Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth and Income Sources

Senator Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth Overview

Roy Blunt’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million according to online sources.

Roy Blunt is a senior United States Senator from Missouri. He is associated with the Republican Party.

His net worth includes farmhouses and personal residence. [1]. His income as a Senator has also contributed to his net worth. [2] Additionally, he has invested some amount in securities.

Senator Investment and Assets

Roy Blunt earns $174,000 as a senior US senator for Missouri. [3] His other income sources that contribute to net worth include retirement accounts, stocks, and trust accounts.

He also owns liabilities in the form of mortgages.  The details of Roy Blunt’s assets and liabilities are given below.

Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth Summary

AssetsAsset Value
Real Estate$1,265,003-$5,550,000
Bank and Investments$17,003-$80,000

Based on our calculations from Roy Blunt’s disclosed financial sources for FY 2020, his net worth is estimated to be between $1,267,006-$5,580,000.

Roy Blunt’s official portrait photo in 2011.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Roy Blunt Income

Roy Blunt has two main sources of income. These include his position as the US Senator and retirement accounts. He does not earn any income from his two farmhouses or corporate securities.

 Here are the details about his sources of income.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Roy Blunt earns about $174,000 as a US Senator. He has been serving the post since 2011.

Sen. Blunt speaking with Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas in 2021. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Income Source 2: Pension Account

Roy Blunt has been earning income from pension accounts. The table below summarizes his income from his pension account sources.

Roy Blunt Net Worth and Income Summary

Real Estate
Bank and Investments
US Senator$174,000

The public disclosure statement also shows that the Missouri Senator’s net worth is increasing by an estimated  210,721 per year.

Roy Blunt’s Bio/Early Life

Roy Blunt was born on 10th January 1950. His place of birth is Niangua Missouri – a small city in Webster County. He graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a BA in history in 1970.

Blunt received a Master’s degree from Drury University in 1972. He worked as a high school history teacher during his studies.  After graduation, he joined his alma mater Southwest Baptist University as a faculty member. He went on to become the President of the University in 1993.

He married Roseann Ray in 1967. The couple has three children. He divorced Ray in 2003, and married Abigail Perlman the same year. [3]

Sen. Blunt with Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin and staff. Credit: Instagram@RoyBlunt.

Roy Blunt Career

Roy Blunt’s political career started in 1973 when he was appointed Green County’s chief election official. House Republicans elected Blunt three times, and he retained the position till 1975.

Blunt ran for the Lieutenant Governor position in 1980. But he lost the general election to State Representative Ken Rothman.

Blunt contested for the Secretary of State position in 1984. He defeated Democratic rival Gary D. Sharpe, with a clear majority. In 1988, he again won the election serving two terms.

After Republican John Ashcroft’s Governor of Missouri term ended, Blunt decided to run for the position in 1992. He had defeated his party’s rival in the primary. But he lost the election to Democratic Mel Carnahan.

In 1996, he ran for the U.S House of Representatives. Blunt won the election from Missouri’s 7th Congressional District. He defeated Democratic Party Ruth Bamberger with a significant majority of votes. Blunt served as a United States House of Representatives member until 2011.

During the 2010 United States Senate election in Missouri, Blunt defeated Democratic nominee Robin Carnahan. He was reelected in the 2016 US Senate election.

Sen. Blunt supports a bicameral and bipartisan effort to modernize the upper Mississippi river locks and dams.

Blunt is one of the most conservative Republicans, according to the St Louis Post Dispatch. [3] Blunt voted for banning abortions. He voted against legislation that allows using federal money for issuing vouchers for private or religious schools.

Blunt supports criminalizing and restricting minors from crossing states to get an abortion. Additionally, he voted against same-sex marriage in the US. As a result, the American Conservative Union had given a 94 percent lifetime rating to the Senator.

Roy Blunt Accomplishments

Sen. Roy Blunt won the Missouri Secretary of State position in 1984. He was the first Republican Party member to hold this position since 1934.

Blunt has supported changes in the US bankruptcy laws. He advocated for creditors seeking bankruptcy protection to pay more of their debt obligations. This prompted the US Chamber of Commerce to give him a 97 percent rating.  

His political achievement includes being appointed as the Chief Deputy Whip after serving only one term. The house majority whip is the highest position appointed by the House Republican Caucus.

Blunt was presented with the Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia in 2021. The award was given in recognition of his effort to build close ties between the US and Australia.

Roy Blunt Controversy

During his tenure, Blunt has voted to prevent lawsuits against gun dealers. He received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA due to his active support of gun rights advocates.

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Roy Blunt Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameRoy Dean Blunt
Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth$4,000,000
Sources of WealthUS Senior Senator from the State of Missouri
Date of Birth10th January 1950
Place of BirthNiangua, Missouri
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseAbigail Perlman
Names of ChildrenMatt Blunt, Amy Blunt Mosby, Andrew Blunt, and Charlie Blunt (Adopted)

Frequently Asked Questions About Roy Blunt

Who are the Missouri senators?

Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley are the present Republican senators. Sen. Blunt has been serving since 2011 and Sen. Hawley since 2019.

Where is senator Roy Blunt from?

Senator Roy Blunt is from Niangua, Missouri.

Is Roy Blunt religious?

Roy Blunt is vocal about his religious affiliation. He is a practicing Southern Baptist.

Is Sen. Blunt part of the senate republican policy committee?

Sen. Blunt was elected as the senate republican policy committee chairman in 2018. 

What degree did Blunt receive from Southwest Missouri State University?

Blunt received a Master’s degree in history from Southwest Missouri State University. 

Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth References

Roy Blunt Net‌ ‌Worth from Real Estate

Real EstateAsset Value
Single Family Home, Washington$1,000,001 – $5,000,000
Family Farm, Strafford, MO$250,001 – $500,000
Farm$15,001 – $50,000 

Roy Blunt Net Worth from Bank and Investments

Bank and InvestmentsAsset Value
Bank and Stocks (Checking accounts, Real estate, ETFs. Money market funds, etc.)$17,003-$80,000
LiabilitiesAsset Value
Mortgage Loan$15,000-$50,000

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[3]. – An article about Sen. Roy Blunt in the Sun website.

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