Musician Andrew Huang Net Worth and Income Sources 

Andrew Huang Net Worth Review 

Andrew Huang has a net worth of around $550,000 and is growing [1]. As a video producer and Youtube sensation, he is best known for his music, singing, comedy, and education. As an up-and-coming YouTuber, Andrew has managed to turn his passion for sharing online videos into a full-time career with a relatively high income generating potential. 

Andrew Huang Income Sources and Revenue 

Andrew Huang Net Worth :  Andrew Huang with his daughter. 
Andrew Huang with his daughter.

Andrew Huang is worth nearly $550,000 with vast earning potential. His main YouTube channel has over 2.17 million subscribers. Like most independent musicians, Andrew makes extra income by selling music on iTunes and various platforms.

Despite being partially deaf, Andrew discovered a love for singing and decided to turn his hobby into a full-time job [2]. Today, his YouTube channel has over 2.24 million subscribers with over 300 million views and counting. 

Income Source 1: YouTube 

Andrew Huang earns anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per month from his YouTube channels. His estimated earnings for the last 90 days are at least $3,400.

YouTube ChannelEarnings (Last 90 Days) SubscribersTotal views
Andrew Huang$3.4K2.24 million300 million +

Note: According to an estimate by Forbes, YouTube pays video creators anywhere from $3 to $5 per thousand views [3]. 

Income Source 2: Sales from Merchandising 

Like most YouTubers, Andrew Huang sells his own merchandise such as T-shirts and cups. This income is not disclosed to the public. 

Income Source 3: Course 

Andrew Huang sells popular courses on music and production to his followers. The price for enrollment is $279 [4].

It is difficult to precisely predict how much money Andrew makes off his courses, but based on the above figures, his estimated net worth can’t be lower than $550,000. With that said, the Canadian musician has successfully diversified his earning streams. 

Andrew Huang Personal Life and Biography

Andrew Huang Net Worth : Andrew with his guitar. Source:
Andrew with his guitar. Source:

Andrew with his guitar. Source:

Andrew Huang was born in Ottawa, Canada on April 8, 1984. He has a wife Esther and the couple have a daughter named Evelyn. Huang attended York University to complete his Bachelor of Fine Arts in music. After completing his education, he became a self-employed musician using platforms like YouTube and iTunes to reach his audience.

Huang began to develop hearing problems in his early 30s. Despite the hearing loss, he has managed to run a successful YouTube career producing music. 

Huang’s wife, Esther manages his business and also helps him produce songs. She contributed to the song “Ma Bicyclette (Uphill Remix)”. The song only has about 33,000 views but provides readers with a perspective on Andrew’s take on music. 

Andrew Huang Career

Andrew Huang launched his music career on YouTube where he uploads songs covering a wide range of genres. He is known for making music with strange tools that aren’t used by mainstream artists. Due to his strange approach to music production, Andrew has earned a large fan following with hundreds of millions of views. 

Andrew uploaded his first music video titled, “Songs to Wear Pants” on YouTube. 

His video titled, “FAST RAP – 300 words a minute” garnered over 7.8 million views. He covers pop songs using only the sounds of items mentioned in the lyrics. For example, he used red balloons to make “99 Red Balloons”. He is also known for his song “Good Stars” with over 700,000 views. 

His content also covers music education, equipment reviews, as well as interactive projects with fans. 

Andrew Huang is widely recognized for his collaboration with various YouTube personalities including Hannah Hart and Boyinaband. In 2010, he collaborated with Gunnarolla to produce videos and music, including the now-popular We Are What You Tweet series. The duo has successfully toured Australia, New Zealand, and North America to large crowds. 

Huang composed a song for WWF-Canada in 2012 with the help of user-submitted recommendations [5]. 

In the past few years, Andrew has changed his career direction to share knowledge and perspectives. He prefers to get involved with the community through contests and featuring other people’s works on his platforms. 

Andrew Huang believes that social media provides aspiring musicians with numerous means of entry, not just large record labels. 

He has a sizable presence on social media with over 231,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Andrew currently has plans of entering the app space to innovatie mobile based sampling. He has a small team of developers who will release apps on iOS and Android. 

Andrew Huang Accomplishments 

Andrew Huang received the Creator Awards by YouTube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers in 2011 and 1,000,000 subscribers in 2017. 

Andrew Huang Controversy 

Andrew Huang isn’t known for being a controversial figure and his fans seem to adore him. 

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Legal Name/Birth NameAndrew Huang
Net Worth$1.4 million 
Sources of WealthYoutuber 
Date of BirthApril 8, 1984
Place of BirthOttawa, Canada 
EthnicityChinese Canadian
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseEsther Bowser
Names of ChildrenEvelyn

Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew Huang  

What is Andrew Huang famous for?

Andrew achieved popularity on account of his unique music videos and quirky production styles using non-conventional tools. 

He became popular for his song challenge series, where he challenged viewers to challenge him in various feats of musicianship.

How old is Andrew Huang? 

Andrew Huang is 37 years old.

Andrew’s most popular video is titled “Rapping without the letter E” with over 18 million views. 

Does Andrew Huang Have a Girlfriend? 

Andrew Huang is married to Esther Bowser and the couple have one child called Evelyn. 


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