TikToker Derek Trendz Net Worth and Income Sources

Let’s take a look at DerekTrendz net worth, his rise to popularity, and income sources. 

Derek Trendz is a popular social media influencer active on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, among others. His major source of clout is TikTok with over 4.7 million followers and over 238 million likes for all posts [1]. 

Derek Trendz net worth is at $2 million and is believed to earn up to $175,000 per post. It would be impossible to put an exact number for his total net worth because Derek Trendz has not publicized his financial income. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the major sources of income for Derek Trendz. 

Derek Trendz’s Net Worth: $2,000,000

Derek Trendz Income Sources

Derek Trendz Net Worth : Derek with Michelle OTP. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz
Derek with Michelle OTP. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz

Like many successful rappers, Derek Trendz has millions of followers across major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His major source of popularity (and income) is TikTok and the Instagram account. 

His sources of income can be summarized as follows:

  • TikTok 
  • Sponsorships (sales commissions from sponsorships are not known)
  • Merchandising (sales figures of his merch have not been made public knowledge) 

Income Source 1: TikTok 

Derek Trendz has a TikTok account of the same username with over 4.7 million followers. Each video gathers an average of 50,000 views with the most popular posts reaching over a million. 

Let’s take a look at the statistics of his TikTok channel. 

DerekTrendz TikTok channelFollowersLikesEst. Net Earnings/per post
DerekTrendz4.7 million238.4M$175,000

*Note: The actual earnings of TikTok stars depend on the types of sponsors they attract and the target demographic of their audience. 

Income Source 2: Sponsorships 

Derek Trendz Net Worth : Derek sponsoring businesses. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz
Derek sponsoring businesses. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz

As a prominent social media personality with millions of followers across all platforms, Derek Trendz is frequently contacted by deep-pocketed businesses for sponsorship requests and collaboration opportunities. In fact, sponsorships are a major source of income for the TIkToker. 

His posts feature advertisements for shoes, clothes, food, and more. 

Income Source 3: Merchandising 

Derek Trendz has the ability to monetize his popularity by selling merchandise named after him. Some of the products available for sale include t-shirts, sweaters, long sleeves, hoodies, and others [2].

Derek Trendz Early Life 

Derek Trendz Net Worth : Derek posing for a photo. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz
Derek posing for a photo. Credit: Instagram@derektrendz

Derek Trendz was born and raised in the United States of America. His birth date is July 26, 2003, making him 18 years old at the time of writing this article. Not much is known about his personal life besides the fact that he is of Dominican descent. His mother has been featured in his videos but her full name isn’t known. 

Very little is known about his childhood but it is common knowledge that Derek played for his local high school’s basketball team. 

He has a younger sister named Ahiella and a cousin named Valyyk. Both individuals are popular on various social media platforms. 

Derek Trendz Net Worth : Derek Trendz takes a selfie (non-sponsored post). Credit: Instagram@derektrendz
Derek Trendz takes a selfie (non-sponsored post). Credit: Instagram@derektrendz

Career Derek Trendz 

Derek Trendz rose to popularity on TikTok in the midst of 2019. He brings natural charisma and a unique comedic style to his dance videos. His videos are often viewed by millions of people. His sister, Ahiella is also a successful TikTok star.

He once worked for TC Social Club but currently works independently on his social media posts. He has a YouTube channel of the same name with 281k subscribers and over 10 million views across all videos. Derek Joined YouTube onin Nov 26th, 2019, and tries to regularly publishpublishes funny videos regularly, while mostly prioritizing shorter videos.

He has a Twitter account with over 22.5k followers. His latest post on Twitter dates back to Nov 11, 2021. Most of his Twitter posts receive an average engagement of 100 or more hearts with at least a dozen or so comment responses. Derek’s Twitter account does not fetch as many reactions, which explains why he doesn’t post regularly.

He has 281k YouTube subscribers, which gives him the incentive to keep making new posts. A major source of income for Derek isare Instagram posts, with most of his posts most of these are dedicated to sponsorships.

It is still too early to make predictions about his career. 

Derek Trendz Controversy 

Derek Trendz is only 18 years old and has millions of followers who adore his work. Despite his popularity across all social media sites, he has managed to steer clear of controversies. 

His most popular YouTube video is “*NEW* SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE!” with just under 700,000 views:

Derek Trendz Quotes

“What’s good YouTube, it’s your boy Derek Trendz”

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Derek Trendz Biography

Legal NameDerek Trendz 
Net Worth$2 million
Source of WealthAd revenue from TikTok and YouTube, merchandising, and sponsorships. 
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1997
Place of BirthNew Jersey, United States
Height5’ 10”
Weight76 kg
Straight Marital StatusSingle
PartnerAya Tanjali.
Names of ChildrenNA

Frequently Asked Questions Derek Trendz

Who is Derek Trendz in a Relationship With? 

Derek Trendz is in a romantic relationship with Michelle Otp, a popular TikToker [3]. 

What is Derek Trendz Net Worth?

Derek Trendz has a net worth of over $2 million.

How Old is Derek Trendz? 

Derek Trendz is currently 18 years old. 

How Many Followers Does Derek Trendz Have on TikTok?

Derek Trendz has over 4.7 million followers on TikTok. 


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[3] https://www.tiktok.com/discover/derektrendz-and-michelle?lang=en – Derek Trendz and Michelle OTP.

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