Bill Cassidy Net Worth and Income Sources

Senator Bill Cassidy Net Worth Overview

Online sources show that Bill Cassidy net worth is about $1.5 million.

Bill Cassidy is a senior Republican United States Senator from Louisiana. He has served as a physician for nearly three decades that increased his net worth. The income he earns serving as a Senator has also boosted Cassidy’s net worth.[1]

Senator Investment and Assets

Bill Cassidy owns various financial assets. His main investment assets include corporate securities, mutual funds, and retirement accounts. The specifics of Bill Cassidy net worth are shown in the table below.

Bill Cassidy Net Worth Summary

Bill Cassidy Net WorthValue
Financial Assets (Mutual funds, securities, etc.)$595,012-$1,350,000

As per the disclosed financial information for 2020 [2], Bill Cassidy net worth is projected to be between $595,012 and $1,350,000.

Bill Cassidy’s portrait picture in 2018.  Credit: Wikipedia

Senator Bill Cassidy Income

Bill Cassidy’s income is mainly from the US Senator position.  He also earns income from his financial assets including mutual funds, equities, and retirement assets.

Income Source: Salary as a Senator

Bill Cassidy’s salary as a senator is the sole source of income according to the public financial disclosure document. He earns $174,000 as Louisiana’s Senator. He was first elected to the post in 2006.

Sen. Bill speaking on Obamacare at Hudson Institute in 2015. Credit: Instagram@senBillCassidys

As per the financial information submitted to the SEC, Bill Cassidy net worth is increasing by $174,000 annually.

Sen. Bill Cassidy with Reagan NSA Bud McFarlan. Credit: Instagram@bill_cassidy

Bill Cassidy’s Bio/Early Life

Bill Cassidy was born on 28th September 1957. His place of birth is Highland Park, Illinois. He spent the early years of his life in the capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge. His parents James F. Cassidy and Elizabeth are of Welsh and Irish descent.

In 1979, Cassidy completed his BS from Louisiana State University. Afterward, he enrolled in LSU School of Medicine and completed a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1983.

He met Laura Layden during his residency in Los Angeles. They tied the knot on 29th September 1989.  The couple is the parents of 3 children.

Dr. Bill Cassidy with his wife Dr. Laura, a breast cancer surgeon. Credit: Instagram@bill_cassidy

Bill Cassidy Career

Cassidy started work as a gastroenterologist at Earl K. Long Medical Center after completing his medical degree.

In 1998, he established Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic 1998. The clinic provided medical care to uninsured and poor residents of Baton Rouge.

Cassidy entered politics in 2006 when he won the Louisiana State Senate elections. He had won the District 16 seat in his first election campaign defeating United States House Representative William Daniela and Republican candidate S.B. Zaitoon.

In 2007, Cassidy was reelected after he defeated rival Republican Troy R. Moreau. A year later he won the U.S House of Representatives election for Louisiana’s 6th district. He had defeated incumbent Democrat Don Cazayoux in the elections.

Cassidy won the second term in 2010 when he defeated Democrat Merritt E. McDonald by a clear majority. He was re-elected again in the 2012 election defeating a Libertarian Rufus H. Craig.

In 2014, Cassidy ran for the US Senate elections and won by a clear majority. He had defeated Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu who had served the previous three terms. Cassidy was reelected in 2020 winning every parish except one.

Many regard Cassidy as one of the few moderate Republican party members. He was praised by rival Democrats for voting to convict Donald Trump for the Capitol Hill riot. Cassidy had also supported the certification of the vote count.

However, Cassidy is a strong critic of several stances of Democrats particularly the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He criticized the law stating that it gives a lot of influence on making decisions to the federal government.

Cassidy sponsored the Employee Health Care Protection Act of 2013 that was passed by the House in 2014. The law allows Americans who don’t make all of the requirements of ACA to remain insured.

Additionally, Cassidy voted and helped pass the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act in 2013. This law provided more powers to physicians to address obesity in the US.

Bill Cassidy Accomplishments

Louisiana University selected Cassidy as the honorary member of the Omicron Delta Kappa society in 2010. It is one of the most prestigious national honor societies in the US.

Bill Cassidy has an impressive political career. He has never been defeated in any elections he had contested in since 2006. In 2014, he became the first Republican to win the Louisiana Senate seat since William P. Kellogg in 1883.[3]

Bill Cassidy Controversy

Cassidy received a lot of criticism for introducing the Graham-Cassidy law in 2017. The bill that did not pass attempted to replace the Affordable Care Act. Critics argued that this would result in over 80 million losing the Medicaid coverage.[4]

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Bill Cassidy Biography 

Legal Name/Birth NameWilliam Morgan Cassidy
Bill Cassidy Net Worth$1,500,000
Sources of WealthUS Senior Senator from Louisiana
Date of Birth28th September 1957
Place of BirthHighland Park, Illinois
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseLaura Layden
Names of ChildrenMeg Cassidy, Kate Cassidy, and Will Cassidy

Frequently Asked Questions About Bill Cassidy

Where is Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy from?

Sen. Bill Cassidy’s place of birth is Highland Park, Illinois. But he spent most of his childhood in Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge.

Who is Bill Cassidy married to?

Bill Cassidy is married to Laura Layden. They have been married since 1989.

What party is Bill Cassidy?

Bill Cassidy belongs to the Republican Party. He has been representing the party since 1994.

What kind of physician is Senator Cassidy?

Senator Cassidy graduated from the LSU (Louisiana State University) School of Medicine. He has specialized in gastroenterology. 


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