Martin Heinrich Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Martin Heinrich Net Worth Overview 

Martin Heinrich’s net worth is about $309,017 as per reputable online sources. 

Heinrich is a senior United States Senator from New Mexico.[1] His net worth is composed of mutual funds and retirement accounts, according to the annual report for 2020 filed with the SEC. [2]

The senator doesn’t seem to have abused his power for personal gain. This might explain why Martin Heinrich net worth is so low compared with other senators.

Senator Investment and Assets 

Sen. Heinrich’s net worth chiefly consists of mutual funds. He also has a sizable amount in retirement plans.

The tables below show assets and investments that compose Martin Heinrich’s net worth. [2] 


Income SourcesValue
Bank accounts$50,001-$100,000
Investments$5,005 -$75,000
Retirement account$15,001-$50,000

SEC financial disclosure report for 2020 shows that Martin Heinrich’s net worth is $70,007 to $225,000. 

SEC financial disclosure report for 2020 shows that Martin Heinrich’s net worth is $70,007 to $225,000.

He does not own any individual stocks, but he has mutual funds in his name. Senator Heinrich’s main asset is his Senate salary.

He earned $174,000 for the year 2016 and $174,000 for 2017.[3]  His net worth grew by about $20,000.

Martin Heinrich Net Worth: A portrait photo of U.S Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM.) in 2019.  Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Senator Martin Heinrich Income 

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) earns income as a senator of New Mexico. He has been serving the post since 2012. 

Income Source 1: Salary as a Senator

Sen. Martin Heinrich’s sole source of income is the earnings as a senator of New Mexico. His income in CY 2020 was $174,000. [2] 

Sen. Inhofe addressing a Climate Action Now rally. Credit: Instagram@senatormartinheinrich


Income SourcesValue
Martin Heinrich Net Worth: Sen. Martin Heinrich announced the formation of a public co-innovation hub Unite & Ignite Space. Credit: Instagram@senatormartinheinrich

Martin Heinrich’s Bio/Early Life

Martin Heinrich was born to parents Pete Heinrich and Shirley A. Bybee. His father Heinrich Peter Karl Cordes was from Waldenburg, Germany. After becoming a naturalized citizen, his father Americanized his name to Pete Carl Heinrich. His father served in the US Army during World War II and later worked as a lineman for a utility company.

In 1971, Martin Heinrich was born in Fallon, Nevada.  He spent most of his childhood in Cole Camp, Missouri. 

In 1995, Heinrich obtained a BS in engineering from the University of Missouri.[3] He completed graduate courses offered at the University of New Mexico. 

In 1998, Heinrich married Julie Hicks. The couple has two sons. 

Martin Heinrich with a wife and children in Madrid, NM. Credit: Instagram@senatormartinheinrich

Martin Heinrich Career

Heinrich attended the University of Missouri and earned a bachelor in engineering (1995).  He did his graduate studies at the University of New Mexico.  

Martin Heinrich started work at the AmeriCorps after completing his studies. He served as an executive director of a non-profit firm Cottonwood Gulch Foundation between 1996 and 2001. The firm made young people aware of environmental issues. In 2002, he founded a consulting firm.

During the course of Martin Heinrich’s professional life, he has worked for Intel Corporation as an engineer.    

Heinrich’s political career started in 2004 when he joined the Albuquerque City Council. In 2006, he became the council president. He was appointed by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as Natural Resource Trustee the same year

Heinrich contested for the 1st Congressional district of New Mexico in 2008. He won the Democratic primary that was contested by US Army veteran Robert Pidcock, State Health Secretary Michelle L. Grisham, and Secretary of State of New Mexico Rebecca Vigil-Giron. In the general election, Heinrich defeated Darren White who was the sheriff of Bernalillo County. 

Heinrich was elected as the class president by the House Democratic freshmen in 2009. In 2010, Heinrich was re-elected US House Representative for New Mexico as he defeated Republican rival Jon Berala. 

