Social Media Celebrity Kouvr Annon Net Worth & Income Sources

Take a quick look at the popular famous actor and social media personality Kouvr Annon’s net worth and income sources.

Kouvr Annon is a popular American social media celebrity and model. She mostly uploads vlogs and fitness videos on her YouTube channel. Also, she has a hugely popular TikTok following with millions of followers.

According to reputable online sources, Kouvr Annon’s net worth is around $3 million.

So what are the income sources of the social media star? Let’s examine Kouvr Annon’s estimated net worth and sources of income.

Kouvr Annon Net Worth: $3m

Kouvr Annon Income Sources

Kouvr Annon earns income from different sources. She earns most of her income from her YouTube channel. She also earns income from selling merchandise online. In addition, she earns income from her online store.

The following summarizes the different income sources of Kouvr Annon.

  • YouTube Channel ($4,023 – $12,443 per year)
  • Online store (income not known)
  • Sponsorship deals (income not known)
Kouvr Annon Net Worth : Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Income Source 1: YouTube

Kouvr Annon created a self-titled YouTube channel on 28th January August 2019 [1]. Her video channel has over 633K subscribers. The videos on her online streaming site have been viewed over 14.14 million times as of June 2022.

Kouvr Perez earns between $21,000 and 335,600 per year through YouTube ad monetization. [2]

The table below shows the performance of her YouTube channel including the total number of subscribers, net video views, and estimated net earnings.  

YouTube Account NameSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings*
Kouvr Annon633K14.14 million$42,420 to $70,700

*Note: YouTube content creators on average are paid between $3 and $5 per every 1000 video views. This means his income from YouTube is estimated to be around $42,420 to $70,700.

Income Source 2: Online Store

Kouvr Annon sells merchandise online through her online store. She sells branded cloth items and fashion accessories through third-party online stores.  Income from the sale of merchandise online is not known.

Income Source 3: Sponsorship Deals

Kouvr Annon also earns income from sponsorship deals. She promotes brands on her popular YouTube and Tik Tok channels. Her income from sponsorship deals is not known.  

Kouvr Annon Net Worth : Kouvr Annon posing for her Instagram photo. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr
Kouvr Annon posing for her Instagram photo. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr

Kouvr Annon Bio/Early Life

Kouvr Annon was born on 21st May 2000 in Oahu, Hawaii. She has not revealed anything about her parents. The social media celebrity has four sisters.

Kouvr attended a local school in her hometown of Oahu in Hawaii. She has not enrolled in a university. 

Kouvr Annon Net Worth : Kouvr Annon in front of her house. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr
Kouvr Annon in front of her house. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr

Kouvr Annon Career

Kouvr Annon’s career as a social media influencer started when she created a YouTube account in January 2019. She mostly uploads videos about her personal life. Her first video was titled ‘Transforming Boyfriend into a Drag Queen.’ She posts funny, entertaining, and informative videos. The social media star posts funny lip-sync videos. Also, she posts videos of her fitness routine.

Kouvr gained a lot of followers when she started collaborating with other social media celebrities. Her collaboration with Alex Warren attracted a lot of fans to her social media channel.

Apart from a large following on YouTube, Annon is also popular on Instagram. She started posting videos on the Instagram account in July 2018.

Kouvr mostly posts travel photos on her account. She has posted photos of different places such as Kauai, Maui, and Vegas. In addition, she posts fashion photos. She has experimented with different hair colors including pink, silver, platinum, and blond.

She also has a Tik Tok account that she created in April 2020. The popular social media star has over 3 million followers on the social media platform. 

Kouvr lived with fellow celebrities Alex Warren and others in the Hype House in Los Angeles, CA. The group appeared in an episode of the unscripted Netflix show Hype House in 2022. 

Kouvr Annon Accomplishments

Kouvr has attracted a large online following on multiple social media channels. She is popular on all popular social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. The social media star has attracted over half a million fans in just under four years. 

Kouvr Annon Net Worth : Kouvr Annon with her boyfriend Alex Warren. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr
Kouvr Annon with her boyfriend Alex Warren. Credit: Instagram@kOuvr

Kouvr Annon Controversies/Criticisms

Kouvr Annon revealed in one of her posts that she was body shamed by some of her online fans. She had stated that she struggled to gain confidence when everyone was calling her fat and ugly [3].

Kouvr Annon’s most popular video is

Best Kouvr Annon Quotes

“I’m dating an American foot model.”

“I’ve been building legos for weeks, I finally started the colosseum.”

 “Anyone know where I can get actual really good Hawaiian food in California.”

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Kouvr Annon Biography

Legal NameKouvr Vincent Annon
Net Worth$3,000,000
Source of WealthYouTube,  Tik Tok, Fitness Program
Date of Birth31st May 2000
Place of BirthOahu, Hawaii
Height165 cm ; 5 ft 5 in
Weight121 pounds; 55 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Kouvr Annon

Is Kouvr Annon from Hawaii?

Kouvr Annon is an American born in Oahu, Hawaii.

What is Kouvr’s middle name?

Kouvr Annon revealed in a Twitter post that her middle name is Ho’oipo A Mē Kamakalāni O’anela Kahokūlani Vincent.

How much money does Kouvr make?

Kouvr Annon makes money from her social media channels. She makes money from ad monetization and sponsorship deals.

How much is Kouvr worth?

Kouvr Annon’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.


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