Hip-Hop Band Brockhampton Net Worth and Income Sources

Let’s look at Brockhampton net worth and their main income sources. 

According to online estimates, Brockhampton’s net worth is about $25 million. However, the real numbers may be much higher – to the tune of $50 million or more[1].

Brockhampton was an American hip-hop music collective that first started making music under AliveSinceForever in 2010. It was led by Kevin Abstract, who provided his vocals for the band from 2010 until it was disbanded in 2022. The band was relatively popular at its peak and found it easy to attract millions of views online. 

At their peak, the band was highly sought after and even signed a whopping $15 million with Sony’s RCA Records for six albums over three years [2]. The band members announced that they would part ways on December 1. The band released its final studio album called Saturation III. They will no longer release further albums. 

Let’s take a look at Brockhampton’s net worth and income sources. 

Brockhampton Net Worth : Joba Israel. Credit: @brckhmptn
Joba Israel. Credit: @brckhmptn

Brockhampton’s Income Sources       

Brockhampton Net Worth : Group photo. Credit: @brckhmptn
Group photo. Credit: @brckhmptn

The vast majority of Brockhampton’s revenue comes from licensing its music to streaming platforms, movies, television series, movies, and other forms of media. They also toured around the world, performing for packed crowds. 

Like other music bands, Backhampton continues to rely on ad revenue from YouTube for their income. 

The three major sources of income for Brockhampton can be summarized as follows:

  • YouTube ($825  –  $13.2K per month)
  • Album sales and licensing to streaming platforms (sales are not known to the public)
  • Merchandising (sales figures are not public knowledge)

Income Source 1: YouTube

Brockhampton Net Worth : Live performance. Credit: @brckhmptn
Live performance. Credit: @brckhmptn

Brockhampton continues to earn anywhere from $825 – $13.2K per month from ad revenue on YouTube.  

With over 905,000 subscribers on YouTube and 347.4 million cumulative views, it’s easy to see why Brockhampton has so much earning potential. Their most popular music video is Gold, with over 16 million views and counting. 

Brockhamptom YouTube ChannelSubscribersViewsEst. Net Earning  (per month)
Brockhampton 905,000347.4M$825 – $13.2K

*This figure is merely an estimate based on our knowledge of how ad revenue works. True numbers may be much higher or lower. 

Income Source 2: Album Sales

Brockhampton Net Worth : Show is over. Credit: @brckhmptn
Show is over. Credit: @brckhmptn

Brockhampton also makes their money from album sales, royalties, and licensing fees. The collective made their #1 debut on the Billboard Top 100 Albums chart and sold 101,000 copies. 

Income Source 3: Merchandise

Brockhampton Net Worth : Brockhampton members on a couch. Credit: @brckhmptn
Brockhampton members on a couch. Credit: @brckhmptn

Like most popular bands, Brockhampton has a sizeable social media presence that they can use to generate a side income in the form of merch sales. The group sells t-shirts, CDs, and other collectibles on their official website at brckhmptn.com. Sales from merch are not known to the public. 

Brockhampton’s Early Years 

Brockhampton Net Worth : Waving to fans. Credit: @brckhmptn
Waving to fans. Credit: @brckhmptn

The band was originally formed as AliveSinceForever and kept this name until 2014, when they rebranded as Brockhampton. They have successfully released several studio albums over the years. 

The group members include Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Joba, Merlyn Wood, and Matt Champion. They attended The Woodlands High School and shared a mutual passion for making music. 

Brockhampton’s Rise to Success 

At Coachella. Credit: @brckhmptn
At Coachella. Credit: @brckhmptn

Although the band’s work wasn’t critically praised, there was enough potential to garner a dedicated fan base. They released their first mixtape, All American Trash, in 2016.  The All American Trash documentary following the album’s release focused on the group’s members. 

It didn’t take long before the band achieved global stardom with their critically acclaimed debut album, Saturation, in 2017. They also released a standalone music video titled Lamp. 

The album consisted of hit singles such as “Star,” “Gold,” “Heat,” and “Face.” Brockhampton was the new Backstreet Boys as the online community rallied together to listen to their music. 

What set the group apart was the raw energy in their music. From the music videos to the merchandise to the cover art, their unique aesthetics were also notable features. It was a revolutionary beginning that had fans hooked to their screens. 

The group had plenty of momentum and used it to continue launching new music. They released their fourth studio album, Puppy, in 2018. The fourth album was finally released in late September and debuted No1. at the Billboard 200 album chart. 

That same year, they appeared on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where they made their late-night television debut [3]. They used the opportunity to announce the departure of Vann as well as tease the title of their upcoming album. 

2020 was a rough year for the band but they continued to perform relatively well. They uploaded various singles under the title “Technical Difficulty” to their YouTube channel. The band recorded the songs under quarantine and often live-streamed their singles on Twitch for fans.

In January, the band was nominated at the BRIT Awards for the “Best International Group.” They used Twitter to reveal the album title Ginger. The group subsequently released several singles until the album’s release. 

Abstract and Romil Hemnani decided to start their own label, “Video Store,” in August 2020. 

Brockhampton Net Worth : Group photo shoot. Credit: @brckhmptn
Group photo shoot. Credit: @brckhmptn

Brockhampton’s Accomplishments

Brockhampton Net Worth ; Merlyn. Credit: @brckhmptn
Merlyn. Credit: @brckhmptn

Brockhampton has been on the receiving end of numerous nominations and awards. They were nominated at the BRIT Awards for the “Best International Group” and won the “Favorite Rap & Hip Hop Albums” award three consecutive times. 

Brockhampton’s most popular YouTube video is:

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Brockhampton Information 

Band Name Brockhampton (formerly AliveSinceForever
Net Worth$25 Million 
Source of WealthYouTube ad revenue, album sales, merch
Date of Formation2010
Place of FormationTexas, United States
FounderKevin Abstract
ThemeHip Hop
Total Members 17
Current Members2
RivalsOdd Future
Grammy Nominations0
Country of OriginAmerica

Frequently Asked Questions About Brockhampton

Brockhampton Net Worth : Himatt. Credit: @brckhmptn
Himatt. Credit: @brckhmptn

What is the Final Studio Album that the Band Released?

The final album that the band released was Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine. 

What is Brockhampton’s Debut Album?

Brockhampton’s debut studio album is Saturation. They released their debut EP album, “the ASF EP,” when they were still AliveSinceForever. 

Is Kevin Abstract Single? 

Kevin Abstract came out as gay in 2016 and is currently single. 

Brockhampton Net Worth References

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[2] https://www.okayplayer.com/music/brockhampton-rca-15-million-record-deal-includes.html – Their $15 million deal. 

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X9VR7bFkKg – At the Jimmy Fallon show. 

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