Singer Kierra Sheard Net Worth and Income Sources

Here is a quick breakdown of gospel singer Kierra Sheard net worth and income sources.

Kierra Sheard is an American gospel singer, entrepreneur, author, and fashion designer from Detroit, Michigan. Her 2004 debut album, I Owe You, received plenty of attention in the music industry. She also starred in the 2020 film, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Gospel.

The gospel singer and entrepreneur has become a prominent figure in the African-American celebrity sphere.

According to reputable online sources, Kierra Sheard net worth is around $10 million. 

Kierra Sheard has become incredibly wealthy thanks to her creative endeavors. Let’s look at her estimated net worth and income sources to understand how she became such a rich figure.

Kierra Sheard Net Worth: $10 million

Kierra Sheard Income Sources

Kierra Sheard earns income from four primary sources. She makes profits from music sales. Sheard also earns money from her Youtube Channel. She makes money from acting. Lastly, Kierra Sheard earns profits from book sales.

Kierra Sheard’s income sources are summarized below:

  • Profits from Music Sales ($100,000 to $150,000)
  • Earnings from YouTube ($1,350 to $2,250 per month)
  • Acting Salary (Unknown)
  • Book Sales (Unknown)
Kierra Sheard Net Worth : Kierra Sheard is a prominent voice in the American gospel music community. Credit:
Kierra Sheard is a prominent voice in the American gospel music community. Credit:

Income Source 1: Music Sales

Kierra Sheard started singing at an early age. She released her first album, Finally Karen, at the age of 9. She then performed as a backup singer for her Aunt Dorinda Clark Cole and her group,  The Clark Sisters.

Sheard released her debut album. I Owe You. in September 2004. She then recorded and released her second album, This is Me, in 2006. The artist released four full studio albums between 2008 and 2020.

Sheard has sold over 100,000 albums to date [1]. Assuming she sold each album for $10 and received a royalty cut of 10% to 15%, she may have earned between $100,000 and $150,000 from music sales.

Kierra Sheard Net Worth : Kierra Sheard has acted in many films. Credit: Page Six
Kierra Sheard has acted in many films. Credit: Page Six

Income Source 2: YouTube

Kierra Sheard also runs a relatively popular Youtube channel called Kierra Sheard-Kelly. She started this channel on 29th November 2012 and uploads makeup tutorials, music videos, and vlogs to this channel [2].

The Kierra Sheard-Kelly channel has over 333,000 subscribers and 52 million video views. This comes to an average of approximately 450,000 views per month. Assuming Youtube pays account owners between $3 and $5 for every 1000 views, the Kierra Sheard channel could be earning between $1,350 and $2,250 per month.

Youtube Account NameSubscribersTotal ViewsEst. Net Earnings per month
Kierra Sheard-Kelly333,00052 million$1,350 to $2,250

Income Source 3: Acting Salary

Kierra Sheard has also starred in many films. This includes roles in Line Sisters, Miracles Across 125th Street, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel, and The Love You Save.

Sheard has not publicly disclosed how much she earned from these acting roles. This makes it difficult to offer an accurate estimate of Sheard’s earnings from this income source.

Income Source 4: Book Sales

Kierra Sheard published a book called Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made in 2021. This book includes Sheard’s advice on body positivity, experiencing joy in life, and finding faith.

Sales figures for Sheard’s book are unknown. Therefore, we cannot accurately estimate how much Sheard made from book sales.

Kierra Sheard Net Worth : Kierra Sheard has had a diverse career. Credit: Black Enterprise
Kierra Sheard has had a diverse career. Credit: Black Enterprise

Kierra Sheard Bio/Early Life

Kierra Sheard was born on 20th June 1987 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Her mother was Karen Clark Sheard, a gospel singer, and daughter of the famous gospel choral director Mattie Moss Clark. The list of Karen Clark Sheard siblings is quite short, as she has only one brother named J. Drew Sheard II.


Kierra Sheard’s rise to fame began with her foray into music. She had been a gospel singer from an early age and has been releasing albums since the age of 9. She released her debut album, I Owe You, in 2004 and dropped her second album, This is Me, in 2006. This is Me reached #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums charts and pushed the young singer into the limelight.

Kierra Sheard Graceland album was released in 2014 and broke the Billboard 200’s Top 40 ranks. She then starred in the autobiographical film, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel along with her mother.

Sheard has achieved a diverse career spanning many fields. People look up to her for her sincere personality and relatable music. Kierra Sheard songs still receive heavy play in many gospel settings, and she has made a name for herself by releasing quality music in the genre.

Kierra Sheard Net Worth : Kierra Sheard was criticized more making homophobic remarks in 2018. Credit: The Shade Room
Kierra Sheard was criticized more making homophobic remarks in 2018. Credit: The Shade Room

Kierra Sheard Accomplishments

Kierra Sheard was nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Best Gospel Album” category at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards [4].

Kierra Sheard Controversy/Criticism

Kierra Sheard was criticized for making controversial comments in  July 2018. The gospel singer suggested that homosexuality was the result of “victimization”, and this led to many of her fans publicly calling her out [5].

Kierra Sheard’s most popular video is:

Best Kierra Sheard Quotes

“I enjoy incorporating different elements of music that I enjoy listening into my songs.”

“Any opportunity to share my experiences and help someone, I jump at the chance to do it.”

“To be a well-rounded individual and to knowhow to speak to both audiences of intellect and emotion means something to me.”

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Kierra Sheard Biography

Legal NameKierra Sheard
Net Worth$10 million
Source of WealthMusic Sales, Youtube, Acting, Book Sales
Date of Birth20th June 1987
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
Height159 cm, 5 ft 2 inches
Weight65 kg, 143 lbs
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerJordan Kelly
Names of ChildrenN/A

Frequently Asked Questions About Kierra Sheard

Why do people enjoy Kierra Sheard’s music?

Kierra Sheard is loved for her soulful singing voice. She has released many albums that charted on the Billboard 200.

Is Kierra Sheard married?

Gospel singer Sheard married Jordan Kelly in 2020. 

Who is Kierra Sheard mother?

Kierra Sheard mother is a gospel singer named Karen Clark Sheard.


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