Pat Toomey Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Pat Toomey Net Worth Overview

Pat Toomey’s net worth as per online sources is about $2 million .

Pat Toomey is a junior United States Senator from Pennsylvania. His net worth mainly consists of corporate securities, retirement accounts, and residential assets.

The portrait image of U.S Senator Pat Toomey in 2008.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Investment and Assets

Sen. Toomey’s net worth consists of different investment assets. He has invested in partnership businesses. Additionally, his assets include residential properties, savings account, money market account, and retirement plans.

The table below shows Toomey’s net worth based on public financial information submitted in 2020. [1]


Pat Toomey Net WorthValue
Retirement Account$2,236,028-$5,915,000
Corporate Securities$129,017-$535,000
Residential Properties$1,250,001-$5,500,000
Loan Advances$1,065,002-$5,150,000
Bank Deposits$2,002-$30,000

As per the financial statement submitted to the SEC, Sen. Pat Toomey’s minimum net worth is estimated to be $4,682,050. His estimated maximum net worth as per the disclosed financial report is $17,130,000.

Senator Pat Toomey Income

Sen. Pat Toomey has multiple income sources. Most of his income is derived from his investment in corporate securities and residential properties. He has also been earning income as a senator since 2010.

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Pat Toomey earns income as a junior senator from Pennsylvania. His income in 2021 was $174,000. [2]

The portrait image of U.S Senator Pat Toomey in 2008.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Income Source 2: Investment and Retirement Plans

Caption: Sen. Toomey conversing with Penn State President Eric J. Barron in his DC office in 2021. Credit: Instagram@senpattoomey

Sen. Toomey’s net worth is increasing from income generated from different investment assets. He earns income from corporate securities, partnership businesses, and residential properties.


Corporate Securities$2,806-$9,000
Loan Advances$52,501-$105,000
Business Partnerships$12,503-$35,000
Residential Properties$15,001-$50,000
Bank Checking account$201-$1,000

According to the net worth data compiled from the SEC financial report, Sen. Pat Toomey’s net worth is appreciating by $257,012 to $415,000 each year.

Sen. Pat Toomey received the Sandy Hook Promise Champion Award in 2021. Credit: Instagram@senpattoomey

Pat Toomey’s Bio/Early Life

Pat Toomey was born on 17th November 1961. His place of birth is Providence in Rhode Island. His father Patrick Joseph Toomey was a union worker who worked for the Narragansett Electric Company. His mother Mary Ann worked at the St. Martha’s Catholic Church.

Toomey has mixed Irish and Portuguese ancestry. His parents were Catholic and had six children. He attended La Salle Academy and graduated at the top of his class as a valedictorian. He was a member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

In 1984, Toomey completed an A.B. degree in government from Harvard University.

Toomey married Kris Ann Duncan in 1997. The couple has 3 children. They reside in Zionsville, Pennsylvania.

Pat Toomey with his wife Kris in 1999. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Pat Toomey Career

Toomey worked for Chemical Bank after graduation in 1984. He joined Morgan, Grenfell & Co in 1986 working as a finance executive. Toomey left the company in 1991 after it was acquired by Deutsche Bank. He opened a restaurant with his younger brother the same year in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Toomey got elected to a Government Study Commission in 1994. He wrote a new charter for the newly established commission suggesting a supermajority for an increase in taxes. The charter was approved by the residents in 1996.

In 1998, Toomey decided to run for the United States House of Representatives post. The 15th congressional district post from Pennsylvania was vacant after the retirement of the Democratic incumbent Paul McHale. In the general election, Toomey defeated Democrat Roy C. Afflerbach.

Toomey got reelected in 2000 when he defeated Ed O’Brien. O’Brien was the president of United Steelworkers Local 2598 based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

In 2002, Toomey got re-elected for the third team. He defeated O’Brien again in the general elections.

Toomey resigned from the US Representatives post in 2004 to challenge incumbent Republican Arlen Specter for the United States senate seat. But he lost the primary election. 

In 2009, Toomey won the Republican primary. He won the general election defeating Democrat rival Joe Sestak by a clear margin.

Toomey was reelected in 2016. He defeated Democratic Party nominee Kathleen McGinty in the U.S Senate election.  

Pat Toomey Accomplishments

Pat Toomey graduated from Harvard University as a valedictorian. His other accomplishment includes earning the highest rank of Eagle Scout as a member of the BSA.

Toomey has been successful in passing various bills. His notable contributions include preventing child abuse, ending wasteful public spending, cutting taxes, and improving business tax codes.[3]

Sen. Toomey has consistently opposed the interests of environmentalists. He voted to oppose the Clean Power plan. Moreover, he voted against a fee or tax on carbon emission.  He has also opposed the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Pat Toomey Controversy

Sen. Pat Toomey received criticisms from most fellow Republican members for criticizing ex-President Donald Trump. He was one of the seven Republicans who blame Trump for the January 2021 riots.[4]. He also urged other Republicans to not nominate Trump for the 2024 presidential nominee.[5]

The Center for Responsive Politics data shows that Sen. Toomey received about $103,000 from Comcast. Critics argue that this influenced the Senator’s support of allowing the ISP provider to sell private data to bidders.[6]

Toomey also criticized NFL national anthem protests. He said that the country has offered so many millions of people a lot of opportunities, particularly athletes. So, they need to show respect during the national anthem.[7]

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Pat Toomey Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NamePatrick Joseph Toomey Jr.
James Lankford Net Worth$2,038,029.
Sources of WealthJunior US Senator from Pennsylvania
Date of Birth17th November 1961
Place of BirthProvidence, Rhode Island, U.S
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseKris Ann Duncan
Names of ChildrenBridget Toomey, Patrick Toomey Jr., Duncan Toomey

Frequently Asked Questions About Pat Toomey

Who are Pennsylvania senators?

Senator Pat Toomey of the Republican Party and Senator Bob Casey Jr. of the Democratic party were the Pennsylvania senators in 2021.

Where is Pat Toomey from?

Pat Toomey was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.

Where did Toomey go to college?

Pat Toomey attended La Salle Academy, Harvard College, and Harvard University.

Is Toomey retiring?

In 2020, Sen. Pat Toomey announced that he will retire as a senator after his term ends in 2022.


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