Vlogger Li Ziqi Net Worth and Income Sources

The following is a breakdown of farmer Li Ziqi net worth and main earning sources.

Li Ziqi (李子柒) is a Chinese video vlogger personality and Chinese internet celebrity. She is well-known for injecting a sense of Chinese artisan-style into her food videos with elements of ancient Chinese poets, books, instruments, arts, tea, poetics, etc.

Li lives in southwest china and started her Youtube channel in 2017 and gained fame because Li promotes Chinese culture. Li’s video’s focus is to educate her viewers regarding the good China story.

Li rarely speaks in her videos. Ziqi’s videos have so far fetched 2.77 billion views; she owns multiple brands. Therefore people want to know how much money Ziqi earns.

According to reputable online sources, Li Ziqi net worth is around $15 million. 

She has amassed this wealth by using her culinary skills. She creates traditional cooking Chinese food preparation videos. All her videos deal with the subject of handicraft preparation videos. Still, how precisely has Ziqi made her wealth? 

Let’s examine her estimated net worth and income sources.

Li Ziqi’s Net Worth: $15 million

Li Ziqi’s Net Worth Sources

Ziqi earned her money by being china’s most famous traditional food vlogger. Liziqi net worth is driven by three main sources. The first is through Youtube advertising revenue. The country life blogger also has a lifestyle shop. 

Lastly, Ziqi earns her business tycoon money from selling traditional foods to the Chinese audience. She is the biggest food blogger in china, and creating food videos has made her very rich.

Li Ziqi’s earning sources are summarized below:

  • Income from Youtube Advertising Revenue  ($6 million to $10 million)
  • Revenue from Lifestyle Store (Income Unknown)
  • Revenue from Food Business (Income Unknown)
Li Ziqi Net Worth : Li Ziqi is a talented Youtuber. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi
Li Ziqi is a talented Youtuber. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi

Revenue Source 1: Youtube Advertising Revenue

Ziqi started her Youtube journey on 22nd August 2017, when she uploaded her first video [1]. This is her main source of income, and it has contributed the most to liziqi net worth.

The Li Ziqi channel, thanks to her vibe high videos, has over 17 million subscribers and 2.77 billion views. Presuming Youtube compensates its content creators $2 to $5 per 1000 views., the Li Ziqi channel has earned $6 million to $10 million till now.

Youtube Channel NameSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings
Li Ziqi17 million2.7 billion$6 million to $10 million

Revenue Source 2: Lifestyle Store

Ziqi being a top-tier Youtuber, owns a lifestyle store. In her lifestyle store, she sells various products such as organic hair color, shampoo, clothes, etc. [2]. This venture is the second biggest reason for liziqi net worth.

Revenue Source 3: Food Business

The final revenue source that has exponentially contributed to liziqi net worth is her food business brand [3]. Using her global internet fame, Ziqi established her brand, where she sells pre-packed traditional Chinese food to clients all over China.

Li Ziqi Net Worth : Li Ziqi is the biggest Youtube star in china. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi
Li Ziqi is the biggest Youtube star in china. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi

Li Ziqi Bio/Early Life

李子柒 liziqi or Li Ziqi was born on 6 July 1990, in Pingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan, China. She was orphaned at a very young age. She lived with her grandmother because her stepmother kicked her out. Her upbringing was poor, and she had to work various odd jobs to support her family. 

Li Ziqi Net Worth : Li Ziqi’s videos have billions of views on Youtube. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi
Li Ziqi’s videos have billions of views on Youtube. Credit: Instagram @cnliziqi


Ziqi started her Youtube career in 2017. She found fame in the most unexpected circumstances as she used to create videos to relax. Her artistic work resulted in some of her most popular videos.

Li’s first viral video consisted of making a dress out of grape skins. She uploaded videos on her Youtube channel and other Chinese online platforms.

Ziqi injects a sense of the zen and calm with Chinese classic instruments in her videos. Few if any narrations in those videos are the banters between her and her grandmother.

Li Ziqi Accomplishments

Ziqi using her internet fame has established a business empire. It is reported [6] that she alone brings in CNY 1.6 billion or USD 240 million in a year through her content. 

She owns two brands. One is a traditional food store, and the other is a lifestyle brand in which, along with creating makeup, she sells various other products such as hair color, etc.

Li Ziqi Controversy/Criticism

Li Ziqi’s career faced controversy when she sued her content network partner [4]. Li Stated her brand was over-commercialized. Everyone praised her ability to handle the case, with people’s daily newspaper stating that without a single word commending china, she had handled her case with utter grace.

Li Ziqi’s most popular video is:

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Li Ziqi Biography

Legal NameLi Ziqi
Net Worth$15 Million
Source of WealthYoutube, Lifestyle Store, Food Business
Date of Birth6 July 1990
Place of BirthPingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan, China
Height152 cm, 5 feet
Weight48 kg, 105 lbs
Relationship StatusNA
Names of ChildrenNA

Frequently Asked Questions About Ziqi

What is Li Ziqi age?

Li Ziqi is 31 years old.

What is Li Ziqi’s height?

Li Ziqi height is 5 Feet or 152cm.

Is Li Ziqi married?

Li Ziqi is not married yet [5].

What are Li Ziqi’s body measurements?

Li Ziqi physical stats are not readily available but according to our estimates, they are 32-24-32.

How many videos has Li Ziqi created?

Li has created 138 videos.


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