Youtuber Laurenzside Net Worth and Income Sources

The following is a breakdown of singer Laurenzside net worth and main earning sources.

Lauren Webber, or Laurenzside, is an American Youtube Star and internet celebrity. She is well-known for her gaming videos and funny commentary, as well as her jump, cuts editing technique.

Lauren started her youtube channel, laurenzside, in 2007 and played games on it, hoping to create funny videos to make herself and her friends laugh. She went on a hiatus in 2008 and didn’t return until 2013.

After graduating from College, she discovered her love for Youtube again and restarted her youtube channel laurenzside, and started creating gaming videos. Lauren’s videos have so far fetched 2.6 billion views; she has had multiple brand ads partnership, so people want to know how much money laurenzside earn.

According to reputable online sources, Laurenzside net worth is around $11 million. 

Billions of monetized views, A plus ads revenue, brand deals, merchandise store, website, and other business social media ventures [6] are how Lauren has made her wealth. Let’s examine her estimated net worth and income sources.

Laurenzside’s Net Worth: $11 million

Laurenzside’s Net Worth Sources

Lauren weber earns her money from four main sources. The first is through youtube advertising revenue. The American YouTuber’s net worth is also appreciated, thanks to her multiple brand deals. She also earns from her Youtube channel & Twitch live streaming. Lastly, Laurenzside earns money from selling merchandise.

Laurenzside’s earning sources are summarized below:

  • Income from Youtube Advertising Revenue  ($5.2 million to $8 million)
  • Revenue from Brand Deals ($5,000 per branded video)
  • Revenue from Live Streaming ($3,000 to $5,000 per month)
  • Profits from Merchandise Sales (Earnings not known)
Laurenzside Net Worth : Laurenzside is a talented Youtuber. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside
Laurenzside is a talented Youtuber. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside

Revenue Source 1: Youtube Advertising Revenue

Lauren started her youtube journey under the name “Laurenzside” on 26th February 2007, when she uploaded her first video [1]. This is her main bread and butter, and this source has contributed the most to her net worth. She uploads gaming videos and live streams on this channel.

The Laurenzside channel, thanks to her funny gaming videos and challenge videos, presently has over 6.56 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views. Assuming Youtube pays its content creators $2 to $5 for every 1000 views, the Laurenzside channel has earned $5.2 million to $8 million till now.

Youtube Channel NameSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings
Laurenzside6.56 million2.6 billion$5.2 million to $8 million

Revenue Source 2: Brand Deals

Lauren being a top-tier gaming YouTuber has partnerships with various brands. Game companies, when releasing a new game, never miss an opportunity to get their game promoted by her [2].

She also promotes other brands through her channel and charges a minimum of $5,000 a video, and the rate goes up if the promotion is for multi-series videos. This venture is the second biggest reason for her impressive net worth.

Revenue Source 3: Live Streaming

Lauren live streams on Youtube [3] and twitch, and these platforms have also helped her net worth grow at a staggering rate. Twitch users can earn $3,000 to $5,000 per month [7].

Laurenzside Net Worth : Laurenzside took a break from her Youtube career to go to College. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside
Laurenzside took a break from her Youtube career to go to College. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside

Revenue Source 4: Merchandise Sales

With over 6.56 million subscribers, laurenzside earn her earnings by selling her custom merchandise to her fans. Her merchandise website [4] significantly contributes to her net worth. It features hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, caps, beanies, lunch boxes, mugs, stickers, and masks.

Her merchandise ranges from $4.99 to $100. She has not released exact figures for her sales; hence we cannot estimate how much she exactly makes from this avenue.

Laurenzside Net Worth : Laurenzside’s videos have billions of views on Youtube. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside
Laurenzside’s videos have billions of views on Youtube. Credit: Instagram @laurenzside

Laurenzside Bio/Early Life

Lauren Weber was born on 07th July 1989, in New York City, New York, United States. She is survived by her mother as her father passed away due to lung cancer when she was 15.

Lauren has an elder half sister and a younger brother named Ryan. In College, she studied communication arts, but social media was the platform she was destined to shine.


Lauren started her Youtube career in 2007. Her mother supported her in expressing herself. Hence she started making videos after watching and getting inspired by fellow YouTubers such as joey graceffa, pew die pie, and many others.

In 2008 she took a break from her career when she went to College. After graduating, she resumed her youtube career and uploaded videos every day to ensure its success.

Lauren even tried expanding her reach to Facebook skits, but when things didn’t work out, she focused her entire concentration back on video games and made it her full-time job in 2017 when she started earning decent ads revenue.

In March 2020, she was nominated for the 10th Streamy awards but missed out on another nomination in march 2021. She has two channels and 2.6 billion views and is considered one of the most successful gaming YouTubers in the world.

Laurenzside Accomplishments

Lauren was nominated for a Streamy Award in 2020.

Laurenzside Controversy/Criticism

Laurenzside’s career has remained free from controversy. She focuses on creating content and has not been involved in any public scandals.

Laurenzside’s most popular video is:

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Laurenzside Biography

Legal NameLauren Webber
Net Worth$11 million
Source of WealthYoutube, Live Streaming Merchandise sales
Date of Birth07th July 1989
Place of BirthNew York City, New York, United States
Height170 cm, 5 ft 06 inches
Weight64 kg, 141 lbs
Marital StatusMarried
Names of ChildrenMelody

Frequently Asked Questions About Laurenzside

What is Laurenzside age?

Lauren Weber is 32 years old.

What is Laurenzside hair color?

Being a Youtuber, Laurenzside’s hair color changes quite often. However, currently, it is a brunette color.

Is Laurenzside married?

Yes, Laurenzside is a married woman. She married her husband bobby on 20th august 2016 [5].

What are Laurenzside’s body measurements?

Laurenzside body measurements are 34-26-35.


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