YouTuber Alec Benjamin Net Worth and Income Sources

Take a quick look at pop sensation Alec Benjamin net worth and a detailed look into how he generates most of his wealth. 

Songwriter Alex Benjamin gained mainstream popularity with his 2014 single, “Paper Crown”.  It wasn’t until “Let Me Down Slowly” that the songwriter would achieve monetary success. The song was streamed 2 million times within its first week and has accumulated hundreds of millions of streams. 

He released his first major studio album “These Two Windows” in 2020 under Warner Music. The success of the album pushed him to release another full-length album titled “Un)Commentary” in 2022. 

Alec Benjamin net worth is believed to be around $3 million – but these numbers are only estimates based on YouTube ad revenue [1]. 

Let’s check out his primary sources of income. 

Alec Benjamin Net Worth: $3 million

Alec Benjamin Income Sources

Alec Benjamin Net Worth : Alec Benjamin announces his new album. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin
Alec Benjamin announces his new album. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin

Alec Benjamin is a popular YouTuber and musician with millions of followers.  This allows him to diversify his revenue from multiple sources of income, including streaming, YouTube ad revenue, album sales, merch, and sponsorships. Alec Benjamin’s income sources can be summarized into three categories: 

  • Ad monetization from YouTube videos ($6.7K  –  $107.6K per month)
  • Album sales (sales figures from album sales are not known)
  • Sponsoring businesses and brands (actual income from this income stream is not known)

Income Source 1: YouTube

Alec Benjamin earns anywhere from $6.7K  to $107.6K per month by monetizing his YouTube channel. 

The YouTube account has over 4.34 million subscribers with over 1.3 billion views and counting. 

Alec Benjamin YouTube Channel SubscribersViewsEst. Net Earnings/per month
Alec Benjamin4.34 million 1.3 billion $6.7K-$107.6K

*Note: Musicians tend to earn more on YouTube because of multiple visits from the same viewers. As a result, their view counter goes up. Actual revenue depends on the types of advertisements that viewers see. 

Income Source 2: Album Sales

Alec Benjamin’s mixtape “Narrated For You” reached 127 on the US Billboard 200 in 2019. His album, “These Two Windows” did phenomenally well and reached 75 on the US Billboard 200 [2]. He continues to rack up album sales due to his surging popularity. 

Income Source 3: Sponsoring Businesses

Alec Benjamin has billions of views with a rising popularity. This allows him to sign lucrative deals with deep pocketed brands from around the world. His inbox is often flooded with requests for sponsorships. 

Alec Benjamin Early Years 

Alec Shane Benjamin was born on May 28, 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. He is a private individual and hasn’t revealed many details about his family. He spent his childhood in Phoenix but currently lives in Los Angeles. Benjamin also has a sister who is married. Alec credits his sister for playing an important role in helping him become a successful musician. 

Alec Benjamin went to a local school in Arizona and graduated from the University of Southern California. He signed to Columbia Records while enrolled at USC. 

Alec Benjamin Career

Alec Benjamin Net Worth : Alec Benjamin posing for the camera. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin
Alec Benjamin posing for the camera. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin

He released his first Extended Play in 2013 and later released his hit single “Paper Crown” from his dorm room while still at university. Benjamin continued to release a string of hit singles, including “End of the SUmmer” and “The Water Fountain”.

The unique combination of his youthful vocals and mesmerizing keyboard arrangements proved to be popular with crowds. His main inspirations for music are Eminem, Paul Simon, and John Mayer. 

Alec Benjamin Controversy 

Alec Benjamin Net Worth : Alec Benjamin announces that he will be performing for Jimmy Kimel. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin
Alec Benjamin announces that he will be performing for Jimmy Kimel. Credit: Instagram@alecbenjamin

Alec Benjamin has mostly steered clear of controversy but found himself in hot water by making a joke at the expense of Bang Bang Con fans. The tweet, which said, “putting my pants back on because I was expecting something else” didn’t sit well with BTS fans [3]. 

They quickly mobilized to refute Alec Benjamin and the hashtag #AlecBenjaminisOverParty began to trend. 

Benjamin quickly deleted the tweet and apologized to fans. He later admitted that social media has its ‘side effects’. 

Alec Benjamin’s most popular video has over 8.8 million views

Alec Benjamin Quotes

“A paper crown And a heart made of glass.”

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Alec Benjamin Biography

Legal NameAlec Shane Benjamin
Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthYouTube ad revenue, album sales, sponsorships
Date of BirthMay 28, 1994
Place of BirthPhoenix, Arizona, United States
Height5’ 11”
Straight Marital StatusUnmarried
Names of ChildrenNone

Frequently Asked Questions Alec Benjamin

What is Alec Benjamin’s Net Worth? 

Alec Benjamin’s net worth is at least $3 million. .

How Many Siblings Does Alec Have? 

Alec has one sister who is married. 


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