In 2012, Heinrich left the House Representative post to contest for the U.S Senate seat vacated by retiring senator jeff bingaman. Heinrich won, defeating Republican Party rival Heather Wilson. He was re-elected for the second term in 2018 when he defeated Republican rival, Mick Rich. 

Heinrich has served on various Committees as a senator. He has been on the Committee of Armed Services and Appropriation. Additionally, he was nominated a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence. 

In 2009, Heinrich voted for Obamacare. He co-sponsored a bill named Medical for All in 2017.

Heinrich co-sponsored another bill called Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act in 2021. The bill called for a stop to the automatic increase of the $4,700 salary of Congress members. 

NARA Pro-Choice America gave a 100 percent rating to Heinrich for his support for abortion rights. He also supports same-sex marriage and co-sponsored a bill for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

As the House Armed Services Committee member, Heinrich strongly opposed the Iraq war. He also supported a swift end to the war in Afghanistan. In 2011, Heinrich voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. He was against the bill as it allowed the military to arrest suspected terrorists in the US instead of law enforcement personnel. 

Martin Heinrich Accomplishments

Sen. Martin Heinrich along with Arizona’s Republican Senator Jeff Flake appeared in a Discovery Channel show in 2014. The show called Rival Survival was about teamwork and survival with limited resources. The show was shot on a small island in the Marshall Islands called Eru. Heinrich later stated it shows people of different parties can work together. [4]

Martin Heinrich Controversy

New Mexico Republican Party members criticized Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich for unregistered lobbying. He was blamed for not disclosing the lobbying for the Ojito National Wilderness. Heinrich defended his actions saying he was advocating rather than lobbying so it did not require disclosure. 

The wilderness was designated by President Obama in 2009.

The Federal Election Commission has disclosed that Martin Heinrich received $17,975 from oil and gas companies during the campaign period of 2012. He also received $73,040 from electric utilities, $21,675 from defense contractors, and $28,050 from communication firms. 

It’s unclear that this is a reliable source of Martin Heinrich net worth.

Heinrich in a statement said he will oppose President Donald Trump’s proposal to increase the U.S military budget in 2019 by $70 billion. He also expressed that he would not support increasing spending without discussion on other aspects of the economy. 

The New Mexico Coalition for Ethical Government called for an investigation on Heinrich’s campaign contributions from 2017. 

After Heinrich became the US senator, he pressured to have an Albuquerque-based community action agency to be audited. In 2016, Heinrich called for an investigation on the association’s administration after it had overstated its service costs by $20 million. 

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Martin Heinrich Biography  

Legal Name/Birth NameMartin Trevor Heinrich
Martin Heinrich Net Worth$309,017
Sources of WealthSenior US Senator from New Mexico
Date of Birth17th October 1971
Place of Birth Fallon, Nevada
Nationality American
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseJulie Hicks
Names of ChildrenMicah Heinrich, Carter Heinrich

Frequently Asked Questions About Martin Heinrich 

Is Martin Heinrich Democrat?

Sen. Martin Heinrich is a Democratic party’s representative for New Mexico. 

Where is Senator Martin Trevor Heinrich from?

Sen. Martin Heinrich is from Fallon, Nevada. 

Is Martin Heinrich married?

Sen. Martin Heinrich married Julie Hicks in 1998.

How old is Martin Heinrich?

Sen. Martin Heinrich turned 50 in 1971.

How clean is Martin Heinrich net worth?

As we have discussed above, the senator doesn’t seem to have abused his power for personal gain. The Martin Heinrich net worth is also quite low compared with other senators. 

Martin Heinrich Net Worth References

[1]. – Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) salary information. 

 [2]. – Sen. Martin Heinrich annual report for CY 2020 submitted to the SEC.

[3]. – An personal website of Sen. Martin Heinrich

[4]. – A Washington Post article on senators Martin Heinrich and Jeff Flake appearance in a Discovery Channel show.

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