Susan Collins Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Susan Collins Net Worth Overview

Susan Collins net worth is estimated to be $4 million as per reliable online sources.

Susan Collins is the current junior US Senator from Maine.[1] 

Senator Susan Collins is a politician who has been involved in the government of the United States for over 20 years. She has held various positions, including that of a Senator from the state of Maine. 

Susan Collins is a moderate Republican, and she is known for her ability to work with both parties in order to get things done. Susan Collins is also a strong advocate for women’s rights and has spoken out about the need for more women to be involved in politics. 

Collins’s net worth consists of mutual funds and bank deposits.

Susan Collins Net Worth: US. Senator of Maine’s official portrait in 2015.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Investment and Assets

The following table contains the investment and asset information of Sen. Susan Collins. The figures have been calculated from public financial information filed with the SEC for 2020. [2]


Susan Collins Net WorthValue
Mutual Funds$300,003-$750,000
Bank Accounts$165,000-$400,000
Total$465,006 -$1,150,000

Sen. Susan Collins net worth as per the SEC website is between $465,006 and $1,150,000. The net worth is based on the public financial statement filed by Sen. Collins in 2020.

GOP Senator Susan Collins Replaces Mitch McConnell As the Senate’s Most Unpopular Member: Poll; Credit: Newsweek

Senator Susan Collins Income

Sen. Susan Collins earns income as a Senator. She also earns income from her investment in mutual funds.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Susan Collins’s (R-ME) salary as the senator of Maine was $174,000 in 2020.[2]

Susan Collins Net Worth: Sen. Collins with late Sen.Bob Dole. Credit: Instagram@sensusancollins

Income Source 2: Investment and Retirement Plans

Sen. Collins earns income from her investment in mutual funds. The table below summarizes her income sources and amount.


Total$219,204 -$325,000

As per the financial report submitted with the SEC, Sen. Susan Collins net worth increased by  $219,204 to $325,000 in 2020.

Susan Collins Net Worth: Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) with members of the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul in Lewiston in 2021. Credit: Instagram@sensusancollins

Susan Collins Bio/Early Life

Personal life

Susan Margaret Collins was born on 7th December 1952. Her place of birth is Caribou in Maine, US.

Collins has a mixed Irish and English ancestry. Her parents owned a lumber business. The business was established by her ancestor Samuel W. Collins in 1844. Her father Donald F. Collins was a decorated WWII veteran. He also had served four terms in the U.S. Senate and one term in the House.

One of her uncles is Samuel W. Collins who served as the Main senator between 1973 and 1985.

Collins was born and raised in Caribou. She attended Caribou High School where she was the student council president. She graduated magna cum laude with a BA in government from St. Lawrence University in 1975.

In 2012, Senator Susan Collins married to Thomas Daffron, who she met when they were both working for the same company. They did not start dating until after she had broken up with her previous boyfriend, and she considers this to be a great way of showing how important it is for women to have the freedom to pursue their own lives. Susan Collins has two children from her previous marriage.

The couple doesn’t have any children.

Susan Collins Net Worth: Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) received an award in 2010. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Susan Collins Career

Collins became the legislative assistant to her uncle Senator William Cohen. She served the position from 1975 to 1987. Between 1981 and 1987, Collins also served as the staff director of the Oversight of Government Subcommittee.

She joined Maine Governor John R. McKernan Jr staff in 1987. The governor appointed her Commissioner of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

In 1992, President Bush appointed her the director of Small Business Administration. A year later she became the Deputy State Treasurer of Massachusetts.

Collins returned to Maine in 1994 to contest for the governor position. But she lost the election that was won by Independent candidate Angus King.

In 1994, Collins became the executive director of Husson College’s Center for Family Business. She held the position for two years.

Collins Wins Maine Senate Race as Gideon Concedes. Credit: The New York Times

Collins announced that she would run for the 1996 US Senate elections from Maine. The seat was vacated after the retirement of her uncle William Cohen. She won the general election defeating Democrat Joseph E. Brennan. Collins was reelected in 2002, 2008, 2014, and 2020 US senate elections.

In the 2002 elections, Collins defeated State Senator Chellie Pingree. She defeated Representative Tom Allen in 2008 and Shenna Bellows in 2014.

In the 2020 US Senate elections, Collins defeated Democratic Sara Gideon. It was the most expensive campaign in the history of Maine. Gideon spent about $48 while Collins spent $23 million in the elections [3].

Susan Collins Accomplishments

Sen. Susan Collins Feted as “Hero of Kavanaugh Confirmation” at High-Dollar California Fundraiser. Credit: The Intercept

Sen. Susan Collins received the Partnership for Public Service Award in 2010.[4] She was also given the Distinguished Citizen Award by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society the same year [5].

Collins was awarded the 2013 Spirit of Enterprise Award by the US Chamber of Commerce. She received the Publius Award in 2014 that was given by the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.

In 2017, Collins received the Congressional Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. She received the Excellence in Public Service Award from John Glenn College of Public Affairs in 2019. [6]

Collins has also written several books. In March 2012, she was named Amazon Kindle’s best-selling author of all time [7].

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Susan Collins Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameSusan Margaret Collins
Susan Collins Net Worth$8 million
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from Maine
Date of Birth7th December 1952
Place of BirthCaribou, Maine
Height1.63 m (5.3 ft.)
Weight60 kg (132.2 lb.)
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseThomas Daffron
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Susan Collins

Where is Suzanne Collins from?

Sen. Susan Collins is from Caribou, Maine in the US.

How old is Susan Collins, the senator from Maine?

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) will celebrate her 70th birthday in December 2022.

Is Susan Collins married?

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) married Thomas Daffron in 2012

Where does Suzanne Collins live currently?

Susan Collins lives with her husband in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. 


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