Gaming Youtuber ZackTTG Net Worth and Income Sources

Here’s a quick sneak peek into Gaming Youtuber ZackTTG Net Worth. 

ZackTTG net worth is estimated at approximately $320,000, according to reputable online sources. So how did this sports and gaming Youtuber build his fortune?

Zack Mowley is an American Youtuber who runs two famous Youtube gaming channels ZackTTG and TTG2. He previously streamed his content on Twitch under the name TheTravelingGamer and has numerous followers on Instagram and TikTok. 

Mowley’s content consists mainly of basketball videos. However, he also regularly uploads videos of himself playing the basketball video game NBA2K.

Keep reading to find out how this electric engineer makes extra cash.

ZackTTG Income Sources

ZackTTG makes a living from from numerous sources. He earns a significant amount of income from his two Youtube channels and as a member of the Youtube basketball gaming collective 2Hype. He also works as an electrical engineer. Lastly, ZackTTG also earns from sponsorship.

The Youtuber’s  income sources are summarized below:

  • Earnings from YouTube channels ($4,266 to $7,110 per month)
  • Engineer Commissions and Salary (Income not known)
  • Earnings from Sponsors (Income not known)
Zackttg Net Worth: ZackTTG is known for making basketball-related videos. Credit: Twitter
ZackTTG is known for making basketball-related videos. Credit: Twitter

Income Source 1: YouTube

ZackTTG runs two successful Youtube channels. These are ZackTTG and TTG2

He started his first channel ZackTTG on 11th July 2015 [1] and uploaded basketball challenge and trick shot videos. 

The ZackTTG channel currently has over 1.1 million subscribers and a whopping 112 million video views. This comes to an average of approximately 1.4 million views per month. Assuming Youtube pays its video creators $3 to $5 per 1000 views, Mowley could be earning between $4,200 and $7,000 per month from the ZackTTG Youtube account.

ZackTTG started his second channel, TTG2, on 30th March 2019 [2]. This channel’s content consists of mostly hilarious reaction videos related to basketball. 

The TTG2 reactions videos channel currently has 68,900 subscribers and 790,000 views. This averages to approximately 22,000 views per month, which converts to earnings of around $66 to $110 per month.

Mowley is also a member of the Youtube basketball collective 2Hype [3]. He has not disclosed whether he earns money from each of their videos or if the group pays him a fixed salary. Therefore, we cannot accurately estimate his earnings as a member of 2Hype.

Each of the above channels likely contributes to ZackTTG’s estimated net worth total.

ZackTTG’s Youtube ChannelsSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings per month
ZackTTG1.1 million112 million $4,200 to $7,000
TTG20.07 million0.8 million$66 to $110
Total1.17 million112.8 million$4,266 to $7,110

Income Source 2: Engineer Commissions and Salary

Mowley has stated that he is a professional electrical engineer who travels who practices in both USA and Canada. He has not disclosed his earnings from this income source. This makes it difficult to estimate how much he makes from working in the engineering profession.

Zackttg Net Worth : ZackTTG is a member of 2Hype. Credit: Twitter
ZackTTG is a member of 2Hype. Credit: Twitter

Income Source 3: Sponsors

ZackTTG’s video platform and Instagram account popularity have earned him many sponsors. This includes SkillShare [4], Pristine Auction Sponsorship [5], and Epic Games sponsorships [6].

So how much money does ZackTTG earn from sponsors? The American Youtuber has not publicly stated how much he earns earnings from them. This makes it difficult to accurately estimate how much money he makes from this income source. 

Zackttg Net Worth : ZackTTG travels the world as an electrical engineer. Credit: Pinterest
ZackTTG travels the world as an electrical engineer. Credit: Pinterest

ZackTTG Bio/Early Life

ZackTTG’s real name is Zack Mowley. He was born on 19th January 1989 in Ohio, USA. Little is known about Mowley’s early life. He studied electrical engineering at a University and began working as an engineer in the USA and Canada after graduating.

Mowley started his first Youtube channel ZackTTG in 2015 and began steadily increasing his subscriber base with his basketball videos. 

In 2017, Mowley joined Youtube basketball collective 2Hype alongside other popular Youtube influencers such as Los Pollos TV, Mopi, and Jesser. The move helped him gain massive popularity, and his subscriber skyrocketed in just a few months.

Mowley then founded a reactions channel in 2019 and began uploading funny video reactions to basketball videos around the internet. The outgoing entertainer continues releasing great content on Youtube. His videos have inspired numerous young basketball players and Youtubers across the world.

Zackttg Net Worth : Does ZackTTG get this hoodie from PS5 as a form of sponsorship? Credit: Tiktokmag
Does ZackTTG get this hoodie from PS5 as a form of sponsorship? Credit: Tiktokmag

ZackTTG Accomplishments

ZackTTG has not won any awards for his video content. However, the entertainer has millions of subscribers and Instagram followers who love his content.

ZackTTG Controversies

ZackTTG announced he was leaving 2Hype in 2021. The move was believed to be mutual. However, it may have been related to a leaked Discord call in which Zack discussed encouraging another 2Hype member to leave the group [7].

ZackTTG Relationship & Girlfriend

Zackttg Net Worth : Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

As of 2022, the gamer is single with no children. Against this backdrop, his girlfriend Jade has been in a long-term passionate relationship with Zack. The couple plans to get married in the near future and become legally married.

ZackTTG’s most popular video is 

Best ZackTTG Quotes

“I promise to be the best father to you that I can possibly be. I’ll always make sure your heart is filled with love. I’ll strive every day to be a great man and provide for you.”

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ZackTTG Biography

Legal NameZack Mowley
Net Worth$2 million
Source of WealthEngineer Salary, YouTube, Sponsorships
Date of Birth19th January 1989
Place of BirthOhio, USA
Height186 cm, 6’1 feet
Weight85 kg, 188 lbs
Marital StatusUnmarried
PartnerJade Meadows
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About ZackTTG

Why is ZackTTG famous?

ZackTTG is famous for making entertaining basketball videos. He is also a member of Youtube basketball collective 2HYPE.

What is ZackTTG’s estimated net worth?

ZackTTG’s net worth is estimated at around $320,000 as of 2022.

Who is ZackTTG dating?

ZackTTG is currently dating Jade Meadows. 


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