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Here is the Symfuhny net worth at a glance. 

Mason Lanier, or better know as Symfuhny, is a popular American video game streamer on YouTube and Twitch. 

Sym, as he is affectionately known by his fans, is a professional player and Twitch partner. He streams mostly Fortnite games on his channel. He also uploads videos of Call of Duty (COD) games. Fans love him for his insane shooting skills in COD and Fortnite.

He has won numerous tournaments and battles in a variety of games. Mason was born and raised in a low-income family in Texas. He now lives in Los Angeles, California, with his girlfriend. After his first video of Fortnite edits in 2018, Sym began to gain popularity.

Today Symfuhny’s estimated net worth is about $2 million. His actual net worth may be higher due to undisclosed income from sponsorships

Let’s find out how he does it.

Symfuhny Net Worth: Symfuhny posing in front of a virtual car. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny
Symfuhny posing in front of a virtual car. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny

Symfuhny Income Sources

Symfuhny has multiple income sources. The following summarizes the main sources of income of the social media gaming influencer.

  • YouTube ad revenue (~$1,100 – $17,900 a year)
  • Twitch platform affiliate income(~$125,010 a year)
  • Sponsorship income (~$395,160 a year) 

His YouTube channel, which has about one million subscribers, is one of his other online media channels. His Twitch account has almost 2.6 million subscribers. He utilizes a 400 DPI mouse and is 55 percent focused on affectivity in his Fortnite game, just like any player who deserves at least some attention.

Symfuhny Net Worth: Symfuhny posing with a fellow gamer. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny
Symfuhny posing with a fellow gamer. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny

Income Source 1: YouTube

Symfuhny earns about $1,100 to $17,900 a year from ad monetization on YouTube. [1]

Symfuhny started his video streaming channel on YouTube in 2014. He uploads mostly Fortnite and Call of Duty games on his channel. 

Around the end of 2020, he became one of the top four earners in the game before deciding to stop playing in Warzone tournaments.

The following table shows the number of subscribers, net video views, and estimated income from his YouTube channel.

Symfuhny  YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings*
Total1.04 million74 million$296,000

*Note: YouTube content creators’ income from YouTube ad monetization is  $3 to $5 per 1000 video views, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. [2] We have calculated net earnings based on estimated earnings of $4 per thousand views. [2] 

Income Source 2: Twitch

His esports earnings might be erratic because the prize money varies each competition. But as a frequent streamer, his Twitch account generates a steady stream of revenue.

Symfuhny has a large following on Twitch. His videos are watched by over 2.5 million followers.

Twitch streamers earn about $2.5 per subscriber through its affiliate program. [3]. The number of subscribers of his channel was 4,167 as of January 2022 [4].

This means that Symfuhny’s income from his Twitch channel is estimated to be $10,417 per month.

Income Source 3: Sponsorship Income

Social media influencers also earn income through sponsorships. YouTube content creators’ sponsorship income is about $0.089 per video view.[5]

His YouTube channel attracts about 370K views each month. So, his sponsorship income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be $32,930 per month.

Symfuhny Bio/Early Life

Symfuhny (real name Mason Lanier) was born in Texas on 21st December 1999. He has not revealed the place of his birth. But since he had graduated from Keller High School, it is presumed he was born in the city of Keller in Texas.

His grandparents bought him his first gaming console XBOX 360 when he was a child. His friends came up with the gamer tag of Symfunny. But the account was hacked so he changed his tag to Symfuhny.

In 2020, he shifted to Los Angeles, California to live in the 100 Thieves house along with other content creators. His girlfriend BrookeAB is a member of the 100 Thieves gaming and life brand organization.

Symfuhny Net Worth: Symfuhny in front of his gaming rig. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny
Symfuhny in front of his gaming rig. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny

Symfuhny Career

Symfuhny started his YouTube career when he created a channel on 23rd April 2014. But he did not upload any content on his channel until 2017. His first stream was of the H1Z1 Battle Royale game. But he later switched to Fortnite and then Call of Duty (COD).

He was offered to join H1Z1 Pro League for $50,000 when he was in his senior year at high school. But he declined the offer which turned out to be a good decision since the league flopped and the players were never paid.

In July 2018, Smyfuhny started his Twitch channel. He was able to attract a large number of followers by showcasing his insane shooting skills in Fortnite and COD. He has played against popular video game streamers including Ninja, Tfue, and CouRage.

Apart from video streams, Symfuhny also uploads a compilation of his achievements and video game edits on YouTube. He had joined the eSports company NRG in 2019. But he left it a year later in 2020 due to unknown reasons. 

Symfuhny Net Worth: Symfuhny with his girlfriend BrookeAB. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny
Symfuhny with his girlfriend BrookeAB. Credit: Instagram@Symfuhny

Symfuhny Accomplishment

Symfuhny has a huge fan base on Twitch. His channel attracted the 3rd most followers in 2019. As of 2022, he has over 2 million followers on the video streaming website.

Symfuhny Controversy

Symfuhny was accused of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone. People have accused him of using exploits such as wall hacks to win games. But he has denied using any type of cheats.

In 2020, Symfuhny’s official COD game account was hacked. He had to create a new account to play online. All his previous achievements were wiped out as a result of the hack.

Symfuhny ’s most popular video on YouTube is

Symfuhny Quotes

‘Happy Birthday @brookeab. So proud of everything you have accomplished this year.’

 ‘So happy for Optic, What a great weekend of competitive COD.’

‘Me trying to snack on some @Pringles  while playing Halo Infinite’.

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Symfuhny Biography

Legal NameMason Lanier
Net Worth$2,000,000 million
Source of WealthYouTube, sponsorship
Date of Birth21st December 1999
Place of BirthKeller, Texas
Height172 cm, 5 feet 8 inches
Weight147 pounds, 67 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Partner(Brooke) Ashley Bond
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Symfuhny

What makes Symfuhny popular?

Symfuhny live streams Fortnite and COD video games. His Twitch and YouTube channels are popular due to his high-level shooting skills.

What is Symfuhny’s real name?

Symfuhny’s real name is Mason Lanier.

Who are Symfuhny’s partners?

Symfuhny is romantically attached to another social media influencer BrookeAB.

How much money Symfuhny makes online?

Symfuhny is a full-time YouTube and Twitch content creator. He does not have any other income sources. His annual income from these two sources is estimated to be between $126,110 and $142,910.


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