Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth and ‌Income‌ Sources

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth at a Glance

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth is estimated at $2.0-$2.5 million according to various sources. 

How Much Money Does Lisa Murkowski  Make?

Lisa Murkowski makes anywhere from $174,000-$200,000 annually[1]. Her main source of income is her role as US Senator.

There is little information about what Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth is on the internet. Our main source regarding her income is the salary that is capped at $174,000 for all US Senators. 

There are also no verifiable details on any other source of income that she has. This makes Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth hard to estimate.

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth: Lisa Murkowski with her husband Verne Martell.  Credit: Instagram @senlisamurkowski

How Does Lisa Murkowski Make Money? 

Lisa Murkowski is a US Senator from Alaska. Her main source of income that has been recorded is from her salary as a US Senator. She has also made real estate deals in the past and so her personal net worth may have been bolstered as a result. 

Income Source 1: Salary as a US Senator

Lisa Murkowski has been a Senator from Alaska since she filled her own father’s seat in 1998. Since then, she has won three more full terms.[2]

Lisa Murkowski makes a base salary of $174,000 in her role as a US Senator. If we multiply and extrapolate, she has made:

$174,000 x 22 = $3.828 million since she assumed office. 

This makes Lisa Murkowski net worth hard to calculate. 

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth: Lisa Murkowski pictured at her birthplace of Ketchikan.  Credit: Instagram @senlisamurkowski

Income Source 2: Real Estate Deals

Lisa Murkowski has made some real estate deals which were declared in Quarterly filings. Aside from the controversial land purchase (see below)[3], she also sold her husband’s pasta business.[4] 

That business fetched a price of $40,000. 

Of course, this sale was nearly 15 years ago. Hence, it doesn’t impact Lisa Murkowski net worth in recent times. 

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth: Lisa Murkowski standing with her bicycle on National Bike to Work Day.  Credit: Instagram @senlisamurkowski

Lisa Murkowski’s Early Life and Career

Lisa Ann Murkowski was born in Ketchikan territory, Alaska. Her father, Frank Murkowski, worked in banking before becoming a US Senator himself, and then a Governor[5]. 

Lisa Murkowski attended Georgetown University in 1980[6]. She earned a bachelor’s in economics there. After Georgetown University, she got a law degree at Willamette University College in Salem, Oregon in 1985[7]. 

She then moved to Anchorage, Alaska to work in the district court. She also had a private legal practice. There, she married Verne Martell. The couple had two children. 

Lisa Murkowski first became a Senate Candidate after her father retired. She ran for the Alaska House of Representatives in 1998 and won. Her father Frank Murkowski selected her to serve out the remainder of his term as Senator when he became Governor. In 2004, Murkowski won a full term in the Senate. She won her Senate seat again through a write-in campaign in 2010[8]. 

She is considered a moderate Republican in the Senate. 

Murkowski developed a more moderate stance in the Republican party. She identifies as libertarian on many issues. She has represented Alaska for more than 20 years. She is going to run again in 2022. 

Lisa Murkowski Accomplishments 

Lisa Murkowski is one of the most respected Republican Senators. 

Lisa Murkowski is the second most senior Senator in the Republican Party after Susan Collins. She is considered a crucial swing vote in the Senate[9]. She is a moderate and has libertarian leanings. That’s why she is a very sought-after Senator on key issues. 

She is considered a decorated alumnus of both Willamette University College and Georgetown University. 

Lisa Murkowski Controversies

Lisa Murkowski bought land from Anchorage Businessman Bob Penney in 2007[3]. A Senate ethics complaint accused her of buying the property below market value. The National Legal and Policy Center saw the purchase as an illegal gift. 

Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth: Lisa Murkowski with her father, former Senator and Governor Frank Murkowski.  Credit: Instagram @senlisamurkowski

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Lisa Murkowski Biography  

Legal Name/Birth NameLisa Ann Murkowski 
Lisa Murkowski Net‌ ‌Worth$2.0-$2.5 million
Source of WealthUS Republican Senator for the State of Alaska  
Date of BirthMay 22, 1957
Place of Birth Ketchikan, Territory of Alaska, US
Nationality American
Height173 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight64 kg
ReligionRoman Catholic
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseVerne Martell (married since 1987)
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Lisa Murkowski 

Where Did Lisa Murkowski go to School?

She went to Georgetown University and Willamette University College. 

What Religion is Lisa Murkowski?

Lisa Murkowski is a Roman Catholic since birth[10]. 

How can I Contact Lisa Murkowski?

You can contact Lisa Murkowski using her website or by writing to her[11]. 

Who is Lisa Murkowski’s Father?

Lisa Murkowski is the daughter of former Republican Senator and Governor Frank Murkowski. 













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