worth?

Asian Doll is said to have a net worth of $1 million.  

How Many Siblings Does Asian Doll Have?

Asian Doll has three siblings. 

Where Does the Name Asian da Brat Come From?

Asian Doll was inspired by “Da Brat” a female artist who released the first-ever platinum-certified album by a female rapper. 


[1]  – Asian Doll’s SocialBlade page. 


[3] – Asian Doll is dating Dougie B

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