DJ Excision Net Worth and Income Sources


Excision Net Worth

According to reputable online sources, Excision’s estimated net worth is approximately $4.3 million.

Excision is a DJ and Producer from Canada. He founded the music label Rottun Recordings and has made a name for himself in the global EDM, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep music genres. He hosts live performances featuring massive stage sound devices and visuals.

Excision Net Worth : Excision is a popular Youtuber, DJ, and producer. Credit: Twitter
Excision is a popular Youtuber, DJ, and producer. Credit: Twitter

Excision Income Sources

Excision earns income from music sales, live shows, and Youtube views. So how much money does Excision earn per year? The DJ’s various income sources are summarized below:

  • Music sales (Income not known)
  • Live performances (Income not known)
  • Earnings from YouTube channel ( $2,544 to $4,240 per year)


Income Source 1: Music Sales 

Excision began releasing music in 2007 with collaborative singles No Escape and Bug Powder [1]. He has released dozens of singles, nine EPs, and 8 studio albums. Many of these were released on his label, Rottun Recordings. His most popular solo albums include X Rated, Codename X. He is associated with acts such as Datsik, Dion Timmer, Space Laces,

Excision also founded the music group Destroid with fellow artists KJ Sawka and Downlink. They released music on Excision’s own label, Destroid Music.

The DJ’s total singles and album sales are unknown. This makes it difficult to determine his total earnings from music sales.

Income Source 2: Live Performances

Excision has toured multiple times during the 2010s. His shows often pull in thousands of EDM and dubstep fans. One notable show from 2013 featured the DJ using a 100,000 watt sound system [2].

Excision has performed alongside big-name acts such as Zeds Dead, Rezz, and Seven Lions.

The DJ has not publicly disclosed his earnings from live performances. This makes it difficult to offer an accurate estimate of his income from these sources.

Excision Net Worth : Excision is known for his dubstep music. Credit: Soundcloud
Excision is known for his dubstep music. Credit: Soundcloud

Income Source 3: YouTube

Excision started his Youtube channel on August 30th, 2011 [3]. He has over 564,000 subscribers. His videos have also received a total of 106 million views. This averages to approximately 848,000 views per month.

Assuming Youtube pays creators between $3 and $5 per 1000 views [4], Excision could be earning between $2,544 and $4,240  from Youtube views.

Excision YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings per month
Excision564,000106 million$2,544 to $4,240
Excision Net Worth : Excision has collaborated with musician ILLENIUM. Credit: EDM
Excision has collaborated with musician ILLENIUM. Credit: EDM

Excision Bio/Early Life

Excision’s real name is Jeff Abel. The DJ and producer was born on April 29th, 1986, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Little is known about Abel’s early life, such as who his parents are or where he grew up.

Professional Career

Excision began releasing music in 2007, starting with the release of the two singles, No Escape, and Bug Powder. Soon after, he founded the Rottun Recordings label and began releasing music on it.

Excision started touring shortly after his music began gaining traction. He developed a reputation for throwing dazzling live shows featuring massive sound systems and captivating light shows.

Excision released his debut full-length album X Rated in 2011. He then founded Destroid, a live dubstep group, alongside fellow artists KJ Swaka and Downlink. 

After headlining many major electronic music festivals, Excision began throwing his own events. This included Bass Canyon and Lost Lands. He continued releasing music during this period, releasing the albums Virus and Onyx in 2016 and 2022, respectively.

Excision continues to release music to this day. He is considered a major part of the modern electronic music scene and continues to expand his reach through Youtube uploads of his tracks.

Excision Net Worth : Excision’s shows draw in thousands of people. Credit: EDM Identity
Excision’s shows draw in thousands of people. Credit: EDM Identity

Excision Accomplishments

Excision has founded a music label as well as a popular electronic supergroup during his career. Abel has also won an award for Best Dubstep Track at the 2012 Dubstep Music Awards [5].

Excision Controversies

In 2012, Excision was accused of buying fake Facebook fans to boost his popularity.  [6]

Excision’s most popular video is

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Excision Biography

Legal NameJeffrey Abel
Net Worth$4.3 Million
Source of WealthMusic sales,  live shows, Youtube
Date of BirthApril 29th, 1986
Place of BirthKelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Height183 cm, 6’0 feet
Marital StatusUnmarried
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Excision

How old is Excision?

Excision was born on April 29th, 1986. He is currently 35 years old.

Who is Excision dating?

DJ Excision is currently dating fellow dubstep producer Emma Livorno,

What DJ controller does Excision use?

Excision uses the Pioneer CDJ-2000 in live performances.

Who Signed Excision?

In addition to founding his own label, Excision has been signed by Monstercat and Mau5trap.

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